(A/N): This is the third chapter of She's Worth Fighting For, hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 3: Calm Before The Storm

I woke up in the morning and did everything to get ready again, I then went to the mess hall for breakfast.

While walking to the mess hall I thought "why am I hesitating to love her?, is it because I fear of loosing her just like Luka?"

I thought about this while getting to the mess hall, "I guess I do not want to loose her, but she looks just like Luka" I thought.

"if only the force can give me sign of what to do" I thought, I was now in the mess hall.

Once I got some minced nerf stew for breakfast, I sat down by Ahsoka, who was having a chat with Arali.

Once they were done I said "so how is everyone doing today?, hopefully your getting used to living here".

"I'm doing fine, and it's a bit weird living with a bunch of people that are basically the same person" Arali said as she held up her sandwich.

"they actually have their own personalities though, so anything else happen?" I asked.

"I bumped into Ultima yesterday, and well......I think he's kind of cute" Arali said after swallowing a bite of her sandwich.

My spoon clattered onto the plate, "Oh this sounds interesting" I thought.

"okay, and why do you think that?" I said.

"I don't really know......but he's charming, polite, and sincere, but what I heard from him that he is a firce fighter" she said.

"yeah he is a good fighter, he actually took out an ATT by throwing a thermol detonator down it's hatch during a battle" I said.

"why can't the males of my species be more like him?, he's what I always wanted in a man and more" she said.

Once Ahsoka was done with her steak she said "okay, can we switch to a different subject quickly, Ultima is heading this way" Arali jumped.

Ultima came to our table an sat down by Arali, "that battle was hard pressed, I'm glad that the bombers did what they did, or we might not have held them for long".

"when we were in the fighters, there were many droids down there" Ahsoka said.

"i'm just glad we destroyed all thier units on this planet, now we can finally get some well deserved R&R" I said, I dipped my spoon into my stew.

"it's about time we did, I can't just to sit back and relax on a beach somewhere" he said after swallowing some of his minced nerf stew.

"well untill that happens we still got to stop this war" I said.

"I don't know, I feel like something terrible will happen after the war" Ahsoka said, as she put her fork into her salad.

"what to mean, mam?" Ultima asked.

She took a bite of her salad, and after swallowing she said "I have a strange feeling like something very bad is going to happen to the republic".

"well what ever it is, we can face it together, as long as we stick together, there is probably nothing we can accomplish" I said after I had a spoonful of my stew.

There was some silence then Arali said "has anyone noticed that everyone is always on edge around here?"

"well there always are, we could be attacked any moment" I said, after finishing the rest of my stew.

"anybody else think what life is like outside of this ship?" Arali said after finishing her sandwich.

"if there is no war, life would probably be alot better, but it would still be bad because of all the injustices" I said.

"if only this war would be over allready" Arali said.

"this war has been fought long and hard for to long, hopefully it will be over in a month" I said.

Things were silent for awhile, once everyone was done me and Ahsoka headed off to the bridge.

The air was cool as always in the hallways, we walked a bit until we got to the bridge doors.

When we walked in I said "statis report".

"sensors indicate that there is no CIS activity on the planets surface or in the system, fighter patrols indicate that the system is all clear" the communication officer said.

I activated the holo map, up popped up a holo image of the planet, and my fleet, I could see seven Venators and four Acclamtor assault ships around the planet.

"what about the ground troops?" I asked.

"they have reported that all areas in a hundred miles from the captal are clear of CIS activity" he said.

"tell them to stay on partol and report anything suspisious" I said.

"sir, yes sir!" he said.

I motioned Ahsoka to follow, were were heading to the hanger, but when we were heading there I was wondering about what she said.

"why is she feeling like that?, is something bad actually going to happen at the end of the war?" I thought.

"if it's true then I need to stay vigilant, there's no telling what can happen" I thought.

We finally reached the hanger, I took her to wear I was repairing her fighter.

"hope you don't mind but I got your fighter, and don't worry we got your astromech as well" I said.

She ran her hand against were her fighter was hit, the top right S-foil, it was bearly holding on.

"I can help fix it if you want" I said.

"sure, I could use some help fixing this" she said.

Once I got the tools we started fixing her Eta-2 actis interceptor, R2-D6 and R7-A7 also helped us out.

While I was cutting off the S-foil with a F-187 fusion cutter, Ahsoka said "Michael, hand me that animated metal sealant".

"sure" I replied, I stopped what I was doing and grabbed it, and handed it to her, she applied it to a crack that was on the front of the fighter.

It moved toward the crack, then it started to hiss and there was some steam, after some seconds, it became hard.

"that is one interesting sealant" I said.

"I think so to, but it's kind of wierd that it is animated, it freaks me out a bit" she said.

"but it's kind of cool it makes the hull two times stronger" I said.

"I guess it is, now if you don't mind I need to check the systems" she said.

I put down the visor again and went back to work as she went into the cockpit, I finally cut off the S-foil just as she activated the systems.

"damn it!, just what I freaking needed!" she said, she turned it off and got out of the cockpit.

"so anything wrong?" I asked.

"wrong?, most of the systems are damaged!, the controls are shot, the weapon capacitors are damaged beyond repair, the engines are F.U.B.A.R., and the weapons are now useless" she said.

"how can it have that much damage?, didn't it have shielding on it?" I asked.

"I never bothered putting shields on my starfighter, I never had enough time" she said.

"well now you do since there is nothing else to do" I said, I went some were in the hanger and got some parts for her starfighter.

"I was able to find better capaciters, and I found some replacement engines as well, plus I found some parts to replace the parts broken for your controls" I said.

"well that's some good news, but it might take all day just to get it done" she said.

"I don't really care as long as I get some time to spend with you" I said.

She blushed a bit, turning her cheeks scarlet, bit she then coughed in her hand "well uh...... let's get started then" she said.

We started by replacing the parts of the controls, it wasn't easy to do, but we did it.

