Just so you know.

Drenched in mud and more exhausted than he'd been in days, Hiccup dragged himself to the hill that led to his house.

It had been a good day. He'd gone flying with Toothless and that was something they both loved. It was wonderful, effortless even with the metal that took the place of his foot. Of course now he wasn't flying with a massive dragon trying to eat him which was a definite plus. It was easy now to make the quick changes Toothless needed to fly. Gobber had made some actual improvements to the fin he'd made, this design working even smoother than his original had. Toothless didn't seem to mind the new design, but Hiccup imagined the dragon was so ecstatic to be flying again that he wouldn't have minded anything at this point. Hiccup had given up on getting Toothless out of the saddle and fin for the night, when he'd gone to get them off the dragon Toothless had bared his teeth and swerved much faster than Hiccup was able to keep up with given his lack of a foot. In time he knew he'd have no problem with it but as of now, it was impossible.

And it wasn't the only thing.

Feet weren't something that one took for granted. They let you walk, run--in Astrid's case they let you reverse summersault--control the fin of your dragon. And they let you know when they'd been abused too much. Like when you stood for too long or ran too fast. Even wrapped in the fur of his boots, Hiccup's feet had always let him know when they'd been abused. The first few times he'd flown with Toothless he'd spent the night rubbing his ankle from the awkwardness of changing fin positions. His other foot had been hurting viciously from taking on more weight, especially when his other leg began to ache and he favored it. Most of the time he could ignore it, most of the time he forced himself to ignore it. To ignore the 'tap tap' the metal made on the ground as he walked, to ignore the waves of pain that came from the stump cradled in the metal. He ignored it and sensing his actions, Toothless did as well. But when they were alone Toothless sometimes would whine and nose his leg, as if trying to see what he could do to make it better. It hurt to push his nose away but touching the area was the worst for Hiccup.

It royally sucked that his house was on a hill. His father said it was because they were the leaders and leaders lived where they could look over their people. Hiccup had hated it for a while. Running up the hill after a long day, first as a blacksmith apprentice, then as a viking trainee, that had sucked but he'd usually been too miserable to care. But hobbling up the hill on a leg that wasn't fully there when life did anything but suck, that was the worst. He'd wanted to be a great Viking for as long as he could remember and battlescars were part of the package. But he hadn't quite expected that his first scar would be a full on missing limb. Then again, he hadn't quite expected his first dragon kill to the king of the dragons. Bigger battles, bigger scars. Simple logic really and yet when he was looking up at the hill leading towards his house none of it made him feel any better. Easing a bit of weight onto his prosthetic, Hiccup bit back a curse as agony shot up his leg. Hills were the hardest to manage. He was going to have to make it up there, he just wasn't entirely sure he was going to be able to do it without screaming.


Hiccup froze at the familiar shout of his name. Turning his head, he looked over to see Astrid running towards him. Despite the tight braid she kept her hair in, most of the blonde locks had escaped and fallen around her face. The band she wore around her forehead was in a different place, more to keep her hair out of her eyes. It wasn't surprising to anyone that Astrid had spent more time on her dragon than of the other newly minted vikings combined. She'd kept the Nadder she'd ridden the night of the battle, even though she'd been dropped. They were well suited to each other, both very skilled with throwing things--Astrid throwing her axes and the Nadder firing spikes from its tail--even if Astrid complained that her dragon was the most vain of the group. Astrid usually came back from her rides wet since the dragon, not used to flying with her weight on it, tended to swoop by the water to catch a glimpse of itself and wound up plunging them both in. And, for better or worse, Toothless, thinking it was a game, would dive readily in after them.

"Hey Astrid," Hiccup said, "you're looking dry today."

"We flew over land today," she said as an explanation, "I didn't see you up there," she added.

"Toothless decided to go high today," he said, thinking of just how high Toothless had taken them, "very high. But going over land, that must've been fun."

"It was good for target practice," the viking girl said.

"Target practice huh? How's that going?" Hiccup asked.

"Its going great," she said with an enthusiastic smile, the kind she usually only gave when she had accomplished something in training, "we're really getting the hang of it now."

"That's great," Hiccup said with a smile.

They fell silent after that.

