Title: Big Bad and Red

Genre: Action/Drama/Friendship

Rating: T for mild language, some violence, some crude humor.

Summary: Sixteen year old, city slicking orphan child, Rex Rory lives in Alabama and he has only one arm. What else can go wrong? Oh.....yeah. He just met a huge alien robot that turns into a huge, red Mack truck.

~Chapter One~

The Accident

They say that life flashes before your eyes when you're looking into the face of Death. It's said that you get to see your entire life, see the faults, the good and bad memories, things you don't want to see and you get to see how this entire thing started in the first place.

Rex Rory wasn't entirely sure about that.

All he knew was that the life flashing memories that he was seeing as electricity danced all around him, threatening to strike at him and end everything he had ever been through.....they were just everything that lead up to this moment. This moment where his best friend was getting electrocuted by the power lines he had just gotten tangled up in because of the true bad guys of the world. His best friend who came to rescue him from the bad guys when they kidnapped him.

And now, he was paying for the price for it. He was offlining into stasis lock.

"MAGNUS!!!!!!!" Rex Rory could only scream out his best friend's name.

It all started many months before this situation even began. Almost a year ago, Rex's life took the turn for the worst. But it was this turn that would change everything in his life. At this time, he was a very happy teenager, smiling as he listened to the soft music that soured throughout the humongous room filled with people and fake silver snow was falling onto the stage where his mother was singing with her serenade voice.

"Say you will share with me one love, one life time. Stay a while and I will follow you." She sang, while her hair of dark brown flowed down her front and back like curtains. She looked so beautiful, wearing her silver and white sparkling gown with a velvet red hooded cloak trailing around her shoulders. Of course, Rex always knew his mother, Marian Jones Rory was beautiful, even as she performed on the stage of Broadway. "Share each day with me, each night, and each morning. Say you love me."

"You know I do." Her fellow Broadway singer sang back to her as he took her hands and pulled her close to him, looking so passionate towards her character.

"Love me, that's all I ask of you!" They both sang together before bestowing a stage kiss with one another before the entire room burst into cheers and applause. They pulled away still holding each other's hands. "Any where you go, let me go too. That's all I ask of you."

Then the lights dimmed onto the dark figure standing behind one of the large Styrofoam carved gargoyles as he sang his part of the number.

Another hour later, the show ended with explosive music and the audience going wild with applause and cheers as the curtains fell to close. Rex was on his feet, applauding hard and then stuck his fingers into his mouth whistling loudly. The curtains opened up again, revealing the entire cast with his mother standing between her fellow Broadway stars; the two men who played her love interest, Raoul and the Phantom of the Opera.

But Rex's eyes never left his mother as she stood with her fellow stage actors. He just smiled as he watched her turn her head a little into his direction and looked directly at him, smiling lovingly at him as she held up a hand and waved at him before sparing a wink at him. He laughed silently and winked right back at her, knowing that she wouldn't see it but she would know that he did it back. It was something that they always did. Rex's smile grew when he saw his father come onto the stage, carrying a huge bouquet of dark red roses towards her, which had everyone smiling and applauding harder as he presented them to her. And together, they kissed, making everyone go wild.

After the show, Rex was hurrying through the crowded back stage, smiling when some of the actors greeted him with high fives and pats on the back. He blushed a few times when the gorgeous dancing girls pulled him into tight hugs and kissed him on the cheeks before letting him go on to finding his parents.

"Hey, Rex!" One of the actors; the man who played Raoul greeted him as he saw him. He was a very good person and he was nearly best friends with his parents. They had done a lot of shows together. "Enjoy the show?" He asked, arching an eyebrow at him but grinning.

Rex couldn't help but grin right back at him and nod as he went over high fived him when he offered. "Every time, Jameson! You were great during the sword fight with Carter! The way you jumped over that huge tomb to try and stab him!" He began waving an invisible sword around, pretending he was having his own sword fight with an unseen enemy.