Once we got the S-foil we lifted it up and put right were it was supposed to go, I used the animated metal sealant to secure it onto Ahsoka's starfighter.

But replacing the capacitors was hard, I opened up the spot were they were, and indeed the capacitors were beyond repair.

It was hard work trying to get the capacitors out, I got to one of them and yanked it out, while Ahsoka did the same with the other once.

We threw them in the trash pile, "ok let's put the new ones in" she said.

It was a bit heavy, but I didn't care, I approached the starfighter again and placed the capacitor into the socket.

Ahsoka was having some difficulty, but she was able to get the capacitor she was holding into the other socket.

"all that is left now is the engines" she said.

"yeah, but it will probably take most of the day just to remove them, and put the new ones on" I said.

We had to remove the engines from the Acceleration Compansators, and that was hard work.

I was still getting the right engine off with the fusion cutter when Ahsoka started getting the other engine off.

"carefull, I'm still down here" I said as I continued to cut the metal.

"don't worry, I'm always careful" she said.

I rolled my eyes "if that was true then you wouldn't have gotten hurt" I thought.

She got the left engine off the ship, this actually gave me some room to get the other side of the engine.

Once I got that side done, I did the other side, then used the force to get it off.

"well that was difficult" I said.

"yeah, hopefully getting the working engines back on will be alot easier" Ahsoka said.

Getting the engines on were a bit easier, but still hard.

When Ahsoka was putting the last engine on, I decided to look for a good shield generator.

Once I found it I brought it to the starfighter just as Ahsoka was done with the engine.

"I found a shield generator that will give you significant protection" I said.

"good, and thanks for helping me out" Ahsoka said.

"No problem" I said, we both started to put the generator in the starfighter.

(Ahsoka's POV)

While I was helping Michael with the shield generator I thought "why do I have feelings for him?, but I can't, attachment is forbidden"

"then why can't I stop thinking about him?, is it because I am attracted to him?" I thought.

"but I can't be attracted to him, because I'll sleep with him, and I'll break the code" I thought.

"but why do I care about him so much?, does he even like me?" I thought.

"oh force, why am I dreaming about being with him so much?, and why can't I stop?" I thought.

"this is so confusing to me, I want to be with him, but I can't break the code, which is more important, oh force, give me a sign" I thought.

I kept on helping Michael with the shield generator, so I chould these thoughts at bay.

(back to Michael's POV)

We fianlly got the shield generator on, by the time we were done, I had some sweat on my forehead, I got a rag and wiped it away.

"Well, that should do it, go ahead and try it out" I said.

She got in the cock pit and turned the starfighter on and check the systems.

"everything is working fine now thanks to you" she said, she turned her starfighter off.

"don't mention it, plus you helped out as well" I said.

"I guess we both fixed my starfighter" she said as she exited her starfighter.

I went to her S-foil and examined it, "but thier is still something missing" I said.

"what's missing?, I thought we fixed it completely?" she said.

"hold on, Ill be right back" I said, I came back with some Starship Paint Kits, and started painting on her new top right S-foil.

It took me some time but I finally got the finished product done, it was the republic logo, but the black was replaced with green, and it was surrounded by a light grey circle.

"I think looks well on your starfighter, what do you think?" I asked.

"it looks good, but what exactly is it?" she asked.

"it's my squadron's logo, consider yourself my official number two" I said.

We shook hands, "I am honored to be in your squadron, now let's go see what happening since we were gone" she said.

"I guess, the bridge probably has something to report" I said, we exited the hanger and went to the bridge.

While we were walking the clones were busily going about their buisness, but I was looking at Ahsoka.

Anxiety soon came after word, seeing her walk was just enough to make me nervous.

"must....resist....temptation" I thought, but I couldn't help but stare.

Just seeing that skirt gave me ideas "dammit!, why am I thinking about doing that to her? " I thought.

"I'm afraid to love again, but somehow I can't control myself, why is this happening?" I thought.

"Michael, you look a bit nervous, something wrong?" Ahsoka asked.

"no, nothing is wrong, I'm fine" I said.

"hmmmmm, you don't look fine, are you sure?" she asked.

"yeah, I'm peachy keen" I said.

"well okay I guess" she said, we continued to walk to the bridge.

(Ahsoka's POV again)

"Ok, that was weird, why was he acting like that?" I thought.

"wait a minute, has he been staring at me this whole time?, no wonder he is so nervous!" I thought.

"am I actually that attractive to him?, I mean I am better looking then the average girl, but that is nothing to get riled up about" I thought.

"oh my force......how come I didn't see this at first, he does have feelings for me!" I realized.

"but why though, why does he like me exept for looking like Luka?" I thought.

"it must be my oun attractiveness that is making him act like this" I realized.

"but I only like him as a friend but......I can't breack his heart" I thought sadly.

We were probably half way to the bridge when I noticed he was blushing a bit for the corner of my eyes.

"I don't want our friendship to end but yet......I can't help but wanting something more" I thought.

"but what about the code?, I can't possibly break it, I've held on to it's princibles for a long time" I thought.

"why does attachment have to be forbbiden?, it's just not fair, I like him!" I thought.

"this is getting to complicated, should I follow the code like I have been doing for long time?, or should I follow my heart?" I thought.

"well what ever the answer is, it has to wait, were nearing the bridge" I thought, the doors opened and we stepped into the bridge.

(Michael's POV again)

We finally got to the bridge, "did anything happen while I was away?" I asked.

"not much, some of the squadrons escorted some frighters to thier LZ, and that's pretty much we had done" he said.

"hmmmmmm, well keep watching the scanners and communications for anything suspicious, Ill be back shortly" I said, I exited the bridge, and Ahsoka followed soon after.

"so, what are we gong to do now on our possible day off?" she asked.

"I don't know, we could always go to the theature and watch something" I said.

"are you sure that's a good dea?, it sounds like a date" she said.

"what?, no I just want to see something as friends" I said.

