Gale and the Dragon
by Sauron Gorthaur

[Jewel] told how King Gale, who was ninth in descent from Frank the first of all Kings, had sailed far away into the Eastern seas and delivered the Lone Islanders from a dragon and how, in return, they had given him the Lone Islands to be part of the royal lands of Narnia for ever.

from The Last Battle


"Oh, what a delightful story!" Jill exclaimed as Jewel finished another one of his stories. "Moonwood the Hare! Imagine being able to hear like that. It would be simply thrilling!"

"I think it would be ghastly," Eustace commented from where he was walking on the other side of the Unicorn. "I wouldn't be able to sleep at all, ever, not if I could hear every ant crawling across the floor. I'll keep the hearing I've got, thanks."

Jill made a face at him. "Why do you always have to see things like that? It was a lovely story, Jewel dear," she said, stroking the silky whiteness of the Unicorn's mane.

"I didn't say it wasn't a good story," said Eustace. "I just said I shouldn't like to hear what everyone was saying from here to Cair Paravel. It was a ripping story."

"Oh, tell another one, do," Jill said enthusiastically. "It'll be simply ages before we get to the Stable, won't it, Your Majesty?"

"Yes, it is still a fair way," Tirian answered from a few paces ahead of them. "Tell stories and be merry whilst you can if Jewel is obliged to do so."

"Then will you?" Jill asked. "Another beautiful story about long ago?"

For a few seconds, the only sound was the soft steps of human feet and Unicorn hooves, then Jewel spoke in his grave, soft voice. "Yes, Daughter of Eve, another story comes to my mind that perhaps you will take pleasure in. I will tell you the story of King Gale and the dragon, if you desire."

Eustace shook his head. "Dragons? Does it have to be about dragons? I don't care for them very much."

"You don't have to listen," Jill retorted. "And I like dragons well enough."

"You wouldn't if you'd been one," Eustace said, "but, come on, Pole, let's not quarrel, not tonight anyway. Dragons it is, I suppose. Go ahead, Jewel."

With the children walking on either side, the noble Unicorn began to talk, unfolding for them the tale of the Narnian king and the great dragon of the Lone Islands.