The actor, Jameson, and a few others laughed and shook their head as they watched him go at it. They even cheered him on as he thrust his invisible sword and 'slayed' the bad guy. "Yeah, get him, Rex!" The actor cheered before clapping him on the back. "Your mom's in her dressing room with your father and some men. I think they're guys from Hollywood." He said, winking at him with a grin.

It couldn't be helped as Rex's eyes widened with excitement before he turned and darted through the crowd of actors, who laughed as they watched him go. They knew him very well by now. After all, his parents had been in the showbiz for a very long time and even longer together. They had known the boy since he was even born, practically living behind the stage for his entire life. He even traveled with them when they went out of the state to perform. It was a part of his life as he was a part of theirs.

Rex quickly found his parents in one of the dressing rooms, talking to two men and looking very enthusiastic. His mother was still wearing her costume with a white silk robe over her shoulders, smiling as she leaned against her husband and listened to what the men had to say. But as soon as her son appeared in the doorway, she looked over at him and smiled rightly.

"Rex." Marian said brightly, cutting off the men. She wasn't trying to be rude but she couldn't help it. She loved her son more than anything, even her life of Broadway. She waved her son into the room as the two men turned to look at him while his father smiled grandly at him.

Grinning back, the 15 year old hurried into the room, rushing straight to his mother and threw his arms around her, hugging her tightly. "Mom, you were great! You looked so beautiful out there!" He told her.

"Thank you, darling." Marian said as she brushed his ginger brown hair out of his deep brown eyes before turning him to face the men. She and her husband, Quinn Rory placed their hands on his shoulders, smiling at the two men. "Gentlemen, this is our son, Rex Rory. Rex, these men are from Paramount Pictures. Mr. Greggory Kreeson and Mr. Paul Freeman. "

The two men smiled at Rex, offering their hands to shake his, which he was polite and shook each of their hands. "Nice to meet you, Rex. We were just telling your parents that we were very impressed with the performance." Mr. Freeman told him, grinning before looking at Marian and Quinn before folding his hands together. "We're actually here to talk to them about signing up for a movie deal. Our employer has watched your mother perform many times and think she would be perfect for a part in a movie." He looked back at Rex, whose eyes were growing wider with excitement. "What do you think, squirt? You think you'd want to see your mom in the movies?"

Rex's mouth fell open as he looked even more excited as he looked at his mother, who was laughing his father. "Are you kidding?! The movies?! That'd be so cool! Does that mean we get to go to Hollywood?! Can we go to Disney Land?! How about Sea World! Can we, mom and dad?! Can we?!" He said excitedly.

Everyone in the room laughed as Marian ran her fingers through his uneven hair, pushing his bangs back again. "It's not official yet, Rex." She told him before wrapping her arms around him and resting her chin on top of his head. "Next week's show is going to be when we find out."

Quinn Rory nodded as his rest his hand onto his shoulder. "That's right, kiddo." He looked back at the two grinning men. "So what's going to happen if we do get the deal?"

Mr. Kreeson cleared his throat before folding his arms, still smiling. "Well, our big man is going to be bringing a few hot shot directors and even some actors with him to next week's show and let them see Marian perform. If they like what they see, we'll all sit down and talk about the deal." He even spared a glance at Rex. "Even your son, if he'd like. If we seal the deal, we'll be arranging your flight to California. You'll probably end up moving there, though. Because movie deals are pretty serious stuff and it would be difficult to have you fly back and forth across the Country for the shootings."

"That's not going to be a problem." Quinn told him, smiling as he dropped his hand from Rex's shoulder. "We're kind of used to moving around a lot because of the shows."

Both of the men nodded. "Well, anyway, that's the gist of it. I'm pretty sure it will work out because our boss is very excited and he's really optimistic about your wife. He's willing to create a partnership with you so that you could be a co-director or something. Since you are Marian's manager, after all." Mr. Freeman told him before offering his hand and shaking each one of the three's hands, followed by Mr. Kreeson's hand. "It's going to be great working with you. And we're looking forward to your show next week."