She put her thumb under her chain and her her index inger on her lips for a couple of seconds, "ok, I guess we could go, but as friends only" she said.

"ok, but I think we might have to go in disguise, there's no telling if thier is CIS spies in the city" I said.

"you might be right there, but what our lightsabers?, were going to need them incase of trouble" she said.

"just put it in one of your pockets, that's if you have anything with pockets" I said.

She nodded, we both went seperate ways, heading to our quarters.

When I got to mine I locked the door, undressed, and took a shower, once I was done I dried myself and looked at my closet for naything to wear.

There was mostly my spare jedi robes in here, but in a hidden section was some civilian clothes, so I looked throught them.

I finally decidced to wear some sky blue jean shorts, white and grey shoes, grey fingerless gloves, white socks, and a white T-shirt that had blue letters that said "just keep on truck'n!" in aurebesh.

Once I was done I went to Ahsoka's quarters, she came out in a red T-shirt, blue pants, orange shoes, and grey sweat bands, she also had a necklace that was silver and had a blue gem on it.

"so how do I look?" she asked.

"you look great Ahsoka, now we must get going" I said.

"just wait awhile, Arali is my room getting dressed, and Ultima is choosing his clothes right now." she said.

I sighed, "fine, I don't mind them coming along, but I think your pant's are going to be a bit......tight for him" I said.

"don't worry, I always keep a spare of guy pants just in case" she said.

Arali and Ultima both came out of her room, Arali was wearing a grey t-shirt, tan pants, and blue shoes, but she still wearing her black lekku wrap.

Ultima was wearing sky blue pants, a green shirt, black shoes and black gloves.

"well now that everyone is in disguise, let's hurry to my private hanger" I said.

"you have a private hanger?" Ahsoka asked.

"yes, I have a private hanger, it's were I keep my YT-1300" I said.

We ran to my private hanger so no one could see us, when we got there, I swiped my passkey, we then enterd my private hanger.

everyone was amazed at my YT-1300, it had green all around the edge of the saucer like hull, but it had flames on the foward mandibles, the outside flames were emerald green while the inside ones were green.

(A/N): if you must know it has the saucer decal part of texture three, and the fire of texture four from Star Wars Galaxies combined

"Everyone, say hello to "Luka's Spirit" my oun highly modified YT-1300" I said.

"wow, this ship looks so cool, what does it have?" Arali asked.

I chuckled "it has four Corellian AG-2G Quad Laser Cannons, two Mon Calamari Deluxe Elite Capacitors, a class 1 hyperdrive, a Corellian Modified BT5 Reactor , an Incom Techscreen Elite Shield Generator, an SoroSuub Elite Droid Interface, and a Corellian Engineering Corp. Highly Modified Elite Thrust Enhancer" I said.

She did a low whistle, "those are most likely top knotch parts you have your hands on" she said.

"hold on, how did you even get those parts, or the ship?" Ahsoka asked.

"well during the second year of the war, I found this ship abandoned, and it was because the reactor was blown to pieces along with everything else, so I brought it here one night so I could restore it" I said.

"as for the parts, I got the corriellian parts from a person that was working in Corellian Engineering Corp., while the other ones I got from various smugglers that owed me a favor, mainly because my fleet saved thier hides from a pirate attack" I said.

"it is an impressive ship sir, but how are we going to to leave without the fleet noticeing?" Ultima said.

"I installed a stealth generator, this will make it invisible to the naked eye" I said.

"well if anyone doesn't mind, I'm going to take a look around" Arali said, I pressed a button and the ramp came down, she stepped inside.

I did so as well after Ahsoka and Ultima did, the inside of "Luka's Spirit" was pretty normal for a YT-1300 that was in the passenger configuration, but it had the cargo holds, and refresher of the fright configureation.

The passenger lounge had some grey sofas with a holo emmiter in the middle, but the cargo holds were made into passenger cabins, exept for the one connected to the fright loading room, two beds were in the engine room as well.

We went into the cockpit, in it was four chairs and a command module, everyone sat in a seat while I got into the pilot seat.

I actiavated the ship, and sent it out of the hanger, then sent it over "Jedi's Streagth".

"wait a minute, arn't the clones going to wonder were we are?" Ahsoka sked.

"I left them a messege that said we were going somewere on the planet, and that it was a jedi affair" I said.

I then sent "Luka's Spirit" towards Talus.

Once we went into one of the hangers, I turned off the ship, we then got out of the ship using the front exit ramp.

"so what sould we do first?, we have the woule day to waste" Arali said.

"well, we could always watch a podrace, I hear there pretty good" I said.

"my master used to be a podracer, even I raced one on a mission for the republic" Ahsoka said.

"is that the only thing were going see?" Ultima said.

"no, it can be our first, but usually you have to go to scetchy establishments usually to see one" I said.

"ok, so what is next after that?" Arali asked.

"well, I always wanted to see Grav-ball, it looks like an interesting sport" Ahsoka said.

"that can be our next stop after the podracing, is there anything else?" I asked.

"I want to see a swoop race, it looks like something we can all get into" Ultima said.

"okay, but if were doing that I'm cheering for SoroSub Corp, they did make the droid interface on "Luka's Spirit" " I said.

"well I want to go to a club and hang out" Arali said.

"I guess we could do that once we get everything else done" I said, once everyone nodded thier approuval, we exted the spaceport.

We found a cantina and went inside, there were many different species in the cantina, there were some humens, Twi'leks, Dugs, two Devaronians, some Zabraks, a few Wookies, and three Vulptereens.

Everyone sat down by a screen that had the pre game show for podracing, a waiter that was a humen female came by and got our orders.

she came by after two minutes and brought us our drinks, witch were Lopez Softdrink.

They started showing the podracers that were on the track witch was the Boonta Eve Classic.

