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Chapter 1: Prologe

Once I shot down a Vulture Droid, I turned my Actis Eta-2 interceptor to the right and shot at a Tri-fighter, it spun and then collided with another Vulture Droid, they exploded into a heap of spare parts.

"it's all clear Raptor Squadren, start your bombing run" I said.

"rodger that General, starting our attack run" Raptor lead said.

I landed in the hanger of my flagship known as "Jedi's Strength", once I was out of the hanger, I went up to the bridge to continue my commanding duties.

I got near the holo map and looked at it, seven Venators and five providence-class carrier/destroyers were on it.

"fire on the enemy ship to our left, full volley" I ordered.

Multiple shots could be herd from the left side of the "jedi's Strength", I could see the shots from the holo image, each one landed on the enemy ship.

"we have incoming bombers commander!" one of the operaters warned.

"fire our anti-fighter batteries before they get the chance to drop there payload!" I ordered.

Most of the anti-fighter turrents in front of the bridge started firing, multiple streaks of blue could be seen, six small explosions then appeared, the holo image showed that the bombers were destroyed.

"theyre shields have dissapated sir, were now doing damage to there ship" an operater said.

"put extra power into the weapon systems, and shields" I ordered.

"this will give us needed firepower and defence, but it will hinder our speed for a bit" I thought.

The shots were pirceing the armor on the enemy ships bridge, then suddenly went through it, multiple explosions chould be seen from the enemy ship.

"sir all squadrens are reporting multiple enemy fighter casulties" an operator said.

I was glad to hear this news, "good, at least now we can worry less about bomber attacks" I thought, I payed close attention to the holomap.

I noticed that three of the enemy ships were trying to box the "Jedi's Streagth" in, but I wasn'y going to let that happen.

"put the weapon systems back to normal, and increase power to the engines" I ordered.

"but sir, were going to head strait for the CIS cruiser if we do that" an operator said.

"don't worry I know what I am doing" I said.

They did so, "Jedi's Strength" moved swiftly towards the providence-class carrier/destroyer that was blocking it.

"make this ship go up more" I ordered, they did so, "Jedi's Strength" tilted up more, the front of the "Jedi's Strength" ended up going through the glass of the enemy ships bridge, it even broke the blast doors.

The ships rumbled a bit, I held on to one of the railings, while everyone else held onto thier chairs.

Once "Jedi's Strength" passed over the enemy ship, the enemy ship started to tilt to the right, then completely turned over, showing the bottom of the ship.

"sir, what you did was absolutely crazy!, but it was brilliant!" one the operators said.

"is'nt it always" I said, after awhile the battle was over, all the CIS ships were either abandoned or destroyed.

Just then I got a call, I answered it.

Mace Windu and Admiral Yularen appeared, "great, I'm in trouble" I thought.

"Michael, what you did almost cost the live's of your crew" Master Windu said.

"I know master, but the separatists were going to box my ship in, I had no choice" I said.

"what you did was beyond standard strategy, it was reckless and stupid, this is almost as bad as the "Piercing Shot" incident" Yularen said.

"it wasn't my fault my ship chouldn't dodge that providence-class carrier/destroyer in front of us, we had no choice but to split it in two" I said.

Master Windu held up his hand "enough, due to this action were sending a fellow jedi knight to be your adviser, what you did was beyond reprimanding" he said.

"with all respect Master Windu, but I'm not letting anyone tell me how to run my legion, even if it is another jedi!" I said.

"we understand that your not used to getting orders then giving them, but the counsel has decided this is the best way to solve this problem" he said.

"well if the counsel has decided my punishment, then I have no choice but to follow it" I said.

"then it is decided, your adviser should arrive in the mourning" Master Windu said, he disappeared from the holo table.

"now back to business shall we?, the garrison on Talus is hard pressed, the CIS army stationed there are almost to the capital, the only thing standing in there way is Omega Base" Yularen.

I was surprised "Omega Base, that's were some of my men are stationed!, how many are left!?" I asked.

