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Hurry Up (Edward's POV)

"I have to be honest and say that I don't remember where I met her Jasper. Last night I went to four clubs and I can't figure it out in which one was where she was and the fact that I was a little tipsy and then all the mess that happened after us... Oh living hell!" I say, running my fingers through my hair nervously.

"I remember that I was standing there; sipping my Black Russian cocktail, leaned on the bar when I my eyes met hers. I swear that when those pair of gorgeous dark brown eyes stared at me for only a few seconds, I felt that my whole wide fucking world just crumble down." I keep telling Jasper, my roommate, about the weird encounter that I had last night with a mysterious woman and the consequences that I faced after it.

He is staring at me, his green eyes fixated on my face, looking at me like I am a motherfucking lunatic.

"And what happened then?" he asks, pulling himself on the kitchen counter.

I'm about to open my mouth when we hear the front door bang as loud as hell.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Emmett?" I shout, because I don't need to turn my head to see that those loudly noises came from him. I hear him mumbling something that I can't register and I turn to Jasper. He shrugged and chuckle. Now we can clearly hear him fighting over the phone.

"Oh c'mon babe! Don't act like a fucking teenager, please! I don't need this from you too…" he whines. Jasper and I chuckled and he shows us his middle finger and we start to laugh louder.

"Shut up you bastards!" he whispers.

"No baby. I am sorry… I was talking to Edward and Jasper… no listen… don't you dare to hang up the fucking phone on me Rosalie Hale…" and he slams his room door. We explode in a fist of laughter and we walk back to the kitchen.

"Where were we?" I ask.

"Something that your whole pussy world crumbled down, bla… bla… bla" he says to tease me.

"Thanks asshole"

"Keep going!" he says.

"Hell! She is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. She has a small framed body with full curves that accentuate her heavenly perfect anatomy parts."

"Did you talk to her?"

"Well, I did actually! That's why I am so fucked up right now."

He looks at me one more time and frowned. I bet I looked terrible.

"And then… what happened?"

"I asked the bartender what she was drinking and he told me that she was having some Cosmopolitans. I asked him to bring her one, that I was going to pay for it and he did it. He served her Cosmos and told her that I had invited her drink. She looked at me and smiled, those perfectly white teeth shinning. I may sound pussy or whatever I know that you're going to say bitch, but that girl was just stunning."

I grab a cup and pour water on it. Then I take an ice bag out of the freezer and put it on my head. Shit! That hurts!

"And why you ended up like… that?" he asks me.

"Fuck, listen to me Jasper… that was like faith! Well, not what happened on the end, but I think it was all worth it." I say launching myself on the couch, taking the TV remote control to turn down the volume and putting the ice bag on my left cheek once again. Jasper sits on the other couch and he puts his legs on the coffee table.

"Spit it all Cullen… I don't have all day to listen to your pussy love stories," and he starts to laugh. Fucker!

"That has to be good Eddie boy! I'm pissed off and I really need something to laugh about…" Emmett's booming voice came from the kitchen. When that fucker got out of his room without us noticing? Hmmm… interesting.

"Put your sorry ass over here Emmett… I'm about to start."

Emmett comes with a tray full of food –yeah, a tray I am not exaggerating- and takes a seat on the floor.

"Whoa man! What the fuck hit you? A fucking garbage truck?" he asks.

Jasper slaps his head. "Keep going Edward, ignore this idiot."

"You are going to be so sorry about that Whitlock!" Emmett threatens him with a pizza slice.


~ Last night ~

She is calling me… nice move Cullen.

"Hi… good evening" I say pulling the chair back so I could take a seat.

"Hi, thanks for the drink" she says blushing a little.

"My pleasure. My name is Edward Cullen." I long my hand and when her fingers graze mines, I could feel an electric current running through all my body, probably she feels it too because her face blushed furiously.

"My name is Bella Swan… nice to meet you Edward," she simply says.

"Want to dance?" I ask her, standing up from my chair to grab her hand. She looks at me, up and down and smiles.

"Pennies for your thoughts" I say and she giggles. Damn! She was checking me out! Naughty girl!! I'll show you… two can play this game.

She is wearing a long satin blue blouse with shinny leggings and black high heels booties; she looks amazing… just like any model on Maxim magazine.

