To Teach a Fox Remake Ch 1: Tsunade the Matchmaker

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Notes: This story takes place about three months after Naruto returned from training. The Akatsuki have not attacked Gaara yet, so Naruto stayed in the Leaf Village. Naruto was placed on a team with two other genin to take the Chunin exam, and they all passed. All the characters are wearing what they usually are in the manga and anime.

I had couple of people tell me that my OC was driving people away from my story, so I went back and reread what I had written so far. Because of that, I have to agree with them. He just doesn't come across like I wanted him to, so I took last week off to think about what I should do. I decided that I would redo my first couple chapters, and then let my readers choose which version they wanted me to continue. So, here is the combined first and second chapter of 'To Teach a Fox' without my OC.

Tsunade was sitting at her desk, very busy with her mid-morning 'inspection' of classified papers when Shizune came into the room carrying another stack of paperwork. The assistant's normally cheerful demenor slipped slighlty when she saw that her mentor was once again sleeping instead of doing work. She sighed as she walked over to the Hokage's desk.

'Every time I leave the room she finds some way to put off doing this paperwork. Perhaps I should start using shadow clones to keep her on track?' The jonin mused as she sat the heavy stack of papers down on the desk with a light thud. Shizune glanced down at the other occupant in the room, hoping the noise would waker her up. While the blond's face did scrunch up slightly at the noise, she made no other indication that she was going to wake up.

Mentally sighing, she walked around the desk and started to lightly shake her mentor. "Tsunade-sama. Wake up, Tsunade-sama. You still have some paperwork to do."

The Hokage grumbled a little, but still didn't wake up. The med-nin sighed out loud this time. 'Where's Naruto when you need him? He could wake her up in no time.'

Not able to think of a better solution, Shizune took a step back and whispered, "Free sake!"

"Sake?" Tsunade's head shot up and she looked around the office for the aforementioned drink, but a paper still clinging to her face after her long and through 'inspection' was blocking her view of half of the room. It didn't take her long to figure out what had happened after spotting Shizune in the corner of her eye.

Annoyed, she peeled the paper off of her face, sat back in her chair, and glared at her now smiling assitant. "Don't trick me like that, Shizune. You know I don't like being interrupted while I'm inspecting papers."

"I know, Tsunade-sama, but you have a lot of paperwork to do. And you still have to hand out a few more missions for the day. You can take a nap after all of that is finished." Shizune responded, unfazed by her mentor's glare, as she started to walk towards the door. "I have to go sort through some more reports. No sake or napping until all of that paperwork is done."

The Sanin grumbled as Shizune walked out of the room. "I never would have taken this job if I had known about all of this paperwork."

She sighed and glanced at the mounds of paperwork cluttering the top of her desk. 'I'm going to need a drink to finish all of this,' she thought as she reached for the bottle of sake hidden in her desk. When her hand reached the secret stash she found that it was suspiciously empty of the sake bottle, and in its stead was a piece of paper.

"What the?" She pulled out the paper to read it.

'Nice try, Tsunade-sama, now get back to work' -Shizune

Even more annoyed than before, the Hokage crumpled up the note and threw it violently across the room. "Damn it, Shizune!"

Not caring what happened to it, she angrily sat back in her chair, muttering curses, and roughly snatched a paper from one of the stacks. She began skimming the paper in disinterest, but that changed when a thought crossed her mind. She furrowed her brow in thought as she began scrutinizing the paper. 'This isn't a high level mission request, but it would be great practice for Naruto now that he's a Chunin. And it would get him out of my hair for a while.' Liking the idea, Tsunade scanned her desk for the ninja roster. 'Now I just have to decide who to send with him.'

Finding the roster under an overflow of papers, she flipped it open and began perusing through it to see who was still in the village. The first page she stopped on was the first of the Konoha eleven to be promoted to Chunin. 'It would probably be a good idea to assign people Naruto is familiar with and that have experience in leadership. Shikamaru would be perfect for this, but his team just left for a mission today.'

The Hokage continued flipping through the pages until Hinata's page caught her eye. 'Poor girl, I don't think Naruto will ever figure out that she likes him.' She started to turn the page but then turned her mouth up into a sinister smile.

