This is a crossover with LOTR/Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 version and D&D modern version included, so if you feel the main character is a Mary sue I refer you to the SRD and SRD modern websites for D&D (look up Half-Dragon on the SRD 3.5 for the rules and then attack my character). The world that Dragon Haunt is on is an AU Earth that Dragons and magic exist with technology and rule.

Furthermore, if you must attack my work, point out what you think is wrong with it; if you just chant my lines back at me and call me names or blindly insult my work I will just scoff at you and ignore you. Again I reiterate, if you hate my work don't copy it without my permission and mock me behind my back just tell me what you hate so we can resolve the problem diplomatically, if you be reasonable with me I will reply the same way.

The new names of old characters before I forget

Xanroth Darkwielder – Aurix Darkwielder

Darla Darkwielder – Darlana/Darla Darkwielder

Bold speech is Draconic

Italics is elvish

Ok, I'm done


Chapter 1: The re-imagined Dragon Haunt

Dragon Haunt, the capitol of the Darkwielder empire that sat on a plateau supported by two great sized mountains above five great lakes. Within this great advanced castle that sits on the plateau lives and rules the Darkwielder family. Within the keep now the great emperor rests with his wife, a colossal 63 foot tall gold Dragon by the name of Aurix Darkwielder. Looking at his wife, one would think she herself is human, Bloom Darkwielder, nee Dragonfire, stretches and opens her eyes. Her eyes from pupil to iris are coloured brass due to her descent from Dragon Haunt's lord of brass Dragons, Ancalagan Aurajwing. Bloom sighed and pulled her husband's wing over her again to use as a blanket before she fell asleep again.

In a close part of the castle, the youngest Darkwielder, Nathala, the 9 year old half Dragon currently is creeping up the hallway silently and stealthily opening the door to the chambers she was sneaking into. The figure in the dark room continues sleeping with something over their head. Nathala crept up before pouncing

"Darlana, wake up Darlana." She screamed happily bouncing on her sister's bed, before Darlana turned over and swated her sister away with the wing over her head. Before she takes up her original position

"Go away." Darlana grumbled, her voice had a slight reptilian rasp to it

"You promised to take me on a trip today." Darlana lifted her wing to glare at the clock

"I will at 10:30." She half snarled.

"That's three hours away."

"Nath, I only got home from the front at 2:30, now go away or we won't go till tomorrow. Shoo."

"Awww." Darlana lifted her wing off and turned on the nearby light, Darlana's eyes were coloured molten gold, reptilian shaped and her skin looked human despite it being gold coloured.

"I will take you, but the longer you keep me from sleeping the longer I will take to sleep, I will keep my promise but I am tired and my ears are still ringing." Nathala pouted slightly but left closing the door and going to her chambers. "2,500 years old, I should not have to put up with bothersome little sisters at this hour." Darlana grumbled, yawned before she rolled over, put out the light and swung her left wing over her face again.

At 10: 45 Darlana woke and dressed, gathering her equipment, she holstered two loaded Glock 17's in her thigh holsters, she cleaned and loaded her DM-7 (M-16A4). The DM-7 short for the Dragon's Maw 7, also nicknamed the Drow Mower-7 because of its adamantium armour-piercing, semi-explosive rounds that literally mowed down ranks of the evil elves. A special option was to literally make it like a Dragon's maw with enchantments to spit out rounds that had effects similar to a Dragon's breath attack. Darlana slipped a couple of derringers into her forearm holsters. Tasers went into her belt pouches before she sheathed several throwing knives, long knives and a couple short swords and her long sword. Darlana, or Darla as she was sometimes called, checked her bag and smirked at her rather explosive surprises within. She pulled on her heavy adamantium reinforced breastplate over her Kevlar layered clothes. Darlana went to collect her younger sister

"Must you go around looking like a walking armoury?" Nathala protested

"Trust me kojr ir, it's needed if we run into anything unpleasant." (little one)

"Fine you're the great wyrm here." Darla glared at the mention of her great age

"Thank you for reminding me that I happen to be very old, you need lessons in tact little one."

"And you need to lighten up sister." Nathala countered, Darlana smirked.

"How's this?" Darlana tackles Nathala and starts tickling her young sister into a helpless fit of giggles

"no… help...giggle…opsola letoclo." (father, help) Darlana found herself picked up and pinned under a large gold scaled paw

"Cheater." Darlana muttered before she exerted her considerable strength to try and break free of her father but failed. Because as strong as Darlana is, she was still a half-Dragon and a half-Dragon no matter how old would never be as a full blood great wyrm.

"So, taking your little sister out for while?" Aurix asked.

"Yes father, I have not been with Nathala for a few years."

"True, I have been at the front for a long time, doing my job as crown princess, to lead and defeat the Drow."

"But not to the exclusion of your family." Aurix said.

" I am not infallible and I am trying to make it up. The field marshals are very competent some even better than me, especially field marshals Guderian and Rommel."

"I must congratulate them on their excellent jobs against the Drow and their puppets."

"Of course father, we'll be leaving now."

"Wait Darlana are we going for a few days?" Nathala asked

"Yes why?"

"Help." Nathala whimpered diving under her fathers paw and cowered under there while whimpering loud enough to be heard "Save me from Darla's horrible cooking." Darlana glared at her father as he laughed.

"Tactical and scientific genius you are my heir, but it still astounds me how you take after your mother in that field." Darlana just shook her head, stretched to her full 5' 10" height, grabbed her youngest sibling from under the paw and turned to leave while muttering about needing psychological counselling because of irritating siblings.