And that was the only thing harder than vikings and dragons or any combination of the two: girls. Without the whole 'impressive dragon' thing, Hiccup had no idea how to deal with a girl, much less a girl like Astrid who wold have had no trouble kicking his ass back when he had two feet. Even having saved the world, Hiccup was still expecting her to show up with a guy one day. A real viking who could throw an axe properly or could, at the very least, walk in a strait line without having to think about it as much as he now had to. Now that everyone had a dragon, he wasn't sure exactly what motivated a girl who wore skulls around her waist to think he was viking boyfriend material but every time he saw her she always tried to talk to him. Except, as he found out, he wasn't very good at talking to girls either. Even ones who were bold enough to grab him by his shirt and kiss him. Conversation would always end up in one of those awkward pauses until one of them would either suggest flying or make an excuse or be called away.

"Well I should probably be heading home," he said, motioning towards the house he had been avoiding going towards.

"Oh, right, me too," Astrid said, "well, um, bye!"

"Right, see you tomorrow," Hiccup said, "maybe we can take a fly together?"

"I'd like that," Astrid said, her cheeks turning pink and Hiccup felt his heart soar, "see you!"

Astrid turned away from Hiccup, starting on the path that would take her home. Hiccup was a guy she was sure she'd never figure out. He was just so, so different from the boys she was used to. He didn't make comments about her fighting ability or that she was a girl or any of the passes that the other vikings made at her. He was always sweet and nice and more than a little awkward and Astrid had no idea how to act around that. Guys liked girls who were delicate or they liked girls who could fight and Astrid had no idea which Hiccup liked--much less how to act like the one he wanted. Not that she wanted to go changing for someone, but she liked Hiccup. Liked him a lot. And people sometimes acted a bit different for the people they liked. Of course now that he was the big viking hero, Hiccup had the pick of any girl in the village and, for the life of her, Astrid couldn't figure out why he'd pick one like her.

She hated not understanding things.

And Hiccup was one thing she was sure she never would. Like with his foot. He kept smiling and saying it was fine even though she kept seeing him cringe when he thought no-one was looking. She'd thought he was different from the other vikings but that was just what they did. When you were in pain you hid it. Showing pain was showing weakness. Enemies didn't stop just because you were hurt, they went in for the kill. Astrid knew it, Hiccup knew it and yet she couldn't exactly put her finger on why it bothered her so much that he was in pain and determined to hide it. She was sure if she lost a limb she'd be devastated but if Hiccup was he was very good at hiding it. Astrid knew she should have been okay with the fact that he was able to do that but when she saw him hiding it--and not doing an incredibly good job of it--she just felt hurt. Hurt and upset and, if she looked inside herself, she realized that she felt like he was pushing people away. Like he was pushing her away.

Feet pausing, Astrid turned back around. She wasn't going to go to bed feeling all upset because she thought that her not-quite-boyfriend was pushing her away. Hiccup might've been the non-confrontational type--for the most part anyway--but she was not. Squaring her shoulders she stormed back up the path towards Hiccup's house. He couldn't have gotten far up that hill and, if he had, then she was going to storm up there and knock on the door until he talked to her. Rounding the corner, Astrid already had her mouth open to talk to him when she came into sight of the hill and all the words she'd had went out of her head.


Hiccup was on all fours on the ground, his fingers digging into the grass. Astrid raced up the hill as fast as she could, falling to her knees beside where he was. His breath was escaping in harsh gasps and she could see that most of his weight was on his good leg and hands. Immediately she realized that his leg must've given out beneath him. Of course he would've have said anything, he'd have stayed on the hill all night before he let anyone know he'd fallen. Astrid had been upset that he had been hiding his pain but now she realized that it must have been much worse than he had let on. Reaching out her fingers laid against his shoulder before she snatched her hand back. He was burning up. Feverish, in pain, his leg giving out--it was a miracle he'd been able to hide what he was feeling at all.

"Come on, Hiccup, you've gotta get up. We've gotta get inside," she said, "I'll help, its okay--" she fumbled messily over the words, trying to find the right ones and failing horribly at it.

"M'fine," came the reply, through gritted teeth.

"No you're not," she said, reaching out only to have him stop her.

