Chapter 1

Amanda followed John through the confusing hallways. She was nervous. John had said that he was going to introduce her to someone else that helped him in his schemes. Some sort of detective. Amanda found it highly ironic and thought it was foolish of someone like John to trust a detective. But Amanda trusted John's judgment. She trusted John in general. More than she'd trusted anyone. John saved her.

They walked into a large room where a cage filled with a maze of barbed wire sat. A man was standing with his back to them working on something on the door of the cage.

"Mark, I'd like you to meet someone." John said. The man turned around and he seemed confused an shocked to see her. She froze. The man standing there looked so familiar. She'd seen him somewhere before.

"Mark, this is Amanda Young. Amanda, this is Detective Mark Hoffman." John introduced them. "Amanda will be helping us from now on." Amanda smiled nervously to him, but he looked slightly upset and still confused.

"How can she help? Isn't she the junkie?" Hoffman asked. Amanda's smile faded and she took a step back.

"Not anymore, Mark. She's been clean for 2 months already." John said. Hoffman still seemed upset. He turned back around to work on whatever he was working on earlier. Amanda saw that there was a set of gears attached to some wires. Amanda realized that once the door was open the wires were supposed to pull tight enough to be able to turn on the TV across the room.

"You did that wrong." Amanda said. Hoffman turned to look at her. She gulped and walked forward. "You have to turn that gear around to increase the friction on that one. Otherwise the cord will break." She pointed to the gears as she explained. "And you should use a different grease so they turn easier." she stepped back to her defensive position behind John. Hoffman smiled to John.

"She's a keeper." Hoffman told him. Amanda sighed in relief.