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Chapter 1

When I woke this morning I had absolutely no idea that today was going to be a day that would affect the rest of my life. I know it sounds like I'm overstating a little but trust me I'm not. Everything changed for me the second I saw her and I'm positive that today I met the girl I'm going to marry.

I'm jumping ahead a bit so let me start at the beginning.

The day started out like most of my days, I woke up, alone and in a very bad mood. I'm not grumpy by nature, in fact, I think I have what some might call a sunny disposition. However, that sunny disposition doesn't kick in until my third cup of coffee. I rolled out of bed, did I mention that the only occupant of said bed was me? Anyway, moving along, I showered, got dressed in my favorite pinstripe power suit and headed off to work after gulping down two home brewed mugs of java. I stopped to pick up Starbucks as I do every morning and by the time I pulled into my reserved parking space I was ready to hit the ground running.

My good mood lasted about half an hour until Jessie waltzed into my office with her trademark smirk. Jessie, full name Jessica, and I did not get along when we first met. I viewed her as a rival and she viewed me as a spoiled rich girl who got her job based on my last name versus my actual ability to do my job.

You see my father runs and owns the company we both got our paycheck from but I can assure you he wouldn't keep me in my seat if I didn't produce results. P&A Consulting is a small but highly successful public relations firm based out of Los Angeles that up until six months ago had relied heavily on well established stars as our core business. My father though felt that it was time to branch out and expand our business to include clients that were just starting out in their careers, hence his hiring of Jessie.

The minute I laid my eyes on Jessie and her long legs and wavy brown locks I felt an instant attraction that went unaddressed because of my severe dislike of her. She would make snotty remarks and used every opportunity to bash my ideas. There is a chance I'm being a bit biased but I don't thinks so, however, the way she tells it I was unwelcoming and horrible, lies I tell you, all lies.

Our fights and strong feelings of mistrust were really just foreplay and one night when we were both working late we ended up having sex in my office, her office and perhaps we may have snuck in a session or two in the boardroom as well. We tried to have a relationship but the heat between us fizzled out after a week, so being the traditional lesbians that we are, we became the best of friends.

I am going to assume that me being gay does not come as a big surprise.

Most people I meet know off the bat that I'm a lesbian, apparently I have this quality about me that screams I like having sex with women, I don't see it though. Even my parents, god bless them, knew I was gay before I did. By the time I figured out my sexuality I was sixteen and of course being the overly dramatic teenager that I was, I was sure my life was over.

I agonized about how to tell my parents, they were and are very traditional so I guessed that me having not so innocent thoughts about the female gender would not be something they took well. I spent weeks running all sorts of worst case scenarios through my head and by the time I worked up the courage to be honest with them I was such a nervous wreck that I hadn't eaten in almost three days. My actual recollection of my coming out is a bit fuzzy but from what I've been told I blurted out "I like girls" and when my mom responded with "finally we thought you'd never admit the truth," I fainted.

What I didn't know was that my parents had been discussing my gayness from a fairly young age and the longer I perpetrated the lie the harder it was for them, yes they actually said for them. My dad told me that he and my mom would fight to control their laughter when I gushed about boys. I have to be honest, I was a little miffed at their reaction. Don't get me wrong I know how lucky I am to have parents who love me no matter what but I had spent weeks building up to that moment and to have it fall flat was sort of deflating. They joke about how I sulked because they didn't start screaming or praying for my soul, I on the other hand deny their account of what happened completely.

After hugging me and telling me that they would support me, which yes I will say was rather sweet they decided it was the right time to drop another bombshell. That bombshell, my brother was also gay. At the time I had been enjoying a very nice and comforting bowl of ice cream and their announcement made me choke to the point that my mom, a doctor, had to perform the Heimlich maneuver. I'm still not sure why they chose that exact moment to share their suspicions about Glen but I laughed in their faces when they did. Glen was a basketball playing, skirt chasing pig, not to mention he was dating the head cheerleader at our high school. My parents ignored my howling laughter and kept firm on their belief that he was also in denial about his sexuality. I was so confident that they were mistaken that I made a bet with them to show how utterly insane I thought they were.