"Yes," he said, shaking his head as if to clear it, "I'm fine," he said, pushing himself up on, what Astrid suspected, was pride alone, "really, see? Fi--"

His leg buckled. Astrid jumped to her feet, grabbing his left arm and pulling it over her shoulder, making sure to keep her left leg back so it didn't bump his. Even so she saw the silver of his prosthetic foot connect to the ground. Instinctively his fingers gripped hers as a sound escape his clenched teeth. Astrid moved her other arm so that it gripped his waist, pulling more of his weight onto her frame. It was hard to hold onto someone on a hill but Astrid dug her heels in determinedly as Hiccup struggled through the agony. His fingers dug into hers and she knew that on his other side he was clenching his fist. When his fingers finally unfurled, he looked over at her with eyes that shone brightly in the moonlight and Astrid felt her heart clench.

"Sorry about that," he began, "I don't usually--"

"Its fine," she said, "lets just get up the hill okay?"

"I can--" she glared at him, "okay," he said, giving in, "lets get up the hill."

Together they hobbled up the hill the rest of the way, Astrid's gaze fixed determinedly ahead. Hiccup tried to do the same but every so often his eyes went over to Astrid's features. He'd tried to make it up the hill but his leg had given out and all thoughts of looking cool and viking-like had tumbled from his head as he'd tried wildly to keep from jarring the injury too much. And of course, out of all the people in the village, Astrid had to be the one who saw him fall flat on his face. She didn't seem upset or off put by his tumble though. Her mind seemed singularly focused on the task ahead, but her grip on him was almost painfully tight. As if she was trying her best to keep him as close as she could.

Together they made it to the door and Astrid knocked it open without pausing. The inside of their house was massive, bigger than any other on the island and, most importantly, it was fortified with stone. It was one of the oldest houses on the island, thanks to those things. If it'd been anyone else, at any other time, Hiccup knew he wold have been embarrassed but his leg was throbbing viciously and for once he couldn't find it in himself to push the pain aside. Astrid immediately steered him over to the table easing him down onto it before she disappeared. Almost faster than Hiccup could comprehend the girl was back with water, bandages and other supplies that, for the life of him, Hiccup had no idea how she found in their house. Sitting down next to him on the bench, Astrid swung one of her legs over the side before turning to him.

"I need to see your leg," she told him.

"Huh? No, I'm sure its fine--" he began. She fixed him with that same stare that had him letting her help him up the hill and Hiccup sighed, "okay. But its not as bad as it looks."

He turned and eased the leg towards the bench, trying to be careful with it. He'd knocked it enough time to know how unpleasant that was and given how badly it already hurt, he had a feeling that knocking it again might have really made him loose consciousness. As if falling flat on your face in front of your not-quite girlfriend wasn't bad enough. Gripping his pant legs in his hands, Hiccup dragged his leg up as high as he could, hissing when the weight of the prosthetic pulled at the skin. A gentle hand was suddenly on him. He looked up to see Astrid, her gaze fixed on his leg as she guided it the rest of the way onto the bench. Slowly she rolled up his pant leg, to reveal the skin underneath and the straps that kept the prosthetic in place. The skin was red and swollen but the village healer had just told him to buck up, slapping him on the back with enough force that Hiccup almost had to stay and have him inspect his broken nose.

"We've gotta take this thing off," she said looking at the straps digging into his skin, "you're all swollen."

"Some Viking I am," Hiccup said looking at his hands as Astrid gripped his leg, undoing the straps of his prosthetic, "can't even make it up a hill."

"Okay I'm gonna take it off now," Astrid said looking up at him, "you ready?"

"Do I really have to answer that?" Hiccup asked with a weak smile.

"Not really," she said gripping the device, "okay on three. One, two--"

She tugged it off. Hiccup bit his lip viciously, his fingers gripping the bench as the metal came off. Astrid held onto his leg, stabilizing it as best she could while her other hand held the metal thing in the air. Black spots danced in front of his vision but he clung to consciousness with everything he had in him. Slowly the pain receded to a manageable level. Hiccup slowly let out a breath of air as Astrid set the metal down, his eyes going to his shin. He swallowed as he looked at the leg, at the round, smooth stump where there should have been more leg and a foot. Except now it just ended. Hiccup swallowed thickly, part of him thinking that he should've been used to it by now and a part of him thinking that looking down and seeing air where your foot used to be was the kind of thing that one never got used to.

Expertly, Astrid held onto his leg before picking up the bowl of water next to her. Taking the cloth she'd taken with it, she began to wet the skin around Hiccup's wound. At first the sensation made him tense, but slowly he realized that it didn't hurt, it just felt weird. Astrid's brow was knitted in concentration as she worked over his wound. She was good, good and gentle--though gentle really was being good considering what was being done. Even though the hand that held his calf was calloused and the grip was sturdy her touch was careful and almost delicate.