"I regret to report that out of the three hundred men you sent, only twenty are left, they have been radioing in reinforcements on multiple occasions" Yularen said.

I was angry, I pounded one of my fists into the holo table "dammit!, I should have send have sent four companys" I thought.

I suddenly got an idea, and my spirits lifted up "well, if they need reinforcements, I'll give then reinforcements!, it's time to send this CIS army packing!" I said.

I was now riding in one of the gunner seat of my personal LAAT called "Beautiful Togruta", me and another twenty LATTs were heading to Omega Base.

It was warm in the LAAT, I chould also hear the engine roaring.

After some minutes the pilot said "Omaga Base is coming into view now".

I used my communicater and said "All right guys, were here for one thing, and one thing only, destroying clankers, stay frosty".

I heard cheers from the clones in the LAAT, once we got in range we chould see the fight that was currently happening, multiple shots chould be seen from the firing clankers.

The LAATs loaded there missiles and fired, while the compressed beams fired into the droid ranks, destroying many of the droid infantry and vechicles.

I chould see multiple shots being fired from the remaining republic troops on the ground, I chould also see alot of bodies on the ground.

I was a bit upset by this, but I need to focus on the things happening right now.

I focused and fired at the droids, destroying muliple targets, and some vechicles, I saw a good LZ and orderd everyone to head there.

"first line touch town!" I orderd, "Beautiful Togrutan" and four other LAATs landed on the ground, I exited with the other thirty clone troops in my LAAT.

The LAATs lifted up and continued there runs on the droid army, me and the one hundred and fifty clone troops charged into the base to boost up defence.

I ran and coverd right by Commander Ultima, one of the most fircest clones I know, and possibly my best friend.

"it's about time you get here general!, I didn't know how long we could hold the clankers off" he said.

"I'm impressed you held them for this long Ultima, we got more troops landing soon" I said.

"about freacking time!, we've been at it for days!" one of the clones said.

The second line touched down, bringing another one hundred and fifty clone troops, they got down and went into the trences that were made in front of the base.

I was a bit worried about how the droids got so close to the capital, but that was something I had to think of at another time.

More of the droids were getting destroyed now, but they were still trying to push towards the base.

The third line touched down, but it consisted of Low Altitude Assault Transport/carriers, carrying five AT-TE's all were colord green were the red was.

Once these new walkers touch downed, the LAAT/c's went back into the air, the walkers started firing on the CIS vechicles.

They got in front of base, giving the clones extra cover, the anti infantry turrents fired at the droids.

The rest of the lines touched down, three hundred troops came out and went by the AT-TE's for cover, there LAAT's got back into the air to continue there runs on the droid army.

I blocked some of the shots that were heading my way with my lightsaber, the shots reflected and took out the droids.

The battle lasted for hours, and well into the afternoon, more units were dropped down from the "Jedi's Stregth" untill there was none left on board, all of it's one thousand and seven hundred troops were on the ground, along with it's twenty four AT-TE's, and eight Saber-class fighter tanks.

By now the droid army was being desimated, before the day was over the battle was over.

Once everyone was back on "Jedi's Stregth" and we were in space, I went back to my quarters.

I looked at myself in the mirror, my grey and white robes now had dust on them, on my belt were three lightsabers, two single blade, one double-bladed.

My sand blonde hair was spiked as always, and I had silver eyes, around my neck was a silver necklace with a green crystal, a gift from a past lover.

I sighed and went to my music player and put it on, some techno music played, and it could be heard all around my quarters, I sat down on my bed.

"I wonder when this advisor will show up" suddenly my communicator started going off, I turned off my music player, then answered it.

"yes, who is it" I asked, "sir, the adviser is here and is waiting for you" a clone said.

I sighed "fine, send them to my quarters, I'll talk to them there" I said "roder that sir" he said, I shut off my communicator.

I put my music player back on and went to my fridge for something to drink, the only thing left was a bottle of Lopez Softdrink, a big one.