"Of course. Let's dance…"

We start to dance keeping distance at first. The lights are dim but when the blasting sound of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" song fills the dance floor, the lights starts to turn on and off… filling the place with color lights illuminating her perfect silhouette and her beautiful profile. Three more songs blast on the air and we keep dancing, our bodies touching each other more than once. We close the gap that remains between our chests. Bella turns around and starts to move her gorgeous ass, smashing the crotch of my black jeans and I thrust my hips on her. She looks at me and winks.

Fucking living hell!! She likes that... This is going to be good… Suddenly she turns around and she wraps her arms around my neck.

"I am thirsty Edward; can you get us something to drink? I'm going to wait for you in the table," she whispers in my ear. I can feel her warm breath and I almost kiss her there and then.

Round one: Edward Cullen 0, Bella Swan 1.

"Well… tell me what you want to have… and I'll go to get it right away." I whisper. She blushes and I give her my signature crooked smile.

Round two: Edward Cullen 1, Bella Swan 0.

"A strawberry margarita would be just fine."


She walks to our table and I order the bartender her Margarita and my Black Russian. I can't take my eyes of her. She is just exquisite. I've never seen her before, and I need to at least to have her phone number. I would definitely get married and leave my man-whore life if she tells me yes. I walk back to the table with the two drinks and she stands up.

"Edward, let's move to a quiet place so we can talk."

"Sure." I follow her to the back of the club. It was a cozy private area with red leather couches, it is barely illuminated and only a few people are around the room, but far enough for disturbing us. We take our drinks in an awkward silence, until she speaks again.

"I love your hair… can I touch it?" She bits her bottom lip and looks down, only to meet her eyes with mine. Thanks to that question I can feel my dick twitching inside my pants.

"Go ahead, but I must say that my hair is an erogenous part of my body," my voice is husky and low. She gives me an evil smile. Minx!

"That's alright babe… I'm dying to run my hands on that glorious hair of yours. If something happens after that… and I hope it will… we can figure it out later on." I feel my dick throbbing inside my jeans one more time. I clear my throat to try to have any distraction. She is affecting me more than I ever thought someone would.

She is waiting for me to talk so I move my chair closer to hers.

"You are so beautiful Bella. I am sure that I'll never get tired of seeing your face for the rest of my life." I whisper.

Our faces are really close and I can feel her breath on my face.

"I don't know what is going to happen later, but I must say that you affect me like no one before you, Edward. This is so weird to me and I have to…" I kiss her. I just can't hold on any longer. Immediately her hands find my scalp and she digs her fingers into my hair.

A small sigh escapes from my lips and in response she moans. We kiss deeply, she bites my tongue and I did the same with that silky and delicious bottom lip of hers. We are kissing passionately, we separate to take a breath and we twist our mouths again. I run one hand on the back of her neck and with the other one I trace her cheek. She arches her back a little and I pull her even more closely, if that was physically possible.

Bella is almost seating on my lap. I begin to caress her hip and going north. She lets escape a groan and I keep forward. No one can see us… and if someone does, I honestly don't give a shit. Bella takes my head in her hands and gently pushes me aside.

"Come with me Edward," she says pulling herself from me.

I quickly follow her, enlacing our hands together. That is a really strange feeling. I don't believe in faith… but I can tell that right now I am in the seventh heaven. I don't know her, but I feel like I know her from a lifetime. Bella is absolutely gorgeous, her smell, her voice, her body… all of that is an open invitation for me. And I am deeply intoxicated by her. She mystifies me, like she is my own brand of heroin.

She takes me to the back of the club and we can't stop our hands from touching each other. I push her towards a wall and throw my body against her, she manages to put her legs around my waist and I grab her ass to maintain the balance. Bella moves her waist in circles. She is looking desperately for some friction. Bella moans and I groan at unison. The anticipation is driving me crazy; all I want is to thrust into her for dearest life.

"Fuck Bella…" I say. My voice is turning in almost an audible whisper.

"Let's go to my home Edward…"

We run to my car and drive away from the club. She is trying to ease her erratic breathing and I am trying to keep my mind busy, so my boner could down a little, that is beyond painful and if she is only playing with me I could definitely suffer from blue balls in the morning. I don't ask where are we going and she doesn't tell me either, all I know is that as long as I am with her… that is all that matters to me.

"Turn left… we are almost there," she says and I just nod.

"Park your car here." I park and she jumps out of my car.

"Nice ride Edward… I love Audi."

"It can be yours if you want. Only ask for it."

She is looking for her keys in the bag. Then she turns her head and smiles. Bella opens the door of her apartment. Well if she has the key this is supposed to be her home right?