"You're good at this," he said finally, "where'd you learn?"

"My mom taught me," she said, risking a glance up at him before looking back at her task, "all the viking women learn how to take care of--" she trailed off, her cheeks burning and Hiccup knew what she was going to say.

Viking women learned to take care of their husbands.

"My dad still talks about my mom and how she used to take care of him when he'd get hurt," Hiccup said. Astrid looked up at him, "he tried to do it to me once and lets just say I walked out of there more injured than I had been."

Astrid smiled at that and Hiccup felt his heart soar. Setting down the rag, she picked up the bandages and began to wind them around the end of his leg. Her hands were steady and careful as they performed the task. Her mother must have been very skilled to teach her daughter so well. Either that or she'd had lots of others to practice on. Hiccup didn't quite like the thought of that, especially when viking women were trained to take care of their husbands. The idea of astrid bandaging another guy made him glared at the stump of his leg.

"So you gonna tell me what else is wrong?" she asked finally, quietly.

Hiccup sighed and looked at her. She met his gaze for a moment before her eyes began to search his face, as if she could find the answers in there. She could tell that he was upset and not just about his missing leg. Everyone else seemed to be so wrapped up in the gratitude of the war being over that the little things that upset him didn't seem to matter as much.

"Its nothing--" he began.

"Hiccup," she retorted, her voice taking on the edge that he was beginning to think preluded her yelling.

"Its just, everything I did that people thought was brave I did because Toothless taught me," he looked down, "not because I was smart or good at being a viking--"

"Hey!" Astrid cut him off, "you listen to me. You are a good viking. And you were smart enough to see that Toothless wasn't a threat--that none of the dragons were a threat. And if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have Bluebell or--"

"Bluebell?" he asked.

"My dragon," she said, flushing pink as she looked at his leg, "she's blue and vain and--" Hiccup raised an eyebrow and Astrid slowly looked up at him, "its my favorite flower," she said finally, her voice soft.

"You've got a favorite flower?" he asked.

"Everyone's got a favorite flower!" she shot back, cheeks flaming.

"Not me."

"That's because you're a boy!"

Hiccup tried not to smile but it was hard. With her hair askew and her cheeks flaming and her hand on his leg, Astrid looked--well, Hiccup realized she looked beautiful. Just as pretty as she did when she was on the battlefield doing her acrobatics. Or when she was riding dragons. And he realized then that if anyone had to find him looking like he did, he was glad it was her. Cheeks still red, she kept her eyes fixed on his leg. Hiccup looked down to where the skin ended too. She'd done a good job on the bandages and his leg actually did feel better. Hiccup realized that, of course, Astrid would be good at that. She was good at everything else too.

"How do you do all that?" Hiccup asked before he could stop himself. Astrid looked at him curiously, "you can heal, you can ride--you can kick anyone's ass--"

"Its just practice," Astrid mumbled, "I'm not naturally good at anything really. I just practice hard."

"Well you do a good job," he said lamely but Astrid smiled, ducking her head as she inspected the bandages around his stump, "it looks weird," Hiccup said finally looking down at the leg, "I mean, I know its supposed to look cool and like I'm tough but I just thought--" he shook his head, "I thought my first battle scar would be smaller."

"That's what you get for your first viking fight being saving the world," Astrid said.

"Our first fight," he said. Her features shadowed as she looked down at her hands, "hey, what's wrong?" Hiccup asked.

Astrid looked at him. Even with the substitute foot and the echoes of pain on his face, it was a thousand times better than when Toothless had first unfurled his wings. Hiccup had been unconscious the entire ride back, too pale, too small--too everything like she'd thought he'd been. Astrid had been on the boat with him. Stoick hadn't left his side the entire time and Astrid had been torn between hovering over him like an anxious girlfriend and pretending that she hadn't fallen head over heels for the boy. Toothless, too, had been determined to stay by Hiccup, constantly hovering over the boy and nudging him like he would wake up. But Hiccup remained limp and pale, even as the women bound the stump of his missing foot as best they could with the limited supplies they had brought.