"We're really excited about it too. We're actually going to have a bit of a surprise performance after the show too." Quinn said grinning before glancing at his son, giving a wink.

Rex smiled right back and returned the wink. He knew exactly what his father was talking about and he couldn't wait for it, himself.

That night, after a little bit of a party with the rest of the broad way stars and extras, the Rorys went home to their small pent house and got ready for bed. Of course, even though he was a little too old for it, Rex's mother came in to tuck in her son. She had done it since he was a baby and she wouldn't stop now. Not that Rex cared. His parents were his life. If anything were to happen to them, he honestly didn't know what he would do.

So, lying in his bed, Rex smiled up at his mother as she sat beside him, brushing her fingers through his hair and humming "Slipping Through My Fingers" from Mama Mia. It was a song they did enjoy together. Marian even sang it to him a few times, though substituting the words "her" for "him", making it their song.

"Mom." Rex spoke, his voice very quiet as he started to drift off. He could barely keep his eyes open from her voice of serenade as it was. "Mom......I love you." He murmured.

Marian just smile as she bent over and kissed his forward before resting her forehead against his. "I love you more, Rex." She whispered to him.

"Nah-uh. I love you more." Rex murmured before he drifted off.

Smiling, Marian just scooted herself down his bed, lying beside him as she kept running her fingers through his hair, humming again. She glanced up only once as her husband came in, smiling before joining them on Rex's bed, on the other side. Together, the family of three fell asleep, arms wrapped around each other.

Music exploded throughout the entire theatre, the entire cast singing and dancing to the production of Mama Mia. The Broadway song they were singing was the song itself, Mama Mia. Lights were flashing and even some of the audience were out of the seats, dancing and singing along with the cast. No one else seemed to mind because they were doing it too.

Marian was playing the part of the mother of the bride, her hair pinned up high as she sang to her fullest with Jameson and the rest of the cast. But as the song began to end, with only the music blaring out, it surprised quite a lot of the audience as it began to take on a high rock tune and Quinn came out with a microphone in hand. And it surprised the Audience to see the band of Black Sabbath come out onto the stage, playing the rock music. The audience went wild but died down just a little so that Quinn could make his announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and our honored guests!" Quinn Rory said into the mike, grinning before motioning to Black Sabbath. "Here is a special treat for all of you! Black Sabbath! Along with a very special person to Marian Jones! Her own son, Rex Rory singing with them!" He threw out his hand just as Rex came running onto the stage, high fiving each of the men before he went over to take the mike from his father. He gave him a one armed hug before blaring out into a hard rock version of Mama Mia. The crowd went wild while Rex sang the song with Black Sabbath and the entire Broadway cast.

"That was awesome!" Paul Freeman exclaimed once the performance over and he was leading a group of grinning people through the back stage. Some of them were already going over to talk to the band of Black Sabbath, talking enthusiastically with him. Freeman and Kreeson, however, went straight to the Rory family and held up his hand for Rex to slap. "Dude, you are definitely your mother's son! You can really sing!"

Rex blushed with a shrug as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Nah. Not like mom or even dad. Dad's a better singer than me. He just really doesn't like singing in front of huge crowds like mom does." He said.

Everyone laughed while Marian hugged her son tightly. "You did very, sweetheart! I made sure Jacob recorded it too!" she told him teasingly, which caused him to blush hot red.

"Dude! You totally rocked out there!" Jameson said as he joined them before throwing his arm around Rex's shoulders when Marian stepped back to let him. He looked at the movie people grinning while pointing at the teen. "Guys, suggestion from a Broadway star. You better find something for this kid too! Cause he had a bunch of girls out there cooing for him!"