There were many racers on the track with thier pods, there was Clegg Holdfast with his KV9T9-B Wasp, Bozzie Baranta and his Shelba 730 Razorr, Mars Guo and his

Plug- Behemoth, and Ody Mandrell and his Exelbrok XL 5115.

Those were just not the only racers, their was also Ebe E. Endocott and his JAK Racing J930 Dash-8, a red female Twi'lek by the name of Nallok t`racen who was racing in a MARK IVFlat-Twin Turbojet with her oun constom cockpit.

There was also a Togrutan female named Rona Tanuan that was piloting a Pizer-Errol Stinger 627 S, Shrivel Brittrand and his custom podracer called Kulless Squall, plus many others.

Ahsoka actually looked and unknowingly swallowed some of her soda, she put it down and started coughing, I patted her on the back to make her stop.

"what the heck?, is that actually Kidd Kareen?" she asked, I looked up at the screen and saw a male rutian Twi'lek near a RS 557 that had a custom made cockpit, he was waving both of hands towards the crowd.

"showboater" I thought.

"you knew this guy?" I asked.

"knew him?, I used to have a crush on him, but I don't anymore" she said, she took a drink of her softdrink.

I looked up and saw a purple female Twi'lek by the name of Arruna Rackus, and she was by a podracer that had three yellow scoops on the end of eatch turbines.

"that's an interesting podracer, I haven't seen anything like it" Arali said.

"am I hearing this right?, I swore I just herd the annoncer say that Anakin Skywalker used to have this pod" I said, I was a bit surprised.

"well it should be, I heard from Obi-Wan that he actually used to have a podracer of his oun" Ahsoka said.

"then how did this female Twi'lek her hands on it in the first place?" I said.

"anything can happen in two and a quarter years" Ultima said.

"Yeah, I guess you might be right about that" I said, we refocused on the podrace.

The pilots got into thie podracers, and once the light turned green, all eighteen pods went across the line starting the first lap.

Arruna was in the lead obviously, with Clegg Holdfast in second, and Bozzie Baranta in third, Kidd was in the middle of the pack, but his RS 557 was slowly advancing up to the top five.

They used the first turn and everyone went in single file into a curving canyon that cut through Waldo Flats, they then went into Mushroom Mesa.

Kidd was now in forth place, but he was being followed slowly by Rona.

The racers then dropped into Ebe Crater Vally, and were rocketing towards Begger's Canyon, Arruna was using her pod to hit Clegg Holdfast's he moved out of the way, but unknowingly hit a boulder, causeing one of his engines to explode in a ball of fire, he was now out of the race, Arruna was laughing about how stupid he was, but then refocused on the race.

They then enterd Begger's Canyon, all of the racers focused on navigating the difficult turns of the canyon, after awhile they rocketed out of Beggers Canyon and enterd the Desert Plain.

Kidd was slowly advancing to second place, ahead of him was Bozzie, Bozzie kept on getting in the way of Kidd's pod, but then Kidd did a move that Anakin did many years before, causeing him to pass Bozzie, and enter second place.

"second place is a very dangerpus place for him to be in right now, that Twi'lek looks agressive" I thought.

They then enterd the Arch Canyon, were only experieanced of podracer pilots can enter.

Bozzie was trying to past Kidd, but he couldn't, one of the podracers slammed into the archs, causeing one of his engines to explode, this also caused another racer to loose control and slam into the wall of the canyon.

"man, this is one dangerous profession to be in, no wonder non-humens are good at this race" I thought.

They went through the canon and enterd the Canyon Dune Turn, suddenly lasers started firing, coming from the Tuskin Raiders.

One of the racer's cables got shot, sending one of the engines to the wall, anothers engine was shot clean through, sending the pod to the ground.

They got away from the Canyon Dune Turn, and finally enterd into the last canyon of the circuit.

They easily passed the turns and went into The Corkscrew, then all racers got through Devil's Doorknob.

They raced through Hutt Flats and crossed the finish line, they enterd into lap two.

In lap two pretty much more people crashed, all that there was left was Arruna, Kidd, Bozzie, Rona, "Bullzeye" Navior, Shrivel, Mars Guo, Nallok, Ebe E. Endocott, and Ody Mandrell.

Lap three was the most dangeous one of all, when they were in Ebe Crater Vally, some pods clashed against eatchother, desperately trying to wreck eatch other.

Once they got through Begger's Canyon they went through the Desert Plain for the last time.

Arruna and Kidd looked at eatch other, then nodded, they loward thier speed a tad bit to let Ebe got in the middle of them.

They kept him still with some difficulty when they enterd Arch Canyon, then suddenly turned away from him.

Ebe's podracer slammed into one of the archs, his left engine burt into flames, he was out of the race.

"looks like Arruna and Kidd are teammates" I said.

"yeah, they look like a dangerous duo to deal with" Ultima said.

They then enterd another canyon, and went into the cave as well, and came out into the Canyon Dune Turn.

There was more incoming fire from the Tuskin Raiders, "Bullzeye" Navior was shot once in both his engines, they exploded into scrap metal.

Mars Gro was shot a couple of times, but his pod only got scorth marks from the shots, while Ody Mandrell's pod escaped being hit by mere inches.

They took Bindy Bend one last time before entering the canyon one last time.

They exited the canton through Devil's Doorknob, but Shrivel's pod got clipped when he tried to get through, his engines exploded in a ball of fire, and he was launched from Devil's Doornob a couple of feet.

The remaining racers were Arruna, Kidd, Bozzie, Rona, Mars Guo, Nallok, and Ody Mandrell.

They all pushed thier pods to the limit of what they could without useing the boosting mechenism in thier pods.

They suddenly used thier boosting mechanisms for thier pods half way to the finish line, Kidd was slowly advancing up to first place, but Arruna was not going to let it happen, she too used her boost, making the lead for 1st neck and neck.

everyone returned to normal speed, but Arruna and Kidd both kept on pushing the boosters, they almost overheated both thier pods when they turned it off.

