I've had this idea in my head for a while now, however the last chapter from 'Alphabet recurrences', where Brennan was pretending to be a stripper prompted me to actually write this. I've written a few of these over the last couple of months, however I wasn't going to post them because they are not B/B's usual characters. I think it's called an AU story- not exactly roleplaying- but B/B are still the same people- just not the FBI Agent/ forensic anthropologist we've all come to know and love.

This chapter, Booth is a cop pent on discovering the identity of a mysterious vigilante- however, he uncovers more than he bargained for.

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(Title from Green Day's 'She's a rebel')

Symbol of resistance

His eyes shot to the narrow alleyway opening, the unmistakably ear curdling sound of a bullet being fired through the air forcing his legs into action as he skidded to a halt at the scene before him. A man lay lifeless on the cold, gritty floor before him while a pool of crimson liquid trickled from the shot wound gouged into his skull. Booth's eyes flickered up just in time to see a man high tailing over a wired fence.

"Freeze! Police!" He proceeded to chase the perpetrator through the darkness of the alley, jumping and sprinting after the man while pulling his weapon from his holster.

Bastard. Almost got him...just...

Booth had just rounded the last corner of the seemingly never ending backstreet when he stumbled across a sight he never thought he'd see in a million years.

The audible sound of a man's breath being knocked out of him caused Booth to stop and stare incredulously as he witnessed the display of heavy beatings and merciless (and relentless) ass kicking being inflicted upon the man cursing on the floor.

But Booth wasn't surprised by any of that.

What really caught his eye was the way this fellow apprehender worked, their small body frame making quick movements while thrashing the shit out him, while their long, thin legs made fast work of meeting their foot with the guy's stomach.

In high heels?

Booth was speechless as he watched the attacker seize their continuous blows and tuck a piece of loose hair behind their ear. He wasn't close enough to judge whether this person was female, however if their toned, feminine body was anything to go by, then Booth was pretty sure that this murderer had just had his ass handed to him by some rebellious, super chick.
What the hell?? A girl in heels beat him to it? That just wasn't right...

Booth must of shifted his foot because no less had he thought about approaching this mysterious woman that her head snapped up and Booth was met with a pair of glistening blue eyes.

The breath from his lungs was whipped out of him as he saw for the first time her body stepping out of the shadows and revealing every inch of her beautifully measured form. His eyes darkened at the way her hips swayed invitingly side to side, the irresistibly tempting curves of her body highlighted through the sinfully tight black pants she wore, while her top half was voluptuous and pert, just like her ass. So good he wanted to rub his hands all over that firm little rear.

Her eyes were firmly fixed on his own, even as the space between them began to disappear, until she stood right in front of him. Closer up, Booth realized the true extent to her beauty, the delicate features of her face were almost too stunning to behold and he could feel the heat rising up the back of his collar.

She was almost close enough to touch.

"Can I help you?" She asked bluntly, flaring her eyes ever so slightly while her eyes looked him up and down. Why did he suddenly feel naked??

"I um...Yes actually. But first-" Booth went to move around her as he saw the bloodied man on the floor attempt to rise up from his painful position.

"Oh please," She rolled her eyes and picked the guy up by his throat. "if you cops weren't so wrapped up in some pathetic string of law enforcement jokes, then I wouldn't have to do your arrests for you." She flicked her wrist and within seconds the guy was back on the floor, gasping and choking from the tight vice like hold she'd placed on his windpipe.

Dusting her hands triumphantly, the smug woman turned her head and shot Booth an obscenely sexy smile. Booth gulped, however was reluctant to back down to the challenging tone of her smooth husky voice.

"And who exactly is this, besmirching the Police's good name, may I ask?" He smirked right back.

The woman's smile widened as she sauntered back to the space she once occupied.

"I'm sorry, I don't give my name out to strangers...although," She raked her eyes hungrily over his taut, enticing form, her tongue darting out to moisten the line of her pink lips. "I'm sure you're no stranger to meeting lone women in alleyways."