'This mission is most likely going to take the better part of two weeks, and it's in a prominent vacation town. If I send them both on this mission, I might just be able to get these two together.' She started chuckling evilly as she snapped her fingers. A recently promoted Chunin poked his head in the room.

"Your orders, Tsunade-sama," asked the brown haired Chunin.

"Find Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga, and tell them to be in my office in one hour for a mission briefing!" Ordered the Hokage as she swiveled her chair around to face the window and started laughing maniacally.

"Of course, Tsunade-sama," he said as he left the room.

'I hate it when she does that. It gives me the creeps,' thought the Chunin as he began his search for the other new Chunin and the Hyuga heiress.

'Naruto is probably still asleep, so he shouldn't be hard to find. After I wake him up, I can look for Hinata.' The teen exited the Hokage's tower and started walking towards Naruto's apartment. He stopped suddenly, in the middle of the street, and sighed.

'I can't believe I forgot about clones.' He quickly signed and watched as a clone popped into existence. The clone nodded at him and took off to find Hinata and tell her about the mission.

'Well, that speeds things up.' He put his hands in his pockets and continued down the busy road towards Naruto's apartment.

Already knowing the way, he arrived quickly and made his way up to the apartment door. The Chunin knocked on the door and waited for an answer. When he didn't receive one, he continued knocking.

After five minutes of constant knocking, the teen started to get worried that he had been wrong. 'Is already up and training?'

The teen shook his head at the thought. 'No, he isn't the type of person to be up early if he doesn't have to be. How am I going to get him to wake up? I can't just sit out here and wait for him to wake up on his own, and I'm not going to break into his apartment just to tell him this.'

He crossed his arms and stood in front of the apartment door trying to think of a way to complete his assignment. After a minute of thinking he smiled and signed.

Another shadow clone popped into existence and turned to the messenger. The Chunin pulled out his wallet and handed some money over to the clone. The clone nodded and took off down the road towards its objective.

After putting his wallet back in his pocket, he smiled and started back towards the Hokage's tower. 'I think that my clone can handle it from here. Time to see what Lady Tsunade wants me to do now.'

Naruto was woken from his dreams of ramen by the sound of constant knocking on his apartment door. Not wanting to end the amazing dream, he grumbled, rolled over in his bed and promptly fell back to sleep. A few minutes later Naruto caught whiff of something that made him forget about his dream and sit up on his bed.

The blond-headed teen detangled himself from his blankets and stood. His mind was still in a daze from just waking up from a deep sleep as he started shuffling towards the apartment door. The only thing going through his mind was that he had to get to that wonderful smell.

Naruto soon made it to the door and yanked it open to see one of the people he had taken the Chunin Exams with, standing there with a bowl of Ichiraku ramen in his hands.

"Good morning!" Wolf said as Naruto snatched the bowl of ramen from his hands and proceeded to inhale it at an impossibly fast pace. Wolf chuckled slightly at the sight. 'That worked out better than I thought! And to think I wasted all that time on knocking.'

Now slightly more awake after eating his morning ramen, Naruto looked at Wolf. "Thanks for the ramen, but what are you doing here?"

"Be in the Hokage's office forty-five minutes from now for a mission briefing. See you later!" The clone then waved and popped out of existence after completing its orders.

Naruto stood in the doorway looking blankly at the place Wolf's clone had disappeared. "Baa-chan wants to see me?" Naruto grinned and went back into his apartment. "I bet it's a really dangerous mission that only I can do."

After quickly getting dressed and brushing his teeth, Naruto glanced at the clock. He had thirty-eight minutes left before he had to be in Tsunade's office. His smile widened.

"That's plenty of time for me to stop and get some more ramen." He set off for his favorite restaurant, all the while happily chanting 'Ramen! Ramen! Ramen!' in his mind.

The clone sent to find and inform Hinata of the mission was leaving the Hyuga compound. He was having a hard time doing his job. "I've already searched the Hyuga compound and Team eight's training ground. Where else could she be?"

As he jumped from rooftop to rooftop, he spotted Hinata coming out of a shop further down the road. Wolf's clone smiled and jumped into a tree next to the shop.