I shut the fridge after I got the bottle, I got a cup and poured some of the drink into it, but I kept the bottle out.

I held up the green crystal so I chould see it, "god, I still miss you" I thought, an image of a female togruta enterd my mind.

"why did those slavers have to kill you, it's just not fair" I thought.

After some cups of soda, I was getting upset, I started thinking unusuall thoughts.

"damn republic!, why did they have to start this war?, it's been almost three years of hell!" I thought.

"if it wasn't for god damn dooku starting this war, I whould still be in the temple, if only I had the chance to save you" I thought, I started to tear up.

It took several minutes until I regained myself, I washed my face then used a towel to dry it off, I stood in front of my door just as it opened.

The adviser was a fellow jedi knight as Master Windu said, but she was a Togrutan, a beautiful one to be exact.

She wore a two piece out fit that had dark red for the top, skirt, gloves, and boots, buy she also wore white pants that hugged her legs well.

She looked exactly like my past love, I suddenly had some flashbacks.

I held my head, then I looked at her, she had an impatient look on her face.

"oh sorry, were are my manners, I'm General Michael Taylor of the 66th legion, welcome to the "Jedi's Stregth" " I said in a respectable tone.

"Ahsoka Tano, Ex-co General of the 501st Legion" she said.

"Ex co-General?, what happened?" I asked.

"they decided I hung around General Skywalker to much, so they turned me into a adviser for other Generals" she said.

"bummer, so how about I give you a tour of my ship?" I asked.

"I guess, I got nothing else to do right now Spiky" she said.

I looked at her with a look that said "what did you call me?", but I made it disappear fast, we then exited my quarters.

I showed her some of the rooms, and told her interesting facts about my ship, we finally made to the final stop.

"this is probably the favorite place in the whoule ship I said, I opend the door and we both stepped in, in it was alot of cockpits of various republic fighters, some of them were even in use.

"I put the squadrens of my entire fleet on strict training exersizes, they practice virtually in space above a planet or in the atmosphere of one, practiceing multiple possible scenerios daily" I said.

"no wonder your pilots survive almost any encounter with CIS space forces" she said.

"well now that we cheacked everything out, lets go to the mess hall, I haven't had a bite to eat yet" I said.

Once we got our food we went back to quaters, we sat down at my table to eat, while she was eating I chouldn't help but noticed she had a uncanny resemblence of my past love.

"you know what, you look alot like someone I once knew" I said.

"really, who exactly was it?" she asked.

"I don't usually tell people this, but only Ultima knows about this, but I once fell in love with a togrutan slave girl" I admitted.

"but you know attachment is forbidden" she said surprised.

"yeah, now I know why, thing were going well for awhile, untill the slavers decided she was "expendable" " I said with quote motions.

"I'm so sorry that happend to you" she said sadly.

"no one understands how it felt, I can still hear her sceams of agony, when I found her, I was to late" I said, I was now sad.

I moved my food away from me and hid my face as it was on the table, I cried.

I even though I chouldn't see it, but she was guilty for making me cry, she lifted my head.

"don't worry, it's going to be allright, she whould want you to move on" she said.

I got up from my seat and walked a bit, "how am I supposed to be a good leader when I'm still crying about a girl I lost?" I said.

She spun my around so I faced her, "your a fine leader Michael, but your also a compassionate person, from I heard you care about every single clone under your command, and that's a trait a true leader has" she said.

"I know, but this has nothing to do about why I am still stuck in the past!" I said, I took off my necklace to show her.

"you see this?, she made this for me, she gave it to me while she was dieing in my arms!" I said, I put it back on, then walked to my room, I shut the door and layed on my bed.

I sat on my bed as Ahsoka came in she sat by me, "if you want to talk about it, I'm here, Skywalker used to say I was a good listener" she said.

"well it's just that....you look and act exactly like her, and I'm afraid to loose her again is all" I said.

"well I'm not excatly like her, she was a slave, but I'm a jedi" she said.