When they enterd Mos espa Area, they were both still neck and neck, they both passed the finish line, ending the race, they returned to thier pits to see the photo finish.

They showed what happened, and it turned out Kidd won by an inch, the crowd went crazy, for this was the first Boonta Eve Classic that Kidd enterd and won.

Him and the other racers actually shook hands and had a few conversations as he was given the Boonta Cup, once he got it, he raised it above his head and shouted in victory.

"looks like Kidd won, I knew he could do it" Ahsoka said.

"I have to admit, he is one impressive podracer, probably almost as good as Anakin" I said.

What happened next was unsuspecting, Kidd kneeled in front of Arruna, then got a black box and opened it, inside was a silver ring with a purple gem in it, she was surprised.

"in all my years of announcing podracing, I have not seen anything like this!" Fodesinbeed said, his other head witch was green said the same thing in Huttese.

"it looks like Kidd Kareen the victor, is proposing to his teamate Arruna" he said, his other head said the same thing in Huttese.

The reaction was obvious, I saw her mouth the word "yes" with tears in her eyes, they hugged eathother.

"well, this was a little sudden" I thought.

"looks like they were more then just team mates" Ultima said.

"yep, it sure seems like it" Ahsoka said.

"well, we need to hurry and get to the Grav-ball arena" I said.

Suddenly a man was trying to hit on Arali, but Ultima turned the guy around and punched him in the face.

"let's go, I'm starting to hate this place" he said, we left after I payed for the drinks.

We got to the area just as the game started it was Ardees Beverage Co. verses another team, it actually lasted for awhile, but the victor was Ardees Beverage Co.

We exited the area and went to another cantina to see a swoop race, there were many different species in this one as well, we sat by a tv screen that was showing a swoop race.

The track was the one from Naboo, called the Keren City Street Race, in it was Team Ferini, Team Milennium Holos, Team Nakuda, and Team Tagge.

The race then started, the racers croosed the finishline, starting lap one.

They went through the streets of Naboo, going on bridges, and tight turns, trying to best one another.

the leader was someone from Team Ferini, followed by a swoop racer from Team Nakuda, and Team Tagge.

They crossed the finish line and went into lap two, the positions were now changed drasicly, a swooper from Millennium Holos was now in the lead.

They kept on going on the bridges and using the tight turns, all the racers were desperate to win, they enterd lap three.

Some of the racers were trying to hit eatch other, hopeing to cause the other one to crash, the lead was now taken by Team Ferini.

They were being more agressive now as they were in lap three, many were trying to cause the other swoop crash, but they stay focued on the race as well.

The victor was Team Ferini, we left the cantina soon after.

While we were heading towards a club, I got a messege from my communicator, I answerd it.

"this is Michael, go ahead" I said.

"sir, sensors indicate that a medium sized fleet is coming into the ystem soon, we know you are busy, but we need you right now" a clone opperator said.

"rodger that, I'll head up right now" I said, I turned the communicator off.

"guys, we have to cut this short, I just got a call saying a medium sized fleet is entering the system" I said.

"well, orders are orders, lets head back to the ship" Ultima said.

When we got to my ship, several men were blocking it, they had some impressive armor, and they had blasters as well.

The man from the bar showed up wielding a blaster rifle, "nice ship you got there, Ill be glad to take it" he said.

This got me pissed "you lay as so much as a finger on my ship, I'll cut you in half!" I said.

This made is buddies laugh "you think you can stop me?, your out numberd and outgunned" he said.

"don't tempt me, cause I can get to you faster then you can pull that trigger" I said.

"i'd like to see you try, now hand over the girl and the ship, and no one will get hurt" he said.

"you not going to take anything, now I suggest you leave before things get ugly" I said sternly.

"ill give you to the count of five to hand her over before I take her" he said.

"well I'm going to count to three before I get over there and toss you at the wall" I said.

He shrugged then started counting down with his fingers, that did it.

I calmed my self down and used the force to get my lightsabers from my pockets, I activated then swiftly and rushed at them, Ahsoka and Arali followed suit.

we cut thier blasters in half before they had a chance to pull the trigger, I kicked the guy in the stomach sending him to the floor, I held him down with one of my feet.

Ultima came over and kicked him repeatedly in the midsection, he got him up and sluged him with an impressive right hook.

Ultima grabbed him and bashed him against my ship "give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you right now" he barked at the man.

"okay okay!, I was hired by a sith, what's his name, Dooku I believe, he told me to find your friend and bring her to him unharmed" he said.

Ultima puched him in the face and threw him a chouple of yards, he then enterd the ship, blood started to pool around the mans face.

Once I enterd the ship with Ahsoka and Arali, we flew out of the city, and headed for "Jedi's Streagth".

We enterd the hanger in a couple of minutes, once "Luka's Spirit" touched the floor, I deactivated the ship and we sprinted down the ramp, we got by the door that lead to a hallway.

"if anyone asks, we were on a undercover mission to look for CIS spies in the city, and we had to wear civilian clothes to blend in" I said.

They nodded thier approval, we then enterd the hallway, I swiped the passkey again to close the private hanger, we went our seperate ways again.

I got to my quarters quickly and put on my jedi robes, I reclipped my lightsabers, I got my double-bladed lightsaber from one of my drowers and clipped that on as well.

I exited my quarters and went to the bridge, I got there before the fleet got out of hyperspace.

"sir, we have ships coming out of hyperspace" one of the operators said.

"put the captain of the fleet onto the holocommunicator" I said.

The ships came out of hyperspace, they were a mix of Kaloth-class battle cruisers, IPV-1 System Patrol Crafts, and some Licter-class dungeon ships.

The captain came up, it was a humen around his twentys "this is the captain of the "Sparrow", we request immediate clearence to the planet" he said.

"you will only gain clearence if you tell me what you profit in, if you don't, I will have to ask you to leave" I said sternly.