"Ah!! Shut up!" Rex yelled, his face turning bright red as he lightly shoved a laughing Jameson away. Everyone within the area just laughed as they all turned their eyes onto the family of three and the movie people.

Marian and Quinn wrapped their arms around Rex, hugging him together as they turned their attention onto the directors. "So, what'd you think?" Mr. Rory asked.

It went dead quiet for a moment as all eyes were on the movie directors, who put very thoughtful looks on their faces. They were sure drawing it out for a bit. It almost made Rex nervous to see that they were frowning as they looked his mother over then Quinn and then him. He was almost holding his breath and he was sure that more than half of the Broadway cast were doing the same.

Then one of the directors grinned and nodded. "Let's make a movie!" He said, grinning.

As soon as he said that, the entire back stage, broad way cast, Black Sabbath and the family exploded with cheers as they began clapping the family of three on the backs and congratulating them. And all Rex could do was beam up at his parents, feeling so happy that they were moving onto bigger things. And they were doing it together.

That night, the Rory family went out to their favorite pizza parlor to celebrate their new situation. Any one they knew congratulated and applauded them after learning what they would be doing for the next few days. Everyone seemed to be happy for Rex and his parents. And once they were done celebrating, they started on their way home.

By that time, it began to pour outside. Rain was coming down so hard that the city roads were moving very slow as everyone tried to get home for the night. The Rory family, however, belted out Broadway songs together, not ready to end their celebration just yet. They might have as well just kept it up because it was taking so long to get home, due to the rain and some construction that was going on. Rex really couldn't wait till they moved to California though. He was kind of tired of all the rain and as far as he knew, there wasn't too much near the West coast. It was mostly just sunny skies and clear waters. He couldn't wait to hit some of the beaches either. He even joked to Quinn about how he was going to check out girls in bikinis when he got the chance. His parents only laughed with him.

"So, dad, when we get to California, can we go to Disney World? Or Sea World?" Rex asked, bouncing a little in the back seat.

Quinn chuckled as he looked into his rear view mirror at his teenage son, while shaking his head. He had to admit it, but it was amusing watching his son be so excited. "We're just going to have wait and see what happens, Rex. We might not get to do it for a little while though. First, we have to get there and moved into the new house before meeting with the directors and finding out when they're going to start filming the movie. The things take some time." He told him.

Marian nodded as she turned and smiled at Rex, lightly squeezing his knee to get him to stop bouncing. "Your father's right, Rex. But I promise you. We will get to go sometime as a family." She promised.

Nodding, Rex looked back out the window, grimacing as he watched a huge crane moving several metal beams across the way. The beams were somewhat swaying back and forth because of the rain and wind and he couldn't help but think that that was very unsafe. It made him feel a little nervous of them. "Dad," He said, before looking up at his father. "Can we get moving away from this place? I seriously don't feel safe around that thing."

"Oh, relax. Even if these guys are stupid enough to work in the rain, it's going to be fine. Cranes like that are built to withstand this kind of weather." Quinn told him before reaching forward and starting to fiddle with the radio so that they had something to listen to.

Rex really didn't pay too much attention to what was being said. All he knew was that there was some kind of news report about how there a terrorist attack in Mission City, Nevada. He didn't like the sound of it, but he'd rather not think about it. His mind was set on the crane and the beams right now.

Quinn and Marian started talking about it, sharing their concerns about how the government really wasn't doing their job right if terrorists were attacking their cities. Since 9/11, things had been pretty hectic and like a lot of American people, there were some doubts about the Government.

It was right at that moment Rex noticed a few construction workers starting to yell over the rain. Some of them seemed to be arguing about something and that had his interest. He could only wonder what they were fighting about.

Just then, several of them jumped as a loud horn went off, startling all of them. It even got Quinn and Marian to quiet down as they looked out the window. Rex only frowned as he watched the workers as they looked up before his eyes grew wide when one sharply turned towards their car, waving his arms. He was shouting something towards them and running towards them.