Elsewhere in the castle the immortal empress of Dragon Haunt, Bloom Darkwielder, rose for the day. Her armour was a special blend of plate and mail with Kevlar layering underneath. Bloom was quite tall for a woman, standing at 5' 9", shorter than her husband's conjured form by eight inches and her eldest daughter by three inches. Bloom's armour was plate mail over the unmoving parts of her body, I.E torso, forearms, shin guards, upper legs and wrists to just under the elbows. Chain mail covered the whole of her body minus the helmet under the plate parts of her armour. Bloom's weapons included a DM-7 and 4 Desert Dragons (Desert Eagles), with a pair of absorption charms to absorb the heavy pushback from the handguns. Her guns used the same calibres, which Bloom preferred, because if there was a point where she could not use her rifle in enclosed areas and could pull ammo from her DM-7 to reload. Bloom walked out to find her husband, the gold Dragon was not far, in their kitchen eating. Bloom walked up the tail towards Aurix's right shoulder, climbing it till she can rub her hand on Aurix's maw

"Nakit itov." Bloom says (Morning love)


"Svabol re yth tirir naeck?" (What are we doing today)

"Yth tepoha ekess tafiaf mrith hesi arytiss meageari Rommel vur Guderian zahae papref lowd nadotic." (We have to meet with our army leaders Rommel and Guderian about future attack plans)

"Algbo mobi gethrisjic sia kear." (Well there goes my day) Bloom muttered, sliding down Aruix's leg

"Yth tepoha malrak, sia preah, sia vis itov. tir ti scadu earenk yth nishka xurwk nadotic ihk filki udoka." (We have forever, my heart, my true love. do not complain tomorrow we shall make plans for just us) Aurix replied, gently nuzzling his wife's back with his jaw

"Coi tepohaic coanwor vi lauth eorikci li yth tepoha tepohada wer okarthel ihk filki udoka." (it has been a few years since we have had the home for just us)

"Voga vrak nomagqe?" (Another child perhaps?) Aurix asked amused.

"Kwi ini wer darastrix opsola, thric vrrar ui zlonzic tangis sjek ir ui llewarin. si tir ti huven ekess relgr hesi ghergoilti deevdru loex till yth tepoha saubwa wer mamiss." (Oh by the Dragon Father, no four is enough even if one is missed. I do not wish to declare our youngest son dead till we have seen the body)

"Zlonzic di nomeno, confn sia danthe sjek yth shilta nahilnop wer tafiafir soon yth netiaj qe yscik ekess clax naeck erekess vakilral stoda. coi ui vrrarral vur si tuor wux ekess sio ihk wer xinor sulta mrith thric lemeb." (enough of this, come my dear if we can finish the meeting soon we might be able to take today through seventh off. it is fourth and I want you to myself for the week end with no bother) Aurix said while waggling his eye ridges.

"Kwi wux." (oh you) Bloom said with a slight blush

"Vorqic hefoc si shilta widegoa ekess xurwk wux driark ghent shio hesi time ulnaus, si itrewica coi kepatmasto." (looks like I can continue to make you blush after all our time together, I got it all right) Aurix said playfully prancing around her in triumph

"Malai, origato udoka gethrisj." (moron, let's go) Bloom said climbing back up Aurix's leg to her usual riding spot

"Wux vucot si itov wux, si mi ergriffi lehavi, pok paduir." (You know I love you, I am only playing, stop pouting)

"Si itov wux lae algbo, vur si charis Darlana ehtahic creolna ihk jacioniv preah creol kear." (I love you as well, and I hope Darlana finds someone for her heart some day)

"Zyak tir si, svaust vucotic. si ihk ir tuor creol naflvraki ekess joord." (So do I, who knows. I for one want some grandchildren to spoil someday) Aurix left the royal chambers to meet with Dragon Haunt's mail field marshals, discussing the plans for future victories and to change the face of Arrakis (oops wrong book I mean the face of Arda :))

A/N messages

Tiamat will not feature in this one, the god for Dragon Haunt is called the Metallic Father: Bahamut

Lots of Draconic I know, but Draconic is the main language for these people. that's like asking a French speaker to speak English in this situation. It's the case of the mother tongue in this situation

Well here is chapter one of the rewrite. The regular series will be put on hiatus till I can decide where this and the original will go. I will not take them down though. Oh one final thins give a big round of applause to my beta Elvishnutcase, I look forwards to working with her more in the future.


ElvishNutcase: Greeting fair mortals.

The Darkwielder Empire is quite large for the planet in resides on. The lands in the Earth proper to understand what Darlana would rule if something happened to her parents. The American continents from north to south lies under the Darkwielder empire, Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy and West Germany are further ruled by the Darkwielder empire.

The lands of Yugoslavia, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and parts of southern Romania are uninhabited wastelands, destroyed by Drowish or Dark Elves nuclear bombs as a price for those lands defying the Spider Queen. The dark and evil goddess of the Drow: Lloth.

The lands of East Germany, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, habitable parts of Romania, Poland and Finland are puppet nations under Lloth and Drow control. The lands of the Soviet Union and China are directly lands where the Drow and Lloth rule. The other lands remained neutral to the war or were devastated enough to not make domination over them worthwhile. Technically this is World War III with some major AU things.

History A/N I decided to take two highly decorated leaders and give them an honourable, just leader to serve under :

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel: famous brilliant tactician of Germany, committed suicide in 1944, never committed war crimes and ignored orders to commit war crimes.

General Heinz Guderian: Highly decorated German general, led the successful invasion of France in 1940 and not guilty of any war crimes