Four months later Glen dumped his girlfriend and started dating one of his teammates the same night. I don't think I've quite forgiven him yet for the fact that I had to wash my parent's cars for the next year. The only straight sibling I have is Clay, my adopted but loved just the same brother. I wonder sometimes if he wishes he was gay as well to fit in with Glen and me but he assures me constantly that isn't the case at all.

After high school I enjoyed a very, how shall I put it, adventurous four years at college and when I graduated I joined my father and Glen at the firm. Clay decided to follow in my mother's footsteps and become a doctor much to my mother's delight and my father's disappointment. I think he dreamed of having all of his kids working for him, keeping our business in the family but when I pointed out how much he sounded like a mob boss he dropped the subject immediately.

It's not always easy being the youngest child, my parents and my brothers think it's their duty to give me advice even when I don't ask for it and they're always babying me at every turn. I wouldn't trade them in for any other family though because they're my crazy family and my opinion has always been, better the crazy you know than the crazy you don't.

So, at the age of twenty-five, I work with some of the most prominent celebrities in the world and I enjoy every second of it.

You'd think I had it made but there is something missing and that something is the girl of my dreams.

A lot of times people, and by people I mean me, compare my life to that of Samantha from Sex and the City. Well obviously not because I sleep with countless men, the comparison comes from the fact that I'm in public relations and I don't do relationships. She may be like twenty years older than me, a fictional character and very heterosexual but other than that we're exactly alikeā€¦honest!

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against relationships and I'm pretty sure I'd make an excellent girlfriend. I'm kind, attentive, a good listener, warm, funny, loving and if I do say so myself, not too shabby in the 'how to please a woman' department. No, I'm not being over confident I've just had quite a few more than satisfied partners over the years to vouch for my bedroom skills. The reason I am currently single is because I get bored with the girls very quickly, Jessie would be a prime example of that. None of my past girlfriends or attempts at girlfriends have been able to keep my interest so I've just reached the point where I don't try anymore. I'm not depressed about it or anything but each day that goes by I wonder if I'll ever find someone to share my life with.

You might think I'm full of myself and not very nice but I'm just trying to give an accurate account of where I was in my life when meeting her changed everything.

"What's with you?" I asked Jessie as she sat down on the other side of my desk. While my morning moodiness had dissipated for the most part I still wasn't at full alertness yet.

Jessie, who was wearing a very short skirt, crossed her legs and continued to smirk. "I was wondering if you were ready for our meeting."

"What meeting? I saw no meeting scheduled for today." I replied as I double checked my calendar and my Blackberry to see how I could have missed an appointment.

"It was a last minute thing that your dad just arranged." Jessie explained. "Didn't your assistant send you the update?"

I sighed and rolled my eyes at the same time. "I swear I'm going to fire that woman today."

"You can't fire Mrs. Nyland, your dad would never let you." Jessie said while picking up one of my paperweights and rolling it around in her hand, something she knows I hate. "Besides she's a sweet old lady who wouldn't harm a fly."

"Then switch assistants with me if you love her so much." I challenged.

Jessie chuckled, "Uhm no, but thanks for the offer."

I narrowed my eyes at her in what I hoped was a very intimidating stare. Unfortunately I don't think it worked. "So who's the meeting with?"

I could almost see the fireworks going off in Jessie's head, as good friends as we are she never misses an opportunity to revel in my misfortune. "Some up and coming rock star." She said the words slowly and deliberately, knowing how much her announcement would tick me off.

"Why am I invited to that meeting?" I groaned. Most of my clients were established in their respective fields because they were the ones that were the least off their rocker. I still encountered the odd whack job but for the most part I didn't have to deal with anyone getting arrested or emerging from limousines without their underwear. I always balked at working with untested talent and so far I had been able to resist my father's call for change. Not to mention that rock stars were the worst to deal with. They often thought that rowdiness and partying were prerequisites for making it big and that led to them usually being a public relation nightmare.