"Dad......." Rex said, now very uneasy. And then he turned his eyes upward when he noticed that some of the workers were pointing up at the crane and his eyes snapped wide open with alarm and fear. "DAD! MOM!" He screamed, now starting to grab at his seat belt.

But it was too late.

For the falling metal beams, weighing a few tons came crashing down onto the hood of the Rory Family's BMW, crushing it under all of that weight. Everything for Rex went dark.






'What was that god awful annoying sound?' Rex thought as he felt himself starting to wake up from his sleep. It didn't sound like his alarm clock. It was a little quiet to be his alarm clock and the beeps were going way too slow between. It was so very strange to him. He wondered if it might have been his parents' alarm clock he could hear.

But, no. He knew that his parents' clock didn't sound like that. It was a very high pitched alarm clock and by the first three beeps, he knew that his father would have silenced it. This alarm clock was continuing beeping.

Rex continued to just lay there, listening to the strange beeps before he realized how drowsy he felt. But that was impossible right? He shouldn't feel this tired. And why was his face aching a little? Did he somehow fall off his bed again and hit his head while he was sleeping? He wanted to laugh at the thought. It wouldn't have been the first time.

In fact......

'Wait.....' Rex began to think when he realized that it wasn't just his face that felt sore. He couldn't help but groan in pain when he realized that his left arm was really starting to hurt. It didn't feel like the normal tingling feeling of it falling asleep after sleeping on it. It really, really started to hurt. 'What the......? Why does my arm hurt? Did I land on it when I fell out of bed?' He thought painfully before he started to push himself to waking up.

It was that moment he realized that the pain he was starting to feel felt kind of dull. It was like.......something was numbing the pain. He didn't like it. So he pushed even harder.

Rex finally began seeing light behind his eyelids and it only took him a moment to start opening them. He was sure having a very hard time waking up. 'Hey.' He thought to himself again. 'What.....why.....what's on my face?'

Finally his eyes flickered open and he saw a bright light, blinding his vision. The walls he saw before him were so painfully white and it made him squint. He tried blinking but it didn't completely help. He let out a long painful sigh before lifting his right hand and reaching for his face. His fingers brushed against something covering his mouth and nose. It felt like plastic or hard rubber. He let his eyes flicker open again, letting them cross a little so that he could see what it was and his eyes narrowed in confusion. It looked like......a mask of some kind.

Shaking his head, he grabbed at it, his fingers pushing between an elastic string and he began pulling it off of his head. Doing so hurt though, making him groan and hiss as his head began to swirl from moving. He felt so dizzy and it was almost painful to breath.

It took a moment to pulling the strange mask off before holding it up and looking at it with a bleary gaze. He had to blink several times to try and clear his vision. But after a moment, his eyes lit up in surprise. He couldn't believe what he was seeing in his hand. 'Is that......?' He thought in confusion as he eyed the oxygen mask. "Wha......?" He tried to speak, his voice cracking and feeling so itchy. He began to realize of how thirsty he was after pulling that thing off of his face. 'What am I doing wearing......?' He thought before shaking his head and dropping it onto his chest.

Rex closed his eyes for a moment, trying to get rid of the dizziness he felt before reopening them when he heard a door open. His eyes felt heavy again but he fought to keep them open, blinking rapidly to keep them from drying. He suddenly realized that the person that just walked in was a nurse.

It became very clear to him that he was in the hospital.

'Wha-?!' Rex thought with alarm as his eyes grew wide and he began looking around the crème colored room. He saw a machine next to his bed and that was where the beeping sounds were coming from. It didn't even take him a second to recognize it as a heart monitor. And the beeps were starting to speed up because of the fear he was starting to feel.

"Well, I'll be." The nurse spoke up when she realized that he was awake. She tried to smile at him with a middle aged smile and moved over towards him. "You're finally awake. Good. You had be a might bit worried, you know that, Rex?" She asked.