Astrid didn't think she'd ever forget the night she'd woken up to the sound of splashing and whining. Dragon whining. Toothless had been half over the boat, sticking his head in the water and trying to get fish. With a combination of anger and shame, Astrid realized that no-one had thought to feed the dragon since he'd been kidnapped. Astrid had found food for the dragon, which he'd accepted enthusiastically before heading towards Hiccup once more. But when he'd gotten there and realized she wasn't following, he'd immediately gone back to her and nudged her with his nose. Astrid had made excuses to the dragon but he'd been insistent and before she could figure out how to get out of it she'd found herself sitting next to the pale, unconscious Hiccup with Toothless curled around her, head resting near her shoulder as they looked at their friend. And now when she looked at him, alive and conscious, she still felt the jolt of fear when she thought back to just how pale he'd been.

"I was scared, okay?" she said finally, lowering her head like it was a great shame, "I saw Toothless there and I didn't see you and I thought--" she broke of shaking her head, "I thought you were gone."

Hiccup lowered his leg until it dangled above the floor. It didn't hurt that badly once it was bandaged properly. Carefully he moved forward until he was closer to the embarrassed viking girl, close enough that he could feel the warmth of her body, close enough so that their knees touched together. He was careful to keep his movements slow and easy and Astrid gave no sign of reaction to his closer proximity as she kept her face down, obviously embarrassed at admitting that she had been scared he was almost dead. Hiccup realized that he really didn't have any idea how to deal with an embarrassed girl, especially one like Astrid. She was glaring at the fire like she was hoping it'd burn the house down but even so she wasn't making any sudden moves towards the door.

"I couldn't have done it without you guys," he said quietly.

"Yeah, but you were the one who got hurt. After all the things we did to you--you still trusted us and now you're--" she looked down at his leg.

"Hey, its okay," Hiccup said quickly, "I've got experience with this kinda thing, remember? I made Toothless his fin, I can make myself a foot."

"But you shouldn't have to," Astrid said with a shake of her head.

"I thought chicks liked battle scars," Hiccup said with a smile. Astrid fixed him with a look.

"How can you be making jokes?" she demanded, "if I--I'd be devastated but you're, you're laughing."

"Well crying's not gonna bring it back," he said looking down at her foot that dangled where there was only empty air between his and the ground, "and I can still fly. And its not like I was ever gonna be that fast or strong or brave--"

"I think you're the bravest viking I've ever seen," she interrupted looking at him honestly. .

Maybe it was because Hiccup had only really been good at stupid and crazy. Or maybe it was the fact that out of all the vikings on Berk, Hiccup realized he wouldn't have wanted anyone else to find him but the girl sitting right in front of him. But for whatever reason, before he could talk himself out of it, Hiccup leaned forward and clumsily pressed his lips to hers.

Astrid's eyes widened as he kissed her. She had always been the one to initiate the quick kisses they'd shared but this, this felt different. He was gentle, careful even as he kissed her but Astrid shivers all the way from her headband to her boots. Closing her eyes she tentatively kissed him back, discovering that she didn't quite mind letting Hiccup take a bit of control from her. She leaned forward, one of her hands coming to cover his as they kissed. It was slower, in the house, more of an exploration of each other than the brief kisses they'd shared before. When they slowly pulled apart Astrid kept her eyes closed for a moment, letting the feeling of him kissing her seep into her fully. She didn't think she had ever been kissed like that in her entire life. Slowly she opened her eyes to see Hiccup looking at her anxiously, his eyes moving over her face. Astrid ducked her head before looking up at him, smiling in a way that Hiccup couldn't help but return.

"Sorry I--" he began.

Astrid cut him off by leaning forward and kissing him. The initial jolt of surprise faded as Hiccup kissed her back eagerly, realizing that next to flying, kissing was one of his favorite things to do. The rush, the thrill, all of it was there and all of it was wonderful. This time there was less hesitation, a bit more tentative exploration and Hiccup felt like he really was flying. The pulled away again, this time both looking at each other breathlessly.

"Don't apologize," she ordered, her voice still breathless, Hiccup could only nod before her lips found his once again.

Neither knew how long they sat there, but far too quickly for Hiccup's liking Astrid pulled away leaving him very certain that in addition to the list of things once thought impossible, such as being a hero and saving the world, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III officially had a girlfriend.

"I should--I should be going home," she said finally, "or my mom's going to be mad. Are you're okay?"

"Yes I promise I can manage to get to my bedroom," he said raising a hand, "see? No hills here."