Hinata was having a very good day so far. As had become routine for her, she had woken up extremely early in the morning to get in some extra training before she had to join her team. While training in the east courtyard of the Hyuga complex, the heiress had quite the surprise.

(Flashback to early morning training)

A mass of water slammed into the pavement, sending the liquid everywhere. Hinata frowned slightly in disappointment with herself as she looked at the spot where the water had fallen. 'I almost had it that time, too. Maybe I'm not putting enough enough chakra into it?'

Knowing she would have to be leaving soon, the heiress glanced at the clock on the far wall. 'I only have twenty minutes, but Naruto wouldn't let this time go to waste.'

Her determination building at the thought of the energetic blond, Hinata began focusing her chakra into her stomach. She added more and more, while winding it tighter and tighter. 'Now!'

Her Byakugan flared to life in an instant as she flashed through signs. 'Water Dragon's Defense!'

She spat out a large amount of water that quickly formed a wall in front of her. Hinata smiled as happiness and a sense of accomplishment swelled up inside of her. She had just completed the hardest water jutsu she had been trying to learn.

Her joy was short lived, however, as her Byakugan caught sight of someone watching her from the hall. Dread filled the heiress as she released her bloodline and her jutsu. The water came crashing down onto the pavement once more, splashing her legs. Hinata ignored it as she turned to face the person.

She nervously bowed. "O-oto-san."

Hiashi didn't make any indication that he saw the bow. "What was that jutsu, Hinata?"

The heiress stood, but her eyes stayed locked with the ground. "It i-is called W-water D-dragon's Defense, Oto-san."

The clan head's eyebrow arched ever so slightly in surprise. "Where did you learn it?"

"F-from a scroll a f-friend let m-me borrow."

"I see," Hiashi said before turning to leave. "Excellent work, Hinata. Elemental training will serve you well."

She let a small smile find it's way onto her face as the clan head walked away. "Thank you, Oto-san."

(End Flashback)

After quickly cleaning up, the lavender eyed teen had left to meet up with her team.

(Flashback to team training)

"Since the Hokage isn't handing out missions right now, why don't we have a team spar?" Kurenai said as she looked at her students.

"Alright! We'll defiantly win this time! Right, Akamaru?" Kiba said, jumping off of his dog companion. Akamaru agreed with a resounding bark. Kiba easily fell into his standard fighting stance while Akamaru tensed, ready to attack at any moment.

Shino nodded stoically as he slowly released some of his swarm into the surrounding trees and grass to use as traps.

"Y-Yes, sensei." Hinata was slightly nervous about the spar, but she quickly pushed her nervousness aside and fell into her gentle fist stance. "Byakugan!" Her bloodline ability flared to life.

Kurenai nodded in satisfaction and jumped into a tree to watch the spar from a safe distance. She had learned a long time ago that Kiba tended to be a little overzealous in his attacks, and, as a result, was not always able to stop in time if someone other than his target got in his way.

Once Kurenai was situated in her tree, she started the spar. "Begin!"

Kiba made the first move. He crouched down on all fours while his nin-dog jumped on his back. There was a plume of smoke and a second Kiba seemed to appear out of where Akamaru used to be.

"Fang over Fang!" Wasting no time, the Inuzuka and Akamaru shot towards Shino, spinning so quickly that they looked like flying drills.

The Aburame dodged the attack by quickly diving behind a rock and then replacing himself with a log.

Akamaru's drill ripped through the small rock with little trouble and turned to the tree where the teen had escaped to.

Shino released some more of his swarm to try to stop the canine's attack. The insects swarmed the mini-tornado of claws and fangs and slowed it down enough for the insect handler to jump out of the tree.

Just as Shino landed, he was rammed by Kiba's attack. He received a flurry of scratches as the force behind the attack threw him into a tree.

Kiba stopped spinning and yelled in victory. "Yeah, great job Akamaru! He didn't see my attack coming! SHI-"

Just as Akamaru had landed next to his master, the Shino that had been drilled into the tree dissolved into parasitic insects and flew angrily at them.

At the same time, the real Shino launched another wave of insects at the pair from the tree he was hiding in and commanded his remaining insects to attack from their hiding places in the grass.

