Lady Gaga is female.

Someone should have warned me.

But NO. I just spent upwards of $3000 on beautiful, lacy leotards and wigs shaped like bows, etc., and now I find out that I bought women's clothing.

Well, at least that explains the expression on the checkout lady's face...or, I should say, the smirk...

In fact, I've been laughed at all day. I for one believe these clothes are FABULOUS. At least the wigs hide my choppy bowl cut...

Which reminds me, I've been intending to rant about this for a while...

Every time I meet someone, they instantly assume I'm a girl.

And once they find out I'm a guy (which, contrary to what Jane believes, I AM), they instantly jump to the conclusion that I'm gay.

And there's nothing wrong with being gay...unless you're straight.


(Shutup, Jane.)