"Right," she smiled and ducked her head, "okay, well, I'll see you tomorrow," she walked over to the door, "night Hiccup."

"Night Astrid--oh, Astrid?" she paused, "thanks," he said. She smiled and nodded before ducking out of the house.

Resisting the urge to jump up and cheer, Hiccup got to his foot and began to hobble towards his bedroom.

He wasn't more than halfway there when a warm nose came under his elbow. Surprised, he looked down to see a still-muddy Toothless supporting him as he made his way to his destination. Looking up he saw that his bedroom door was opened, when it hadn't been a moment ago. He looked down once again at the dragon who beamed up at him with pride at a job well done and Hiccup realized that Toothless had been there the entire time. But he'd remained silent, he'd let Hiccup and Astrid figure out what had to be done. Letting out a breath, he shook his head and looked down at his dragon who had once again been looking out for him in ways that Hiccup hadn't known he needed to be looked after in.

"Thanks buddy," he said, reaching over and scratching Toothless's favorite spot as the dragon voiced his enjoyment of the action.

Together the boy and his dragon made their way to bed.

As was her habit, Astrid rose with the sun.

Vikings got up early. And vikings with parents who had chore lists got up even earlier. Still half asleep, Astrid threw on her clothes and began to do the tasks her parents gave her. The list was much shorter now that she was a viking but it was still there. Her mother had said that it was important viking women learn things, things that they needed to know. Like how to bandage injuries and make edible food that didn't involve roasting animal carcasses on a spit. Astrid had always rolled her eyes and told her mom the stuff was ridiculous and pointless since she wasn't going to have a man to bandage or cook for. Her mother had always just smiled as if Astrid was saying something silly. But that morning, for some reason, she found she didn't mind doing the chores her mom had given her. Not after last night when they'd come in handy. if there was one thing Astrid could appreciate, it was a useful skill.

She was still glad when it was done though.

Astrid ran down the hill to where the dragons were gathering. Unsurprisingly, Bluebell had taken up residence near the sea shore where she could have the food she liked ad the bonus of looking at herself. Most of the dragons still preferred to sleep outdoors, though Astrid had a feeling it was only a matter of time before she added cleaning up after Bluebell to her list of chores. By the time she got to the makeshift hut where people were storing their dragon riding equipment, Bluebell was already waiting for her. Astrid still wasn't quite used to the sight of a dragon standing waiting for her, nose buried under her wing joint. The moment the dragon smelt her, Bluebells' head shot up and even though Astrid knew the dragon was a friend, a part of her still thought to go for the dragon's blindspot. With a quick motion, Bluebell's nose was right in her face, the dragon huffing out air as it looked at her.

"Hey," Astrid said, stifling a yawn as she reached out and scratched the spot above Bluebell's eye. The dragon arched into it, letting out a huff of pleasure at the touch and Astrid smiled, "good girl, hold tight while I get the saddle okay?"

Bluebell shook her head as Astrid moved away. Stepping into the shade of the makeshift hut that had been set up to house the dragon riding equipment, Astrid went to her cubby to get out Bluebell's saddle and reins. All the dragons had different equipment considering their bodies and abilities. She rode Bluebell higher up because of her spikes and looped the reins of around her horn and through her spikes. Her reins were longer than most of the others and took up most of the cubby. Pulling out them first and then the saddle she almost missed the thing that came tumbling out with them. Looping the reins around her neck and tucking the saddle under her arm she bent down and picked up the object that had fallen out.

They were bluebells.

Astrid held the flower in her hands, looking at the blue petals. Quickly she looked around to make sure that no-one was around before looking at the flowers. They were beautiful and before she could contain herself a wide grin broke across her lips. No boy had ever given her flowers before. But there they were, in her cubby right next to her dragon riding equipment. Turning around she came to the other side to see Hiccup standing there, scratching Bluebell. Dropping the equipment next to her dragon, Astrid walked over to where Hiccup was standing and punched him in the shoulder.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"That's for riding when you should be resting," she told him with a glare.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. Astrid's eyes widened in surprise before they slid closed as she kissed him back. When he finally pulled away she looked up at him, too breathless to be embarrassed.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"For being the girl I bring flowers to," he said with a smile.

As the sun rose higher in the sky and more people took to their dragons for early morning rides, Astrid and Hiccup were already clear on the other side of the island, intent on going fishing.

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