'How do you know my name?!' Rex thought almost fearfully as he tried to open his mouth and demand her that. But no sound came out. He felt his voice cracking and it caused him to start coughing.

The nurse grimaced before she turned and picked up a large plastic mug full of water. She brought it over, while pushing a button and let the hospital bed start sitting Rex up. She brought the mug close to him, directing the straw towards his mouth. "Here, take a drink, Rex. It'll help. And try not to panic. It's okay."

Still very confused, Rex allowed her to slip the straw into his mouth and he carefully took a drink, ending up coughing a little from the sudden cold water that hit his very dry tongue. He cleared his throat a few times before trying it again and wetting the inside of his mouth. Once he was relieved from the itchiness in his throat, he looked up at the nurse, questionable. He tried to lick his lips, hoping that might help a little. "Wh.......where......where am......?" He tried to ask.

The nurse gave him the gentlest of smiles as she put the mug of water down and began readjusting his bed sheets and blankets. "You're at the New York General Hospital, Rex. In a recovery room." Her face softened into a look of sorrow, as if she pitied him. "I don't think I'm the right person to tell you this but you were in a very terrible accident."

A quick flash of a memory shot through Rex's mind and he suddenly remembered seeing a crane and several metal pipes. He remembered the construction workers starting to yell and one had started running towards his family's BMW.

But what happened.......?

Right at that moment, a middle aged doctor walked in, carrying a file but he wasn't alone. There was another man with him. He didn't look like he was a doctor or male nurse or anything. He wasn't even dressed as the same. In fact, he looked like he didn't even belong in New York. He was wearing blue jeans and a red and black flannel shirt, which was tucked in. His dark brown, nearly black hair was somewhat long enough to pull into a ponytail at the nape of his neck and his face was somewhat grizzled with whiskers. He looked kind of like a Country folk. His face, however, seemed so very familiar. His deep brown eyes almost matched his father's eyes, his eyes. Rex couldn't help but think that he had seen this man before. But from where? Who was he? When the man's deep brown eyes met his, a wave of sadness flickered over them and he looked almost very sympathetic. He looked as if he pitied Rex. But still, the teenage boy couldn't help but try very hard to remember where he had seen this man. And why did he look like his father......?!

'Wait a minute!' Rex thought suddenly, remembering now. He remembered seeing this man's face in a picture of the family album. He remembered he had flipped through album a few times and had seen this man. If his memory served him right, this man was his father's older brother. This man was Rex's uncle. 'What was his name again? Jerry? Jonathan? Louise?

"Well, looks like our patient is awake." The doctor said, smiling gently before making his way around the bed, leaving Rex's uncle to stand in the doorway and watch the boy almost sadly. "Hello, Rex Rory." The doctor said again, standing at the side of the bed. "I am Doctor Leonardini. I've been treating you for the past few days now. You sure gave us quite the scare, you know? How are you feeling?"

Rex didn't answer but looked at the doctor and then over to his uncle that he couldn't remember his name. He didn't ever remember meeting his father's brother. If he remembered right, his father had told him that there had been a fallen out between the two. So what was he doing here?

"Ah, you know your uncle, Jeffery Rory." The doctor stated.

'Oh, yeah! Jeff the jackass, as dad always called him.' Rex thought, almost snickering at the memory of Quinn calling his brother that only to get scolded badly by Marian. He then crinkled his nose to himself. 'Where the heck did I get Louise?'

"Hello, Rex." Jeffery Rory simply said, his voice very quiet though. He didn't make any other attempt to say anything else. He just watched the teenage boy with that sorrowful look.

"Rex, how are you feeling now? Is your arm giving you any pains?" Doctor Leonardini asked, looking him over and preparing to write down in that file he was holding. He tried to chuckle when Rex looked up at him almost confused before looking at his right arm, as if looking for what might be wrong with it. The chuckle was very faint though, almost forced but it died down immediately when he realized that laughing was only going to make things worse. "Not that one, Rex. Your left arm." He said, his voice very soft and full of sympathy.

