Chapter 7 Hoffman's View

Hoffman went back the next day. Amanda looked lost. Her eyes were distant and confused. She didn't comb her hair or put on make up.

"Amanda," Hoffman grabbed her shoulders. "Are you okay?" She nodded absentmindedly. "You look awful."

"Thanks, Jackass. Every woman loves to hear that." She tried to walk away but he tightened his grip on her arms.

"I'm sorry. Look, about yesterday, I-"

"Forget it." she cut him off. "I understand. Everything was a mistake. You don't want me. It's fine." She looked so hurt.

"No! Of course I want you! That's the problem!" He said. She looked even more confused.

Ugh! he thought. How could he make her understand?

"But I thought-"

"You thought wrong! You're everything to me….now. You're all I have, Amanda." he told her. She looked shocked, but still confused.

"But then why….." She couldn't put her thoughts into words.

"John talked to me yesterday. He asked how close we were and reminded me not to become emotionally attached. Amanda, I'm so, so sorry. He begged. She smiled a little. She jumped into his arms, wrapping her arms around him and crushing her mouth to his. She pulled away from him, arms still around his neck.

"Never, do that to me again." She said. Her face was completely serious.

"Never." Hoffman said. She smiled and kissed him again. His hands cupped her face and he wished that the moment could last forever. Though he knew it never could.