He looked at me a chouple of seconds, once he saw I wasn't going to back down he said "we just trade and sell, weapons, raw materials, and people" he said.

His answer triggerd something in my mind, anger and hate suddenly envoloped me.

"damn slavers!, they think they can get away with selling and tortureing innocent people, well, not on my watch they wont!" I thought.

"your not selling anyone here I'm afraid" I said.

"you think you can get the slaves?, ha!, we will just hyperspace out of here" he said, the transmission was cut.

"activate the gravity well generators, there not going anywere" I said.

"sir, yes sir!" the operators said, I cleanched my fists as they did there orders.

The gravity wells that I put on my Vindicators were activated, the pirate fleet was now unable to retreat.

"All fighters and bombers!, scramble!, this is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill!" I said in the communicator.

"order the engineers to get the LATT's ready for deployment, and my Squadron as well" I said.

"Sir, yes Sir!" one of the operators said.

"also do not use any weapons that can harm the ships, use the ion cannons, we need to rescue all the slaves before we destroy the fleet" I said, I then went to the hanger.

I met Ahsoka and Arali in the hanger, we then went to my squadron's Eta's.

In the hanger was another Eta-2 Actis Interceptor, but it was painted teal and white, in it was the droid R2-A6, a astromech droid that had teal replaced were the official green was.

"this is your fighter Arali, the Eta-2's handle like a dream, and can take out a vulture with three shots, and this is your droid R2-A6" I said.

"is there anything else I should know before we go?" she asked.

"yeah there is, your my official number three since Thrasher was KIA in the last mission" I said.

She shook my hand, "ill serve you well, now lets go, I want to get my first kill" she said.

With that we enterd our Eta's just as the rest of the squad got in theirs, we took off after the LATTs.

When we enterd space we could see multiple M3-A Scyk Fighters, G1-M4-C Dunelizerd Fighters, some M22-T Krayt Gunships, and Z-95 Headhunters.

"why the heck are they using Z-95's I thought they were considered obsolete?" Skyrunner said.

"don't judge it by it's appearance, it can still do considerable amount of damage" I said.

"allright listen up, we need to protect the LATT's from incoming fire from the fighters, that way they can bored the ships and get the slaves off of it, some of the LATTs are empty so we can transport the slaves" I said.

"Raptor Squadron, Razor Squadron, Echo Squadron, Adamanit Squadron, Scale Squadron, Mytheril Squadon, and Grey Squadron are going to help us protect the LATTs" I said.

We went around the LATTs in a guard formation, we went towards one of the pirateships.

"sir!, we have incoming Dunelizerds incoming at one O'clock high!" Skyrunner said.

"I see them Skyrunner, let me and my flight deal with them" I said.

Me, Ahsoka, and Arali zeroed in on the Dunelizerds, they started to fire at us, but we dodged thier shots.

I fired at the leader, the lasers hit it's shields, but they disappated, I kept on fireing while it fired at me, but eventually it exploded in a ball of fire.

Some Z-95's came right at us, but we shot at them, three fireballs soon came after, I spun my Eta-2 to dodged some laser fire from a Scyk, once I stopped I aimed and fired, the Scyk exploded in a ball of fire.

More pirate fighters were coming to our group, "all squads, incoming fighters!" I said in the all squads channel.

The arcs started firing off thier tail guns, hitting any pirate fighter that came to close.

We continued to engedge the pirate fighters, I shot at a Z-95, it exploded into several pieces.

Ahsoka took out two Scyks, while Arali destroyed two Dunelizerds.

We were almost to one of the Licter-class dungeon ships when more fighters came in, the LATTs started firing thier compressed laser cannons, some of them hit the pirate fighters, turning them into scrap.

I targeted a dunelizerd, then fired my laser cannons, four of the shots hit the shields, while the rest hit the dunelizerd, putting holes into the armor, it then exploded.

Just then two new squadrons of fighters came out of no were, they had fins on the engines, they looked like a spearhead almost, thier lasers were on the side of the spearhead shaped frme, and they were painted red and white.

"we got ememy fighters coming in at 2 O'clock" I said.

"rodger that Freedom Lead" Scale Leader said.

I aimed at one of the fighters and fired, it's shields took some of the shots, but then it exploded in a ball of fire.

Lasers started hitting my starfighter, I flipped over the shooter, it was one of the spearhead like fighters, I got him in my line of sight and fired.

It exploded into scrap metal when my lasers hit it, I flipped again then spun until I was right side up, I fired on a dunelizerd, turning it into scrap metal.

The LATTs were now entering the open hanger bays of the dungeon ship, they took out fighters that were trying to get into combat.

"Ahsoka, Arali, follow me, were going to land in the dungeon ship" I said.

We got into formation, we went strait for the hanger, taking out any fighter in our line of sight.

We landed in the hanger just as the clone troopers started to file out of the LAAT's, we exited our fighters.

I approuched the captain of this LAAT group "set defencive perimiters around the entrnce of the hanger bay, the rest of the troops will follow me" I said.

"yes, sir" he said, he then started giving out orders.

I went to one of the doors and opened it with the force, I went into the hallway.

The hall way was a bit dark and a creepy, the metal plating on the floor was a brownish black.

"carefull, theres no telling what could be in theese halls" I said.

Me, Ahsoka, Arali, and some of the troops went down another hallway while another group went down another.

As we neared another door, it opened, revealing a group of mercenaries obviously hired by the slavers, they fired at us using A280 blaster rifles, ACP Repeaters and ACP Array Guns.

I ducked behind a wall just as an ACP Arry round hit were I once was, the clones fired at the mercs, but both sides were suffering casulties.

Ahsoka ducked right by me, "how the heck did theese slavers get thier hands on ACP technology?" she said over the sounds of blasters firing.

"there slavers, they can get hold of anything" I said.

"someone throw a frag grenade in there!" I heard one of the clones yell.

I look around and found a dead clone, I used the force and got the frag grenade.