"You know Arthur, he wants you to branch out and embrace the new direction the company is taking." Jessie answered.

I stood up and began to pace around my desk. "And who else is going to be there?"

Jessie watched me with an amused expression on her face. "All of us."

"Damn, damn, damn." I muttered under my breath. I would have used a different four letter word but everyone in the office was trying this new 'no swearing' policy and I didn't want to be the first person to have to pay up for using offensive language. "Maybe I'll just go home because I'm feeling sick."

"Now, now, the Spencer Carlin I know doesn't run away." Jessie knew exactly how to push my buttons, too bad she couldn't do that for me in the biblical sense. Ha! Score one for me!

I sat back down in my chair and tried to regain my composure. "Does the buffoon have a name?"

"Apparently she does."

That revelation changed my whole outlook on the situation. See, female rockers, established or not, are a different breed than their male counterparts. They oozed sex appeal and they usually played the guitar, which meant they had very strong hands. Strong hands that could play an instrument well and they could play something else well if you catch my drift. Wow, I really need to get laid, maybe that's why I'm such a foul mood.

"You really need to get laid." Jessie teased.

"You are just too funny for your own good." I fired back. "Speaking of which, how are things with you and Laura?"

Jessie shrugged her shoulders, "I think we'll be breaking up soon she's a little too clingy. Why, are you looking at me to help you with your problem?" She burst out laughing and for me that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

"Get out!" I ordered as I pointed to the door. "Get out right now!"

"Oh Spence can't you take a joke?" She asked as she ran out the door, she probably ran because I threw the paperweight that she'd been playing with so it narrowly missed her head. I wasn't trying to hit Jessie though I was just trying to scare her. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. "Don't forget the meeting, it's in an hour."

"Out!" I screamed like a mad woman. I marched over to my door and slammed it so hard that a few pictures in my office shook.

I was dreading my meeting like you wouldn't believe and instead of distracting myself with work I laid down on the comfortable couch that I had picked out for moments like this. I closed my eyes and contemplated taking a nap until I had to go to my meeting when another idea popped into my head.

My sexual frustration was obviously affecting me more than I thought so I decided to take matters into my own hand, so to speak.

I walked out of my office fifty-five minutes later feeling much better and I was ready to tackle whatever happened, with a smile on my face as an added bonus.

When I entered the boardroom Jessie and Glen were already there but my father and the mystery girl were not.

"Good morning." Glen sung out. "You look absolutely stunning in that suit." How I missed his homosexuality is beyond me.

"Thanks." I replied as I punched him on the shoulder.

"Spencer! That hurt!" Glen whined and I was just grateful he didn't burst into tears.

"Don't be such a wuss." I ordered as I took my seat in between my brother and my friend.

"I'd totally hit you back but I just got my nails done yesterday and I don't want to chip my polish." Glen pouted.

I rolled my eyes at him but I didn't respond to probably the gayest thing he had ever said to me. Instead I turned to Jessie, "When is Miss-diva-in-training getting here?" Hmmm, maybe my snarkiness is just the way I am as opposed to a side of effect of my current lack of sexual satisfaction. I avoided any further self examination and just waited for Jessie to reply.

"Should be any minute and from what I hear, she's quite a looker." The tone in her voice was suggestive but I wasn't about to give her another reason to tease me.

"Whatever, I bet she's full of herself anyway." I answered back as nonchalantly as possible but for some reason I didn't understand I was getting excited for her to make an appearance.

"She has reason to be." Jessie took her sweet ass time sipping her water before she continued. "From what I hear she's going to be the next big thing and there's a lot of competition to represent her."

Even though fresh talent wasn't my thing I was confident enough in my ability to woo potential clients that I wasn't worried. "Well it's a good thing they called in the big guns, isn't it?"