"You'd think so, but apparently not a lot of young ladies go around knocking the lights out of wanted serial killers." He returned her heated gaze and was delighted to see a flicker of desire burn in her eyes as she took another step closer to him.

"Just doing my job." Her whisper sent shivers down his spine and he immediately conformed to the small distance between them.

"The Police's job, you mean?"

"Well like I said," She tilted her mouth up to his ear. Booth's eyes closed and he swallowed simultaneously. "cops are cops, but when it comes to chasing down solitary criminals in the middle of a deserted alley," She grinned and let her warm breath heat the shell of his ear. "be a cop. And let the experts show you how it's done."

And then she was gone.

Booth's eyes popped right open as he searched the closed off street corners, scanning the roads and pathways for any sign of a female shape or form exiting the boarded off access ways around the deep mouth of the back street alley.


Gone without a trace.

Kicking an empty cardboard box, mostly out of frustration, Booth made his way over to the wounded son of a bitch on the pavement.

He had just met the most sexiest, gorgeous woman of his dreams and now she was nowhere to be seen. 'She probably doesn't want to found...that's why she didn't give me a name," He thought ruefully and placed a pair of shiny shackles around the guys wrists. "well if she wants to play it that way, then I'm game, baby. Whether she likes it or not, I'm gonna get the truth out those damn perfect lips of hers.' Booth grinned and shoved the guy in the back of his police cruiser.

This time tomorrow, that smart mouthed little beauty was going to meet a very dark side of Seeley Booth...

Waiting around the back of an old warehouse, Booth eyed the pavements in front of him, leaning casually up against a brick wall side with his hands cradling the trigger on his gun.

He sighed.

He had hoped to see her before this time, wanting to have a lock down on her whereabouts so that he could set his plan to action. However, it appeared that his little friend wasn't biting tonight.

"Where are you?" He whispered just as a black shadow rounded the corner, right in his line of view. Booth instantly recognized the tight bun of wavy ringlets hanging right above her shoulders, that slender, petite body of hers (that he knew would fit perfectly around his) swaying deliciously in his direction.

He was ready.

Hiding back behind the wall, Booth stood quietly, holding his body in place while he listened to the distant echo of her heels clicking across the empty street concrete.

Make a move. He encouraged himself and as soon as she was within 10 feet in front of him, Booth began to trail quietly after her, making sure that his breaths were small and his footsteps were subtle. She was moving at a leisurely speed, her obliviousness to Booth's presence making her unknown to the close proximity of her follower.

He could almost smell the familiar perfume flutter through his nostril holes, the sweetness yet seducing nature of it making him deliriously excited and he quickened his steps.

There was almost a two yard gap between them when she turned around and stopped him dead in his tracks.


"Why are you following me?" She accused him, placing both hands on her hips and glaring moderately at him with her sea blue orbs.

Booth was lost for words. Think...think...

"Police protocol. I can't let a potential witness walk away from a crime scene like that, plus I didn't get your name, Miss...?"

She raised an eyebrow and stepped once again in Booth's comfort zone, his personal space now full of her scent and gorgeous image.

"I didn't give it," She sassed right back and tilted her head to the side in question. "what's the real reason you're wondering the streets after dark? Did you lose another suspect or did you just want to find out my name?"

"First of all, I didn't lose a suspect last night. You beat the shit out of him and left me to pick up the piece of crap after you were done," Booth inched forwards, a smile playing at his lips. "and yes, I did want to find out your name, though a number would be good too."

The woman stared at him wearily for a second, either not sure of how to answer him or contemplating whether to knee him in the groin on punch him in that sexy face of his.

"Screw you."

The words were supposed to be dangerous, however were said in a much more suggestive, sultry tone...a tone that sent hot blood straight to Booth's already tented boxers.

She took a step back and glared at him through scorching navy fires.

"Now if you excuse me, I've got somewhere to be..." She began turning around, however was cut short by a strong pair of hands grabbing hold of her arms and holding her back against a wall.

She gasped and struggled against him, attempting to break and thrash herself free of his grip. No such luck...

