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Another Way

By Secret Slayer

Chapter One

Knowing the Outcome

As the Hellmouth crumbled around her, her eyes locked with an icy blue gaze. She had never known a stare that could hold so much warmth and love – and it was all for her.

Last night she had been struck by a slayer dream – a premonition. She knew exactly what was going to happen. He'd die to save the world. He'd become a champion. And he'd do it for her. But she also knew he'd live again. The dream showed her that much, but it was painfully vague. It only showed snippets of what was to come and not one of those snippets showed a future where they were together and it bothered her more than she would like it to.

For the first time she had seen things clearly. It had hit her like a bucket of cold water – startling, but utterly exhilarating. Although, it made her sad that it had come to her so close to the moment when she may lose him forever. She needed him. For the last six years, he had been apart of her life, although not always a pleasant part of her life, he had been there through thick and thin nonetheless. He wasn't just a part of her life, he was her life. It had taken her so long to realise. She wasn't going to lose him.

"I love you," she smiled softly at Spike, taking his hand.

Like in her dream, their laced fingers caught fire in a blaze, but unlike her dream, she felt something else, felt something more, like a bond that would never be broken.

His usually ice cold fingers now felt unbearably hot against her own skin as the fire smothering their hands intensified. She kept her focus on his face in a desperate attempt to ignore the growing pain.

"Buffy, you gotta go. It's me who has to die not you. I mean it! I gotta do this."

"I'm not going!" she yelled sternly over the rumble of the collapsing Hellmouth.

"Why do you always have to argue? I will not let you die, now move!" He ordered.

There was an earthquake and Buffy, this time, fell closer to him so she was leaning on his chest. Their fingers glowed brighter as it moved up their arms. Buffy swallowed a whimper of pain and put on a brave face.

"You know me Spike, I don't stay dead for very long," she smiled at him, which he returned, as he too, tried to ignore the burning feeling running up their arms.

"What the hell did you dream about anyway?" he asked, now understanding she wasn't going to move.

She didn't answer.

The last thing she remembered was their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. She could feel a tingling sensation in her heart as their chests touched the amulet. It was as if at that moment, the amulet joined them by their souls somehow. In a sudden burst of heat, the flame finally spread across both of their bodies as the amulet sucked them in. They just kept hold of each other through the blistering pain. Their hands never separated. The necklace fell dormant to the ground.

Sunnydale collapsed, taking Spike and Buffy with it.

But, like Buffy had said, she would not stay dead for long – and neither would Spike.

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