"The only thing I want right now is you Edward. I don't know why and I don't care either, just you Edward… that's what I want now." Saying that she launches her body at me and I almost fell backwards, my back hits the nearest wall and I groan in pain.

"Ups! Sorry baby," she says and giggles.

"You like it rough? I can play that way if you want." Yeah Cullen, work your magic.

"Mmmmm," she whispers.

Bella closes and locks the door. Damn! This neighborhood must be dangerous! I don't give a shit!

She holds my hand and takes me upstairs to her room. I am surrounded by light blue and white paint on the walls, a huge bed with silky black sheets, an ivory wall-to-wall carpet and a desk in the corner. She takes her heels off and her feet caress the carpet.

"Ummm this feels good," she says.

I follow her movements around the room. Bella pushes me towards the bed and I sit on it. She straddles me and starts to unbutton her blouse. I am ready to help her in that task but apparently I am not allowed to touch her yet.

"You need to wait Edward, keep your hands here," she moves my hands to her hips. Bella unclasps her bra and I see her perfect breasts for the first time. I take one of her hard nipples in my mouth and she moans loudly at my touch. I nibble, suck and pinch her nipples and she is moving up and down against me again. I give the same treatment to the other nipple and she digs her nails into my scalp. I take my shirt off and she runs her nails through my chest and I groan at her touch. This is real.

"Oh fuck me Edward," she whispers to my ear, I shiver feeling her hot breath.

"Fuck Bella!"

I grasp her waist and turn both of us on the bed. I am on top of her now; she opens her legs wider to give me full access to her overheated core. She groans loudly when I position myself in her entrance, the tip of my cock teasing her clit. She whimpers.

"Oh fuck Edward… stop teasing me," and she lets out a frustration sigh.

"I am going to fuck you senseless Bella." I groan.

"I can't wait," she says, pushing her body forward.

I feel her arousal surrounding me, making me throw my head backwards. I can feel her whole body trembling under me. She puts her legs around my waist and I seat almost on my heels.

"Oh fuck Edward… this is so… fucking good."

"You're so wet for me baby," my hands are traveling through her body, caressing her while I keep thrusting in and out of her. I try to keep the pace, to enjoy this moment when I hear Bella whimpering.

"Oh fuck me Edward… harder… harder." I move quickly and grab her leg to put it on my shoulder; I hear her crying out loud.

"Shit… oh God," I release her leg and turn her around; she is facing the bed now. I grab her ass to position myself on her back.

"Mmm Bella baby, you feel so fucking good." I dig my fingers in her hip and without notice I thrust one more time into her. She is using the headboard as leverage and at the same time she is pushing her body against mine on each thrust.

"Oh Edward I'm going to come… shit…" I smack her butt cheek and she moans loudly again.

"Fuck Bella… fuck!" I say and Bella cries out loud as she came, moaning my name again and again. I do the same seconds later, collapsing on her back.

"That was so fucking good," she says.

I slip out of her body and lay down on her side. I start to play with a loose strand of her now messy hair.

"I like you Bella, even if it may sound awkward for you, is really important for me to let you know how I feel." I say, caressing her cheek. She looks at me in the eye and sighs.

"I believe you Edward. I barely know you but I feel like I know you from long ago," and she kisses the top of my nose.

"I am thirsty, want to drink something?" she asks me.

"No babe I'm fine," I say leaning my head on one of her plush pillows.

Bella wraps her body with a sheet and walks out to the kitchen. I drift off to a very peaceful slumber when I hear a phone ringing. I can't hear clear what is Bella saying, so I don't bother to see if everything is fine. Maybe it is a friend.

"You have to go Edward… now!" her stern voice takes me completely out of my post sex stupor. I open my eyes and stare at her horrified expression. Bella is pacing from side to side, muttering things under her breath that I can't decipher.

"What's wrong Bella?" I ask her, but she continues to walk around the bedroom.

"You have to go! NOW! Dammit… GO!" she yells, yanking the sheets from my body. Lazily, I stand up from bed and grab the boxers of the floor.

Bella is nowhere to be found. But then in two seconds, she is by my side again; she grabs my arm and starts to push me through a window.

"What the fuck is going on?"

"You wanna know why you have to leave, here's why," she says, throwing her cell phone at me. I look at the phone on my hand.

"Press 4598 and listen to the message." I did as I am told.

"Hey baby, surprise, surprise. Girl, I'm free. I'll be home around three. See ya… Jake."

I glare at her wide-eyed. I look at the clock on the kitchen wall. 3:15.

