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The orbs formed into Mom, Aunt Phoebe, and Aunt Paige. Just my luck.

"Coop!" Aunt Phoebe shouted happily. She ran up and hugged him. Mom went up to me and immediately started to check me over for injuries. What are they doing here? Didn't I dust them?

"Yeah, your little trick back fired." Mom said. How does she do that? It's like she can read my mind. Hopefully, she can't read Phoebe's. I know how much that creeps me out. Imagine seeing really disturbing images in your head when your Aunt comes over to visit you when your 7. Yeah, after that everyone should have started to take a telepathy blocking potion. They didn't.

"What, why?" I asked confused.

"Yeah, Coop and I had a date tonight. 8 o'clock. When he didn't show up, I got nervous. I called and I called his name. Your dust didn't work so well. It didn't work on Wyatt or your younger self. Must of missed. So Wyatt restored our memories and we cast a spell to take us to Coop. And voila, here we are." Aunt Phoebe said in all her long-haired glory. She was dressed for a night out, so that obviously meant I'm on my own soon.

"Well this sucks." I said then I noticed the people of the past staring at us in shock. I spun Mom and the Aunts around towards them. Of course, they only noticed Cole.

"Ahhh!" Aunt Phoebe said while kicking him in the chest. I burst out laughing. I know I said I'd pity demons now, but wow that was just too funny.

"Okay, that's it! How many times do we have to vanquish you?" Aunt Paige shouted angrily. She then pulled out a purple vial from her jeans pocket. I looked at her, confused. "This guy gets resurrected so many times it's good to be prepared." She was about to throw it when Mom stopped her.

"Paige we're in the past. We can't kill him." Mom told her. Aunt Paige started to pout. "No, Paige. No matter how cute of a face you'll give me." She pouted even more and put the vial away.

"Well this sucks." Aunt Paige repeated what I said earlier.

"Can I beat him up then?" Uncle Coop asked with a glint in his eyes. Wait he's a cupid doesn't that mean 'No Violence'? Mom shook her head no. "Awe, fine. But you stay away from my Phoebe." He warned while pulling Aunt Phoebe towards him.

"Your Phoebe?" Past Phoebe asked while smiling.

"Okay, come on we got to get going." Mom said while kissing me on the cheek. "Love you, Peanut."

"Love you too Mom." I said as they all held hands and flashed away in pink light.

"You have a lot of explaining to do." Piper said. Huh, yeah not gonna happen. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my Elder half. I was communicating with the cleaners hopefully they'd help me out.

I saw all of it rewind - minus Coop and the future sisters of course - until where Cole just shimmered in. I froze them before they could see me. Yeah, that's the thing. My freeze is stronger it freezes everyone good or bad. I orbed away and concentrated again. They un-froze and I heard them talking about dinner or something.

I grabbed a piece of chalk from one of the tables and started to draw the triquetra.

"Hear these words

Hear the rhyme

Heed the hope within my mind

Send me forward to where I'll find

what I wish in place and time."

The symbol glowed a bright blue. I walked through it concentrating on May 1 2003. That was a week before the titan attack. That should be enough time to prepare.



Chris' POV

I walked out of the portal. I closed my eyes and sensed for the sisters and Leo they were all at P3. Figures. I orbed into the kitchen and looked at the calendar. The page was flipped to May and none of the tiny squares were crossed out. Good, that means it's the first of May. I closed my eyes and orbed off to the San Francisco Arboretum.

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