"Let go of me!" She kicked him in the leg, still wildly squirming in his arms as he boxed her in between the wall and his hard body. "What do you think you re doing?"

His eyes were almost black when he lent in and mimicked her earlier position the night before, when she had possessed the upper hand.

Not this time, babe.

"I'm being a cop," His words froze her as she looked up into his face and relaxed her body ever so slightly against his. "now tell me what I want to know or else I'll-"

"You'll what, officer? Arrest me for making you look bad in front of a perp or for not giving you my name?" She questioned and braced her hands against his chest, fully content with being surrounded by his muscular arms and torso.

"One. Damn. Name...it's not that hard, so are you going to tell me?" His lips ghosted against and for a split second he was just dizzy on the feel of her soft, heart shaped lips.

"Make me." The woman whispered and then gasped as his mouth came in full contact with hers, sliding and sucking her into a deep, erotic kiss. She nipped at his open lips and soothed them with her tongue, right before he crashed both mouths together and molded them into a breathless duel of tangling one another's moans together.

Placing a knee between her open thighs, Booth buried his hand in her hair, desperately trying to bring her closer to his aching body. He could feel her eager hands doing the same thing, her lust idled mind wanting to feel skin to glorious skin contact as she unbuttoned his shirt and hugged her legs around his waist.

Feeling her hands sprawling across his chest, Booth flung the rest of his shirt off and attempted to pull off hers, finding no success as her ravenous mouth latched onto his completely bare neck and tasted the deliciously masculine essence there.

Finally freeing his hands long enough, Booth pulled her top over her head and set to undo her jeans, his fingers finding trouble with the small button above her midriff.

"Come on..." He groaned in satisfaction as the button gave way and he unzipped to find a ungodly sinful piece of garment over her moist center. It was dark violet like her bra and Booth almost lost it on the spot as she grasped hold of his belt buckle and yanked both his trousers and boxers down, resulting in his painful erection's new imprisonment.

Her tight little hand.

He bucked into her palm and growled as she stroked him fondly, obviously impressed by what she saw and felt.

"Mmm...I want you..." She moaned and kissed him up his collarbone, biting and sucking occasionally when she found a sensitive area.

Booth couldn't take it anymore.

Snapping off her bra, Booth couldn't resist swirling his tongue over one of the pointed buds before hooking his fingers in her panties and ripping them off her body.

Now it was time for the games to begin.

Placing her dripping center right over his erection, Booth slid perfectly into the intense heat that surrounded his cock deep inside her core. She gasped wordlessly and dug the heels of her shoes right into his ass.

Booth grunted and began to rock slowly against her, gaining some momentum as she cried out in uninhibited pleasure.

"Yes, yes....oh yes! Ah..." She moaned and clench herself innerly around his pounding member. "harder, oh god.."

He complied and drove into her relentlessly, burying himself again and again in her molten hot canal and impaling her with such force that she was seeing stars as her head hit the wall behind her. Booth slid his hand up the back of her head and protected it from the rough brick material. Such an act might have been considered loving and tender at the time but Booth just wanted to make sure she didn't get a concussion from mind blowing sex up against a wall. Though he was considering it deeply...

"I wanna know your name still...please." He huffed and quickened his thrusts, hoping to draw it out of her just before she climaxed. She shook her head and and her eyes rolled back in ecstasy as he hit a good spot and hammered directly onto it each time.

"Ah...oh, Its...ah...it's Temperance." She almost wept as she felt the pressure becoming too much and her release nearing. He rewarded her and clasped hold of her buttocks, slamming into her three more times before she came hard and fast riding him.

"Oh my GOD!!!" She cried and chanted incoherent phrases and curses, the intensity of her orgasm sending her off in a spiral of never ending pleasure and spasms.

Feeling her come, Booth bucked himself also to an earth shattering release, his hot seed spurting through him like lightning as he gasped her name over and over again.

Her name.

A name that would forever stay with him until the day he'd die. A name so beautiful that it meant trouble from the beginning. A missing link on the brink of worldly destruction.

A symbol of resistance.

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