Kiba and Akamaru once again launched into their signature attack and blew through the swarm of beetles. They turned their attack on the tree Shino was in.

The insect master speedily jumped to another tree just as the feral teen drilled through his previous tree.

The nin-dog had diverted his attack at the last second and had followed Shino to the other tree.

Shino tried to dodge, but was knocked to the ground as the branch underneath him was shattered by the onslaught. The insect master twisted in midair and tried to land on his feet, but was met with a fist to the face, courtesy of Kiba.

The Aburame slammed into the trunk of a tree, and called on his beetles to protect him from the feral teen's attacks.

As Kiba was trying to land a shuriken on Shino through his insects, Akamaru drilled through the tree at Shino's back and grazed Shino's left side.

The insect handler had shifted to the right at the last second, but he had still taken a major blow. He was winded and didn't have a chance to recover, because Kiba was right on top of him with a kunai to his neck.

Shino knew when he was beaten and forfeited the match. "You have gotten better Kiba. I forfeit."

Kiba grinned and helped Shino up. He then turned to face the young woman.

Shino gathered his swarm and jumped up, into the trees, to join Kurenai.

"Alright! Now we only have to take down Hinata. Ready, Akamaru?" The canine landed next to his master and nodded in agreement.

"Alright, Hinata, you better be ready because here we come! Fang over Fang!" Kiba and Akamaru began spinning violently and rocketed at Hinata.

The Hyuga watched as the pair got closer, while preparing herself to unveil her new jutsu. 'Stay calm, Hinata, you can do this! You performed it perfectly this morning, and you can do it again now. Just focus!'

Hinata took a deep breath and concentrated. In an instant, she created plate-sized shields of water on her hands and braced herself for the impact.

As the 'drills' closed in, the Hyuga heiress stepped forward and gracefully deflected the attacks away with the water.

Recovering quickly from the unexpected defense, Akamaru stopped spinning and turned around to find the lavender clad ninja already in front of him.

"Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms!" Hinata announced as she began systematically shutting down her opponent's access to chakra. In an instant, the flurry of precise jabs was over, and the nin-dog fell to the ground whimpering, his transformation long disrupted.

She silently apologized to Akamaru before turning to face her last teammate.

Kiba had just recovered from being thrown off course by the strange water jutsu when he heard Hinata announce her attack. He turned around just in time to see his companion fall to the ground, unable to fight. "Akamaru!"

The Inuzuka growled in irritation and launched some shuriken at the Hyuga before beginning to spin once more. "Tunneling Fang!"

She easily deflected the shuriken and gathered another set of water shields.

Preparing for the attack, the heiress put both of her hands in front of her and gathered chakra in her stomach. She released the built up chakra and spat out a huge volume of water. Connecting with the shields in her hands, the water formed a solid wall in front of the young Hyuga.

Kiba smirked when he saw it was only water and continued on his path. His smirk faded when he struck the wall, only to dig in about half way and then come to a complete stop. The displaced water surrounded his body and seemed to solidify like concrete. He began to panic while Hinata dropped the unneeded parts of the wall.

Kurenai's eyes widened slightly as she watched the fight. 'When did she learn such a powerful water jutsu?'

"Please surrender, Kiba-kun. I don't want to hurt you." Hinata said softly, as she fell into a perfect Gentle Fist stance.

Kiba could only nod due to shock and the water covering his mouth. The timid ninja smiled kindly and stood as she released the remaining part of the water wall.

The feral team-member landed on his feet and looked over at Hinata. "Dang, when did you learn that, Hinata?"

"Yes, I am curious about your new jutsu as well." Shino said as he and Kurenai jumped down to join the other members of the team. Akamaru slowly made his way over after recovering some feeling in his body.

Hinata squirmed slightly and looked down from all the attention, but she quietly responded to her teammates. "I've been p-practicing it for two months now. I just perfected it this morning."

"That jutsu was awesome Hinata! I didn't stand a chance against it, and you didn't even need hand signs!" Kiba exclaimed as he grinned at Hinata.

"Yes, that was very well planned out and executed," Shino said as he nodded in agreement with his teammate's statements.