"I undestand that though, if you must know I met her during the first six months of the war, and I lost her two weeksbefore the first year, so today is the aniversery of her tragic death" I said.

"you must have loved her deeply if you still hold on to her" she said.

"when she died, I went into a killing frenzy, I left no slaver alive in that camp, I even killed there wives, there blood is on my hands" I said while looking at them, I cried.

"it was your anger that lead you to do this you know" she said.

"I usually watch my anger, but back then I just snapped............I miss her so much" I said, I was sobbing as tears hit the floor.

Ahsoka hugged me, "it's going to be all right, every thing is going to be fine" She said.

I stopped crying, but my heart was beating fast, mainly because she hugged me exactly how my past love did.

She turned me arounsd I chould face her, my heart was racing, just as she was about to speack, a planted a kiss on her lips.

(Ahsoka's POV)

I was just about to say something when he kissed me, my heart started to beat faster, I felt like I chould fly.

I suddenly felt an unkown felling, I didn't know what it was, but it felt good.

He suddenly stopped, I felt my lower lip with my index finger.

(Back to Michael's POV)

When I realized what I was doing, I stopped, Ahsoka started feeling her lower lip with one of her index fingers.

"Ahsoka I'm sorry, you just feel alot like my past- I just chouldn't help myslef" I said.

She then kissed me, her lips were sweet, just like my past loves, once she was done she spoke.

"it's....allright, I understand that I......look and act like her, now if you excuse me, I need to get some air" she said.

"you know, you kiss just as well as my past love" I said, she blushed a bit, then left.

"why did I do that?, and why did she return it?, is it because she looks and acts just like my past love?, or was it her oun beauty that made me do it?, well she is attractive, but does she like me?," I thought.

After awhile I decided to go to sleep.

(Ahsoka's POV)

When I went back to courters I meditated.

"why didn't I stop him?, it did fell good, and why did I kiss him back?, but it was wrong to do, I can't have attachments" I thought.

I tried to focus, but I chouldn't "oh god, what can't I stop thinking about him, when he touched me I felt something, but I don't know what it was" I thought.

"what is this I'm feeling now?, why do I feel safe near him?, I don't know what it is" I thought.

I started searching around for the reason why I'm felling these things, suddenly I suddenly found it after an hour, I realised I loved him.

"that's why I didn't let him stop, and returned his kiss, I loved him, I wanted him to kiss me, but attachment is against the code" I thought.

I was in conflict, do I follow the code, or do I follow my feelings I have kept suppressed for years?

It was getting late, so I decided to put this topic aside for now, once I got my shoes and gloves off, I went to sleep.

(In the mourning, Michael's POV)

When I woke up from bed I rememberd what happened yesterday, but I cast it aside for now, I went into the shower.

Once I was done with doing everything to start the day, I went to the bridge, Ahsoka was there with the operators.

My spirits actually lifted up for one, but I had to focus, anything chould happen in war, even to a jedi.

"well good mourning General, will you deploy the squadrens for patrol?" Ahsoka said.

"I was just about to do that General Tano, I allways do that" I said.

I went to the intercom and said "all squads, prepare to launch for partol duty!, I repeat, prepare to launch for patrol duty!".

The ventral hanger opened at the top, once it was fully opened, some Actis Eta-2's, ARC-170's, V-wings, and V-19 Torrent starfighters came out and started on there patrols.

Nothing interesting was happening, that was until Raptor Squadren, one of the ARC-170 squads, picked something up.

"sir!, we got four providence-class carrier/destroyers in this sector!, and it looks like they got some droids on patrol" Raptor Leader said.

"allright Raptor Squadren, come and stay by "Jedi's Streagth" " I orderd.

"All fighters, prepare for combat!, all bomber groups, scramble!" I orderd.

"I guess things are getting interesting right now" Ahsoka said.

"yep, things are definatly getting interesting" I said as the fleet moved to intersept the CIS fleet.

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