Title: Big Bad and Red

Genre: Action/Drama/Friendship

Rating: T for some strong language, some violence, mild adult content, some crude humor.

Summary: Sixteen year old, city slicking orphan child, Rex Rory lives in Alabama and he has only one arm. What else can go wrong? Oh...yeah. He just met a huge alien robot that turns into a big, temperamental, red Mack semi truck.


The Department Aftermath

It was a complete disaster to say the least. The escape of the aliens and the revealment of the Department, it was easy to say that the Head of the Department was not happy one bit. He was seething from listening to all of the reports coming in.

The Montana Department HQ was completely demolished because of the aliens and now they knew that they existed. It would only be a matter of time before they were discovered.

And how did all of this happen?

One little teenage brat and two of their own Agents who had betrayed them.

There were going to be inqueries, of course. Hollander couldn't deny that when his own boss learned how everything began to fall apart. He knew that he was going to get a very big earful from the President of the Department. He had already got yelled at by him about Agents Sean and Cole. But it was only a matter of time before the President started yelling about the destruction of one of their Headquarters and then being revealed to the aliens.

Things were not going very good. It looked like Hollander was going to have to update the plans.

Not to mention, he would need to find out where the hell Sean McCourie and Collette Keller were hiding. He was going to have to find that little brat, Rex Rory too and do something about him. It would have to take a little bit of time with the boy since he was with the aliens and probably being protected by them. But Hollander would have his revenge against the little shit.

As for Agent Freddricks, he was in a whole lot of trouble but Hollander knew that they couldn't retire him. He was too valuable right now because he was the only one that really knew Sean and Cole. They would need him to track those two down and kill them.

"Mr. Hollander, you have a call on line one. I believe it's the President." A woman's voice rang through his phone line.

Sighing heavily, Hollander shook his head as he reached for the phone. He knew what was coming. "Here we go." He said before picking it up and pressing against his ear. "Hollander, here, sir. Before you start yelling, I must tell you that it is not my fault." He then jerked his head away from the ear piece as loud yelling came right out, attacking his hearing.

Oh, yes. Hollander thought savagely to himself as he listened to the President yelling at him. He was going to make those Agents and that little snot pay for this.