Phineas sat outside in his backyard carrying many blueprints and his guitar, half wondering where his pet platypus Perry was. He had no idea that his pet was a secret agent and had been sent on a mission to foil the evil Dr Doofenshmirtz. And what was even more serendipitous that that man was right next door in his new evil lair scheming. Today he was tuning up a piano inator, he wasn't quite sure what the evil applications where but he figured he might just drop it on Perry the platypus like he saw in old cartoons.

On the other side of the fence Phineas was tuning his own guitar, he figured a song would make the quiet summer morning a bit more enjoyable.

"I like to build things…"

Doofenshmirtz pricked up his ears at the sudden singing but smiled feeling his fingers gracing over the piano-inator. Heh, why not? Perry the platypus hadn't even arrived yet.

"I-I like to build things..!"

Phineas was surprised at the sudden duet and looked around to see where the German voiced singer and piano chords came from. Behind the fence maybe? Phineas strummed a note cautiously

"w-with my friends and me"

"With my friends and me"

Doofenshmirtz smiled, this could be fun

"Some are considered the best ones"

Phineas beamed, this was fun!

"Some are considered the best ones…But that's just me"

"that's just me…"

Doofenshmirtz smiled placing both hands on his inator "I can sometimes be bad…"

Phineas strummed a bit more freely "I can sometimes be bad?"

"Scheming new things"

"Scheming new things"

"With my nemesis Perry"

"With my…pet called Perry"

"But that's just me"

"That's just me…"

At this moment Perry popped out of the bushes in a fighting pose…no body noticed, not his owner, not his nemesis. They were too busy having…fun? Together? Perry smiled and sat down, there was no mission today. No point to work. No need to fight. Why ruin their fun?

Doofenshmirtz smiled glancing at the fence "I can act pretty stupid"

"But I think it's cool" Phineas replied leaning back on his favourite tree

"I hate getting hit"

"But it doesn't hurt too bad…"

"You like to build things" Doofenshmirtz closed his eyes singing more freely

Phineas smirked half laughing "You can sometimes be bad"

"With your friends and you"

"with your nemesis Perry"

Doofenshmirtz grinned "That's the name of your pet"

"But that's just me…"

"That's just me…"

The two builders just stared up into the morning summer sky happy that had happened, it was fun while it lasted. They would never know each other past those fences. Doofenshmirtz didn't really mind that his nemesis had turned up today and with piano inator in tow walked back to his lair.

"Oh there you are Perry" Phineas smiled petting his platypus who simply chirped in his usual response.