Again, Rex frowned before he turned his head, trying to lift his left arm. It became very clear of how much his left arm started hurting from moving it. And for only a moment, he was very confused. Why couldn't he see his left arm? He knew he was lifting it.........

The heart meter nearly went wild when Rex realized why he couldn't see his left arm. He felt like he was going to start to panic and rightfully so, he started to. His heart began pounding so hard in his chest, while his breath painfully caught in his chest.

His left arm.......it wasn't even there.

"Oh.....oh......my.....god." Rex murmured, his breath catching between each word coming out of his mouth as he started at the bandages wrapped around the stump he now stared wide eyed at. "Sh......shi-shit! Wh-wh.......!! Whe-where.......wha.......!"

No one even bothered to scold him for swearing. No one could blame him for his reaction. From only the corner of his eyes, Rex saw his uncle starting to grimace almost painfully and his eyes started to water from the emotion. There was so much pain and sympathy in his water brown eyes and he started to cry for Rex. His face began to change to a shade of light red from all of the emotions he was bottling up before he lift his fist and pressed it against his mouth tightly.

"Where is my fucking arm?!" Rex couldn't help but exclaim.

"Hey, hey. Now, now. Don't be swearing like that, Rex. There's no need for it." The Doctor told him, though he didn't look like he blamed him as he let loose a sad sigh. "This is going to be very hard for me explain. I don't even know of how much you remember." He then grabbed a chair in the corner and pulled it closer to the bed so he could sit down on it, looking at Rex with sorrow. "Rex, four nights ago, nearly a ton of metal beams came crashing down onto your family's car. It demolished the BMW, with you and your parents in it. According to some of the investigators, the chains that held the beams snapped and that's how they came down." He sighed, shaking his head while Rex stared at his left stump with horror. "Your arm, Rex, was crushed under the weight of the beams. There was no way to save it. So we didn't have a choice but to amputate it." He explained.

His breathing picking up rapidly, Rex looked wide eyed at the doctor, his chest hitching a little. He didn't like the sound of this at all. He remembered seeing the beams coming down but that was it. He didn't remember anything else. He didn't even remember getting pinned under the beams or being pulled out of the BMW. But if he was in this kind of state......what about his parents?

"Wh-where's my mom and dad?" Rex breathed fearfully. "I want to see mom and dad! Are.....are they......?!"

The look on the doctor's face nearly killed the teenager. Such sorrow and pain flickered across the middle aged doctor's eyes, causing Rex to catch his breath. Doctor Leonardini looked almost like it was going to kill him if he told him what kind of state that his parents were in. But he didn't need to. Somehow.......Rex knew what kind of state his parents were in. And they were worst than he was. And it took his uncle to explain.

"Rex," Jeffery Rory murmured, his voice full of painful emotion as he started to break down again. "I.......I'm so-sorry. Your par-parents.......they didn't make it. They were killed instantly from the accident. They didn't even feel any pain."

Those words caused so much pain to Rex. He had to just stare at his uncle, almost horrified that he would even dare say that. "What.......what the hell.......?" He tried to yell before his voice failed him and he shook his head, his eyes flooding with tears. "No. No." He began shaking his head before the tears starting to trail down his cheeks. "NO! NO!! NO, NO, NO, NO!!! DON'T TELL ME THAT!!! THEY'RE NOT DEAD!! THEY'RE NOT........!!!" And he just broke down, crying and covering his face with his only good hand.

And along with him, Jeffery Rory, the doctor and the nurse let tears escape their eyes as they looked at the teenager with sympathy. Of all days of working at the General hospital, seeing the pain that many families had been, seeing all of the tears that shed for their lost loved ones......it was Rex's tears that neither the doctor or the nurse would ever forget for the rest of their lives.