Jessie made some smart remark back to me but I didn't pay attention to it because at that exact moment the most stunning woman I had ever seen appeared. The boardroom was all glass so I had the perfect view of her as she chatted with my father. I was rendered speechless as I soaked in her beauty. She had the most luscious brown hair with the hint of red that framed her face in mind blowing curls. She had an extremely fit body and her cropped t-shirt allowed me to see what I'm sure is the world's sexiest six-pack. Everything about her captivated me and I couldn't tear my eyes away from her even if I wanted to, which I didn't.

She was deep in conversation with my dad so she didn't notice me gawking at her, but Jessie did. She leaned over and whispered right in my ear, "You're drooling."

I ignored her and everything else around me except the brunette. I didn't know her name but deep down in my gut and perhaps other parts of my body as well I felt a connection to the nameless woman who already had made a great impression of me.

Then she did the most amazing thing, she laughed at something my dad said and her nose crinkled in such a delightful manner I think I may have squealed. If I had any doubt in my mind about the affect she was having on me it was erased in that moment.

She had me at nose crinkle.

Whoever she was I believed that fate had determined that we'd meet right then and the rest as they say was going to be history. She was the yin to my yang, the ketchup to my fries and the pepperoni to my cheese pizza. I'm well aware that I'm not being exactly poetic in my descriptions but to be fair I think my brain short-circuited when she appeared.

"I'm going to marry that girl." Escaped my lips before I had a chance to censor myself and it didn't even bother me when Jessie snickered or Glen gasped. They couldn't possibly understand what I was feeling and I was already too far gone to care what they thought.

That brings me to the present and for some reason my dad is still outside the boardroom talking to my future wife. It's taking all my will power not to rush over to them so I can hear her talk but I don't want to appear crazy so I'm staying in my chair even though the anticipation is killing me.

"Don't you think you should learn her name first before you marry her?" Jessie asks.

Glen interrupts before I can get a word in. "I know her name! I know her name!" He pauses for dramatic effect and I almost punch him again. "It's Carmen."

Now don't get me wrong, Carmen is a fine name but she doesn't look like a Carmen and that is the same name of some lunatic I slept with once who became obsessed with me. I pull a face but I'm not going to let something as silly as her name interfere with our future.

Jessie leans over and slaps Glen upside the head. "You're an idiot."

"Bitch." Glen hisses.

"You're an idiot and now you owe a dollar in the swear jar." Jessie gleefully exclaims. "Her name isn't Carmen. It's Ashley, Ashley Davies."

I don't ask Jessie how she knows her name; instead I repeat it over and over in mind. Ashley, it's perfect, just like her. Spencer and Ashley, Ashley and Spencer, either way I think our names fit together so well.

"But I think there's something you should know before you send out the wedding invitations." Jessie says.

I somehow find the strength to look away from Ashley and move my eyes over to my friend. "What?"

"Oh my god how yummy." Glen coos and I must say his reaction at seeing Ashley surprises me. Her beauty is timeless and crosses the lines of sexual orientation I surmise.

I whip my head in Glen's direction as I elbow him in the gut, gently of course. "She's mine so I suggest you find someone else to fawn over."

"As if." Glen says while rolling his eyes. "I'm talking about him."

I finally turn my attention back to where Ashley is standing and I see a tall and muscular guy beside her. Where did he come from? He's cute, I suppose, if you're into that sort of thing. "Who's he?"

"That's what I've been trying to tell you." Jessie huffs. "That's Aiden, Ashley's up and coming rocker boyfriend."

Ouch, that hurts.

Ashley turns around and wraps her arms around Aiden's neck. She smiles at him right before she presses her lips against his. I throw up a little in my mouth.

I'm not stupid to go after straight girls and I'm not usually the kind of person that chases someone when they're taken. But this is different, Ashley's different and I know in my heart of hearts that we're meant to be together. Sure I haven't spoken a word to her and she doesn't even know I exist but pretty boy Aiden better get ready for a fight because I want Ashley Davies.

And what Spencer Carlin wants, Spencer Carlin gets.