"Who the fuck is Jake?"

"An ex."

"An ex? Are you sure?"

"Damn! I'm sure. He is obsessed with me. I thought that I was safe, because he was on jail. But somehow he is out today! Shit! I can't believe it."

"Shhh don't worry. I am here… nothing bad is going to happen to you."

"Nooo! You need to go. That man is fucking crazy."

"Why? What does he do?"

"He is 6 foot 1. Jake killed someone because of me; he is possessive and extremely jealous. He got 25 years, but I don't know why he is out."

We move to her room again. She is sweating and trembling.

"Grab you shoes, clothes…. He should be here soon. Move, please!" Bella says, throwing my things out of the window.

"Go! Hit the street, disappear, whatever… but just get out of here."

"Wait, at least let me get dressed and I'll leave."

"Don't take too long Edward. If Jake finds you here, he is going to snap your neck in two seconds…" she whispers.

I am trying to process all what is happening, taking my things off the floor, moving around the room slowly. She is biting her nails, cursing. I turn around the bed to grab my jeans of the floor; she gives me a death look.

Bella puts her hand on her mouth to muffle her sobs and my hearth starts to pound rapidly inside my chest.

Keys are on the door.

"I changed the locks, you got time to go," she whispers.

"Fuck! Fuck! This is not good!" I thought. That man is just right outside... God knows if he is armed. Dammit!

We hear a slam on the door.

"Bella! Bella!! Is me Jake, open the door honey," he shouts.

Silence… we remain quiet.

"I know you are inside Bella. Just open the fucking door, before I kick it down." His voice is menacing.

Bella looks at me.

"There's no time now, get under the bed. I will try to calm him a bit and ask him to take a ride with me. Then you can go… but before you go, please leave me your phone number. I promise I'll call you," she says, crossing her arms around my neck and kissing me. I start to put on my jeans to hide under the bed.


But our plan changes… Jake kicks down the door, Bella screams and I froze, still one leg out of my jeans.

"Bella… who's that car outsi…" he starts to ask, but stops when his eyes fix on me. I am here, frozen… I look at him; he looks at me and back to Bella.

"Who the fuck are you motherfucker?" he growls, taking a step closer.

"Jake, listen baby. He is a friend of mine, but he is leaving now," Bella stands in the middle of us. "Right?"

"Do you really think that I am that stupid?" He turns to Bella and she takes a few steps back from him. I pull on my jeans and prepare myself; this isn't going to be easy. He continues to walk toward Bella and she stumbles on her feet when he tries to reach her arm. I can't stand it.

Without thinking, I jump on him.

"Don't you dare to touch her, motherfucker!"

"She is mine!"

"No, she's not."

I punch him right across the face. His nose starts to bleed. Jake turns around and tackles me to the ground. We both hit the floor in a painful way. His body frame is much larger and bulky than mine but I am more agile and faster than him. I struggle to get off the ground when I hear police officers running inside the room.

"Freeze!" One of them yells.

I stop fighting and tumble to my side because my ribcage hurts badly. One of the officers kneels at my side. The other one handcuffs Jake and takes him outside.

"Thank God that Isabella wasn't alone tonight. She has a restriction order against Jake for quite long and he violated that order. He is going to jail again. Don't move… the ambulance is on its way." He says.

"Where is she?"

"She is outside, filling some reports. She is just fine."

The paramedics take a look at my injuries and they determine that I am fine. I sign a release, because I don't want to go to the hospital and I walk away from the paramedics, looking for Bella.

"There you are."

"How you feel?"

"Fine, the paramedics told me that I was fine, so I think I'll survive," she laughs a bit.

"I am so sorry for what happened Edward; I never expected a thing like that to…"

"Shhh… don't worry. Look at me I'm fine, a little beaten up but fine."

"I don't want to lose you, Edward."

"Me neither Bella."

All the police cruisers are gone; I keep talking to Bella for a while longer. She asks me if I can drive back to my home. I leave her and came to rest. After all, it was an exciting night.


"Whoa man… you did that for a girl you barely even know? You're so stupid," Emmett says. Jasper slaps his head again.

"Shut up dude! This is a man in love."

"Idiocy… that's what I am calling it. That man could have killed you!"

"But it was all worth it…" I say.

A knock on the door takes us out of the conversation. Emmett stands up and opens the front door of our apartment.

"Hi. Is Edward home?" A velvet voice fills the entire living room and I smile.

It is she…

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