I put the timer for seven seconds, then pressed the activation switch, "fire in the hole!" I yelled, I tossed the grenade.

It landed in the middle of the mercenaries, one of them tried to pick it up and throw it, but it was to late, it exploded, the metal shrapenel sprayed everywere among the mercs, most of them fell to the ground.

The clones fired on the remaining mercs, killing them.

Once we got out of cover i looked around for a weapon, I decided to go with an ACP Repeater, I also got some ammo as well, plus I took a belt of a merc that had some frag gernades, a thermal detonator, and two flash bangs.

"you shouldn't be using those, what would happen if you were wounded" Ahsoka said.

"I fight alongside clones Ahsoka, even if it means I have to grab a blaster rifle to do it" I said, we enterd another hallway.

We went to the door at the end of the hallway, I opned it using the force, I quickly got a flash bang and threw it in, I then went againt the wall by the door.

The next room lit up like a miniature sun, but it suddenly stopped in two seconds, the clones fired, killing the mercs inside.

The room looked liked a chamber almost, we went to the other door, everyone ducked behind something, I croutched behind a metal crate.

The door opened, revealing Trandoshanslavers, and mercs, all wielding ACP Repeaters, and ACP Array Guns.

The clones and Trandos started firing at eatch other, one of the clones was blown back several feet by a ACP Array blast, he died were he landed.

I fired my ACP Repeater, hitting one of the Trandos in the chest, he fell to the floor dead, I aimed at another, I hit the other Trando in the head, he died before he hit the ground.

I ducked just in time to dodge a ACP Repeater round, I shot again, killing another Trando slaver, the clones kept of firing on the Trandos and eventually the Trandos fellback, we pushed them into the other hall way.

I fired at one of the Trandos, he fell to the floor dead, two clones threw a frag grenade, they exploded, killing the remaining Trandos.

I got near one of the doors and opened it using the force, I then used a charged force push, it knocked down every merc and pirate inside, the clones fired at them, killing them all.

we kept going until we enterd the slave area, inside were females of various races.

"keep your eyes peeled, theres no telling what can be here" I said.

We kept looking around, cheacking every possible place that the mercs and Trandos can come out from.

"sector is clear sir" a clone said.

"set up defencive perimiters around this room, theres no telling when the mercs, or trandos will get here" I said.

I went walked around the room, until I felt something.

"Ahsoka, Arali, do you feel that?" I asked.

"yeah, someone here is force sensitive" she said.

We looked around until we found the right cell, I used my right lightsaber and cut the lock, once I deactivated it, I went inside.

Inside was togrutan female around my age, her clothes were torn up, she was unconscious, but alive.

I looked at her face, she had claw like strecks that when from below her eyes, to abouve her chin, she had verticle stripes that went down to were her eyebrows were supposed to be, but what replaced them were archs just like Ahsoka's, she also had her diamonds on her forehead, but she had a scar above her left eyebrow that ended below her left eye.

"get theese slaves out of here, then take them to the LATTs" I said.

Thye clones did so, I turned my communicator on, "report!" I said.

"sir!, we encounterd some hard resistence that were made up of trandos and pirates, but we were able to secure the slaves, we are returning back to the hanger" a clone said.

I was releaved, "allright, meet us at the hanger" I said, I turned the communicator off.

We exited the way we came, there was some light resistence, but we were able to get to the hanger with out the slaves being harmed.

Once we loaded all the slaves onto the empty LATTs, the clones got on thiers, once me, Ahsoka, and Arali got in our Etas, we all took off into space.

By now the slavers were well controlled, all thier fighters were destroyed, and all the LAATs were returning to thier hangers.

Once we landed, we went to the bridge,

"sir, all slaves are now in our ships" an operator said.

"good, open fire using the turbo lasers, full volly" I said.

"yes sir" they said.

The Venators and other craft fired at the pirate fleet, they fired back, but thier shots were usless against us.

After awhile, the pirate fleet was destroyed, I then went to the medical bay to cheack on our special patient.

I got there and asked the docter how she was "she has a few bruises, but other then that she's fine" he said.

"thanks" I said, I sat by her waiting for her to wake up.

It seemed like hours, but it was only two hours actually when Ahsoka, Arali, and Ultima showed up.

"hey Michael, were going to the mess hall to have lunch, you coming?" Arali asked.

"no, you guys can go without me, I want to be the first thing she sees when she wakes up" I said.

Ultima and Arali nodded, they then left, but Ahsoka stayed, she sat down right by me on the bed I was sitting.

"Michael, is something bothering you?" she asked.

"yeah, she seems familer, yet I haven't seen her before" I said.

"the force works in mysterious ways" Ahsoka said.

"yep, it certainly does Ahsoka" I said.

we were silent for some time, "did you catch how strong her force signature was, it was strange" I said.

"yeah I did, we may have to do a minichlorian count later to see how much she has per cell" Ahsoka said.

"how long do you think it will take for her to come to?" I asked.

"not sure, it chould be a couple of hours until she regains consiousness" Ahsoka said.

I still looked at her, "why do I have the feeling I know her?, I haven't saw her before" I thought.

"what if she's related to Luka or Ahsoka, I mean it could be possible, but unlikely" I thought.

"Michael are you okay?, you seem troubled" Ahsoka said.

"I'm fine, I was just thinking" I said.

"what were you thinking about?" she asked.

"well....I was thinking about if this slave was somehow related to Luka, because in my mind she feels similer like I said before" I said.

"it could be possible, but she could be someone that met Luka before" she said.

"it's more then that, she's familer, awfully familer, it's a longshot but, she might be related to Luka in some way" I said.

"it could be possible, but lets go to the mess hall, I'm hungry" Ahsoka said.

We both got up and exited the medical bay, we then walked to the mess hall.

One we ate we returned to the medical bay, the togrutan female was still asleep, we sat on the same bed.

After some second we heard some mouning, we went near her.

"well, she's finally waking up" I thought.