The lavender eyed ninja fidgeted a bit more under the praise, but she was happy to have everyone proud of her achievement.

"So, what's it called?" Kiba asked.

Hinata looked up at her team. "It's called Water Dragon's Defense".

"That's an interesting jutsu Hinata. Why don't we call it a day? That was a rough spar, and I think that everyone could use a break. Meet back here at the same time tomorrow." Kurenai said as she studied the indigo haired girl.

"Cool, so when did you s-," Kiba started, but was cut off by Shino.

"We will be here and ready for training tomorrow, Kurenai-sensei." Shino then put his hand on Kiba's shoulder and started dragging him away from the training grounds.

Kiba was caught off guard by the action, but he soon recovered and yelled at his friend. "Hey! Shino let me go! I just want to stay and ask Hinata about her new jutsu. SHINO!"

Kurenai watched the scene with some amusement, while concern and confusion flashed across Hinata's face. Akamaru wagged his tail happily and followed his master and the bug tamer.

Once Kiba, Shino, and Akamaru were out of sight, the Jonin turned to the Hyuga heiress and began questioning her about the jutsu. "That was an amazing jutsu Hinata, and if you don't mind I would like to know where you learned it."

Hinata's smile slipped as she looked down at the ground again. "I s-should have told you earlier, Kurenai-sensei. I-I'm sorry."

"Hinata, I am not worried about that. That was an amazing jutsu, and I know you worked very hard on it. I am very proud of you, and I just want to know where you learned it so I can see if there is a way I can help you. I don't know many water jutsu, but I could always get one of the other Jonin to help you."

The heiress looked up at Kurenai and smiled slightly. "Thank you, Kurenai-sensei. I l-learned this jutsu from a scroll a friend gave me, but I have learned almost all of the j-jutsu on it."

She looked down at the ground and almost started poking her index fingers together, but stopped herself at the last second.

Hinata had gotten over most of her nervous habits, but they still appeared when she was the center of attention, when she asked for a favor, and, especially, when she was around a certain blond.

"Would you like me to get you another water jutsu scroll to study?" The Jonin asked knowingly as she looked at her favorite student. Kurenai knew it was wrong to favor one student over another, but it was so hard when she knew what Hinata had been through in her life.

The Hyuga heir shyly nodded her head, and Kurenai smiled. "Alright, I'll get a scroll for you as soon as I can. Now, why don't you go enjoy the rest of your day off?"

"Thank you, Sensei!" Hinata bowed and started walking back towards town.

(End Flashback)

After leaving the training grounds, Hinata had stopped at her favorite bakery to get some cinnamon rolls to celebrate. Just as she was about to start eating, a figure dropped out of the tree next to the bakery. She turned and smiled at the person who had given her the water jutsu scroll. "Hello, Wolf-kun!"

Wolf smiled and he walked over to Hinata.

"Hey, Hinata! How has your day been?" Wolf questioned as he motioned for her to continue walking.

The indigo haired ninja's smile widened at the memory of her day so far. "I mastered Water Dragon's Defense, and used it to defeat Kiba-kun in a team spar!"

The messenger smiled. "That's great! I knew that you would be able to master those techniques in no time!"

Hinata's smile widened again. "Thank you for the scroll, Wolf-kun. I will return it to you soon."

"No problem!" Wolf nodded and then he turned his mind back to his mission. "Oh, Hinata, you need to be in the Hokage's office in thirty minutes."

Hinata looked over at her friend. "I have a mission?"

"Yep, I've already told Naruto about the mission, and it looks like it will just be you two. Well, now that my job is done, I'm going to release myself. See you later, Hinata!" Wolf's clone waved and released himself with a pop.

"N-Naruto-kun is going to b-be the only other person on the m-mission?" Hinata asked herself breathlessly as she tried to contain her happiness and nervousness.

It took a few minutes for the Hyuga heiress to start back on her way home to clean up before heading to the Hokage's tower.

While eating her cinnamon roll along the way, she smiled even more and felt her face start to burn slightly. 'I am going to be alone on a mission with Naruto-kun!'

Yes, Hinata Hyuga was having a great day.

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