Kyo and Tohru continued walking, hand in hand. They passed the supermarket.

About 2 minutes later, Tohru realized.

"Oh no! We forgot about the milk!"

The next day at school...

Tohru and Kyo were getting glances from everybody. Seeing them holding hands was a real shocker.

Even Yuki was suprised, but he knew it would happen eventually.

Tohru, Kyo and Yuki were on their way to class.

"Kyo! Let go of her!" Momiji called out.

"Tohru! Are you okay?" Momiji asked as he approached them.

"Shut up! I'm not doing anything!" Kyo said.

Haru walked up as well with Momiji. His eyes widened at the sight of their hands held together.

"We...we're kind of..." Tohru began.

"Together. They're together." Yuki finished as if he was annoyed about the couple's relationship.

"Wow! Tohru, I'm so happy!" Momiji said.

"You are?" Kyo asked.

Haru stayed quiet. This was a sign to him.

'I's true then...Maybe I should...' Haru thought.

The bell rang.

"Oh! We should get to class." Tohru said.

"I guess you're right.." Momiji said.

"Bye, see you two later." Yuki said.

Momiji started walking the other way. Haru stood for a moment as he continued thinking.

"C'mon Haru!" Momiji said.

The three arrived into class.

"Woah! Tohru, what's going on here?" Arisa exclaimed.

Tohru giggled and Kyo's face turned red.

"Oh wow, these electic signals are amazing." Hana said.

"Grr..." Kyo mumbled.

In Momiji's and Haru's class...

"Haru, are you feeling alright?" Momiji asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah. Just a little nauseous.." He replied.

"Do you want to go to the nurse?" asked Momiji.

"No, it's nothing." Haru said.

Although he felt sick, it was a great feeling. All those worries and all the confusion had gone away. He felt the weight lift off of him and now he knew what to do.

There was only one answer to his question now and that answer was: Rin.

But, eventhough he had his answer, he felt that he still needed to talk to her. Tohru.

Hours passed. School ended.

"What would you guys like for dinner?" Tohru asked.

"Anything. Besides leeks. Bleh." Kyo said.

"Anything is fine Miss Honda." Replied Yuki.

"I'll be a little late since I'm going to the dojo today." Kyo told her.

"Oh okay then." Tohru said.

"I should get going. See you later." Kyo said. He kissed her cheek and started walking.

"And you Yuki? Do you have student council?" Tohru asked.

"Oh, yes. I do. I had forgotten..." Yuki remembered.

Tohru giggled. "Then I guess I should start walking home." Tohru said.

"Okay, see you later Miss Honda." Yuki smiled.

She began walking back to Shigure's house when she heard a noise behind her.

"Ah! Wh-who's there?" Tohru said.

"Calm down, it's me." She felt a hand on her shoulder.

She began to tremble and turned around.

"...Hatsu...Hatsuharu...what are you doing here?" She asked.

"I need to tell you something." Haru said.

"Oh, what is it?"

"Lately, I have had this odd feeling..."



"Huh? What did I do?" She began to freak out.

"No, not that kind of odd feeling. I mean as..."


"I thought I was in love with you or something! Whenever I'd see you, you're beauty would make me nervous and I've wanted to be with you!" (Not in a dirty way, guys.)

He tried to stop black Haru from appearing.

Tohru stayed silent with wide eyes.

"But...then...Rin. She showed up again and has told me the truth. And I love Rin. I've been going through hell since then. I didn't know what to do." He turned his face to her.

"But today when I saw you and Kyo...all those questions and feelings went away. Now I know...that Rin is the one that I truely love." He told her.

"" She faced the floor.

"...I...I felt that I needed to tell you this...If I wouldn't have, I would have gone crazy..." Haru said.

"Well...I appreciate your honesty and I hope everything goes great for you and Rin." She smiled.

Haru stepped close to her and wrapped her into his arms. They were hugging.

Tohru's eyes widened. "The...! The curse! Hatsuharu!" Tohru exclaimed.

"" He said. " was your love for Kyo...and my love for Rin?" He asked.

Her eyes became watery with tears.

"Tohru!" Kyo was running towards them in the distance.

"Did...did...!" Kyo began.

She nodded her head and jumped into Kyo's arms.

"It's broken! We...we can be together!" Tohru said.

"Akito can't disapprove now..." Haru said.

Kyo's eyes started to tear up.

"I need to go see Rin..." Haru said.

Haru ran off to the hospital.

"C'mon! Let's go see Shigure!" Tohru grapped Kyo's hand and ran off to the house.

Meanwhile at school...

*Crash* Machi dropped a stack of papers on the floor and knocked over the lamp.

Yuki turned the corner to walk into the Council's room.

"Oh! Let me help you, Machi." Yuki said as he kneedled down.


As he was getting the papers from the floor, he felt something.

'Huh..? What just happened...the..curse?' He thought.

He was starring at the floor for a while.

"Y-Yuki...?" Machi said.

He looked up at her and instantly kissed her.

She blushed from the sudden kiss.

He pulled away and smiled.

"..! Yuki!" Machi said.

He stood up and reached his hand down to her. She took it and looked up at his face.

She smiled and hugged him. He never thought he would ever get to feel her hug him.

Haru was running to the hospital.

As he was approaching it, he saw Rin already looking for him outside of the hospital. Still in her hospital gown. It didn't suprise him.

"Haru!" She yelled. "Is it tr-!"

He hugged her.

"Akito can't hurt you anymore. It's all over." Haru said.

She smiled. "I love you.." She said.

The curse was broken. The Sohma's were free from the family curse. They were no longer under Akito's rule.

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