After some seconds her eyes slowly opened, they were green, suddenly she sat up and hit me in the face with her right hand that was curled into a fist.

"get off me you damn dirty slaver!" she said.

I fell to the floor, it took me some seconds to recover from the hit, Ahsoka was shocked at how quick her reflexes were.

"damn, this girl hits hard, I didn't even see that coming" I thought.

Once I stood up, she looked surprised a bit.

"oh my gosh!, I'm so sorry I did that to you" she said.

"it's okay, I'll be fine" I said.

she looked around her surroundings, "wait a minute, this isn't the slave ship I was in, and this is defiantly not my cell" she said.

"your right it's not, your abored the Jedi's Stregth, one of the several Venator Class Star Destroyers of the 66th Legion of the Grand Army of the Republic" Ahsoka said.

"who's the general of this legion?, I have to thank him for saving me and my fellow slaves from the life we once had" she said.

"that would be me, and I'm glad to be of service" I said.

"hansome and humble, I think I'm going to like you" she said.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid to love again, ever since that fatefull day happened" I said.

There was silence for awhile, sudenly Ahsoka said "this may be strange but, are you related to anyone that was a slave?"

"yeah my sister Luka, we were seperated a couple of years back when she was bought by pirates" she said.

"I knew Luka, she was a beautiful girl, probably one of the most beautiful I've ever seen" I said.

"you knew my sister?, were is she?, is she okay?, did she escape?" she said.

"if you exscuse me, I'm going to leave for a bit to give you time to chat" Ahsoka said.

I was going to stop her, but the look on her face said she needed a break, so I let her go, I then turned around to face the Togrutan female.

"first of all, I need to know your name" I said.

"my name is Sara, Sara Tanuan, so how is my sister?" she asked.

"Sara your sister is......gone" I said.

"gone?, I don't follow" she said.

"during my last visit to see her, she was being tortured, I tried to save her but, I was to late" I said.

I showed her my necklace, the golden chains and green jewel were glowing, "she gave me this necklace right before she died, it helps me remember her, and what I stand for" I said.

"this necklace gives luck to a loved one, you were fortunate to get this" she said.

"yeah....but I wish I was fortunate enough to save her" I said.

"I miss her" Sara said.

"I do to, but we must live through the good times and the bad" I said.

I helped her get out of the bed, she still had the worn and torn clothes she had on.

"let's go find you some clothes, once you get some new ones on, Ill take you to the mess hall" I said.

"that sounds like a good plan uh....what is your name?" she said.

"my name is Michael, now lets go and see if I have anything in my closet that can fit you" I said.

We then left the medical bay and started walking to my quarters.

We finally got to my quarters, I let her have some privacy so she could get her new clothes on.

She replaced her old clothes with a tan T-shirt, white shorts, and blue and white sneakers, she also wore a pair of my grey fingerless gloves.

"that's a better look for you" I said.

"thanks, no were is the mess hall?" she asked.

We exited my quarters and went to the mess hall, everyone at our table was hanging out.

Once she ate, I went to the bridge to see if I got any news.

I just got there when one the operator said "sir, we have an incoming message from the admiral" he said.

"allright, put him on the holo communicator" I said.

After some seconds, Admiral Yularen came up on screen "General Michael, we have detected a Seperatist fleet in orbit of mon calamari, and since we have no fleets to spare, we need yours to go in and eliminate them" he said.

"understood Admiral, what is the stregth of thier fleet?" I asked.

"Information from our spies says they have five providence-class carrier/destroyers in orbit' he said.

"rodger that Admiral, my fleet will be at Mon Calamari within hours" I said.

"good report back to me when you eliminate this threat" he said, he disappeared from the holo emitter.

I went to the interccom system, "all men, prepare for jump to hyperspace!, prepare for jump to hyperspace!" I said.

As the whole fleet was making the jump to hyperspace I thought "I somehow have a beed feeling about going to this planet, so I must be carefull" we then enterd hyperspace.

(A/N): welp that's the end of chapter three, what will happen at Mon Calamari after the battle?, please tune in for Chapter four: The Storm.

For the first time ever in my stories, here's a sneck peack at the future chapter:

"Ahsoka, Arali, we need to get in the air as fast as we can, we bearly have half our fighters in the air" I said through my fighters communicator.

We started going down the short run way, just then nine enemy fighters were behind us.

"sir!, you got nine vulture droids right behind you!" a clone said from my comm.

"yeah, we see them on sensors" Ahsoka said.

"shields double back" I said, I switched my shields so they went to the back of my fighters.

"allright, pull up as hard as you can, or we wont make it over those buildings" I said.

Red laser strecks shot past my cockpit, I pulled up as hard as I could.

Our fighters bearly passed over the Mon Calamari buildings.

"we need to split up, Ahsoka you got left, Arali you go right" I said.

"rodger" they boh said, they then both went in different directions.

Three vultures were no on my tail, "what ever you do, don't freeze, it will give them time to fire" I said.

I juked left, dodgeing incoming fire from the two of the three vulture droids, I pulled up and spun, trying to get the vulture droids off me.

But they stayed on me like a Mynock on energy, they continued to fire, I saw Ahsoa was far from me to my right.

I linked to her starfighters comm, "Ahsoka, let's play a little chicken with these droids" I said.

"it's a little daring, but it's a good plan" she said.

"allright, turn now, we should be lined up" I said, we boith did, and indeed we were lined up.

"allright, lock your S-foils into closed position, and go full throttle, just like I showed you" I said.

We both did the same, we came at eatch other fast.

"wait for it Ahsoka, wait for it" I said.

We were getting closer, we were no only two hundred meters from crashing.

"pull right now!" I said, we both pulled right just in time to miss eatch other, all of the vulture droids from our oun group crashed into eatch other leaving none of them for us to deal with.

I wooped "yes!, it worked, now lets go help Arali" I said, we both went towards were Arali was right behind her three vulture droids.

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