Inspired by Green day's song 'Rest'. It's from the lyrics and it's a brilliant song.

Summary: One Seeley Booth wakes up alone, chained and bound, deep in the hull of a ships cellar. He has no idea why he's down there or what purpose he serves, but things are about to heat up for this particular prisoner...

Disclaimer: Nope. Not mine.

The gleam in your eyes

At first I thought I was back in the bar; the lights were dimmed and my body was literally lurching with nausea.

How pissed was I last night?

I groaned as my head swayed uneasily to the side and my eyelids drooped closed under the heavy pressure of my hangover.

It felt like someone was rocking me back and forth, except from all directions; first the floor would rise up and careen me upwards, then the room would tilt and creak in a sort of unbalanced motion. The movement didn't help with my headache and I immediately went to cradle my forehead. That's when I noticed my arms were locked.

Struggling and pulling at the restraints, I cursed in a disoriented haze; my mind buzzing and requiring the physical strength to free my hands from the tightly bound chains around my wrists.

No such luck.

After moments of frustrated, drunken effort, I let out an exasperated moan and let my head fall back against the wall I was propped up against. My arms relaxed and hung limply above my body while my eyes fluttered open for a brief look at my surroundings. The place was small but spacious; the only furniture taking up the hardly expanse room being an old armchair that had been pushed right to the far corner of what appeared to be, a cellar.

The floor was bare planked and dusty, while trunks and ornaments lined up in untidy stacks along the faded walls around me. The only light offered came from a row of silver, brass lanterns, hanging decoratively from the ceiling.

Okay...not in the bar anymore, that's for sure.

Just as I was about to close my eyes again, the room violently lunged forwards, causing my body to lift and slam harshly into the wall behind as the chains prevented me from leaving my spot on the floor. That's when I knew I wasn't on land.

For a moment, I simply listened to the sound of my breath shallowing, before yet another raging thrash of something forceful knocked against the cellar's side; the sensation and noise reminding me of all those sailing trips I used to take with my Father when I was a kid, and how the vicious waves used to rock against our small boat when the wind picked up. The sea had never been kind around my homeland docks...the current had always been too strong for any real boating out there.

Unless, of course, you had a large ship of some kind....

My eyes widened as the vast realization of it all hit me and settled sickeningly in the pit of my stomach.

I began frantically thrashing against the iron chains once again, although hopeless in my attempts to escape, panic had sunken right to my gut and I became desperate in my endeavors to free myself from the confines of this ship. A pirate ship.

I should have known from the moment I had woken up, where I was. There had been many sightings of pirate escapades all over the land, so much so that authorities had initiated secret raids and searches for any buccaneers who matched the criteria of a typical pirate. Many ways of how they had made it over the border had come up as a case of stow aways on Englishman's ships and illegal transportation through goods. I had just never expected to see them in such large formations at public bars...

I should have recognized when a large group of ragged men in dirty satire had shown up at the small Inn I went to, to get drunk after working my same miserable job as a blacksmith, day in, day out. I had been so secluded with drowning my sorrows in rum and alcohol that I hadn't noticed the scoundrels walk through the doors and stop ruthlessly in front of the bar, plunging the entire room into silence. Then there had been a loud crash and guns began shooting; soon many spectators were vacating the premises while others were being ordered to drop to their knees and hand over their possessions. I had been watching the entire scene unfold and through my intoxicated daze, I tried to figure out what to do next.

I stumbled over some bar stools and tables, because at that point I was just trying to escape the gunshot firings like every other man in the area was. I recall falling, during all the ruckus, but not being knocked out cold.

And ending up here.

I slammed my head back and swore to the emptiness that enveloped my surroundings. How could I have let myself be kidnapped by pirates? It was bad enough that they were taking me far away from any real civilization, but what were they actually planning on doing to me once they figured out I was no good use to them as a prisoner?

A hundred scenarios ran through my head; all of them ending with either a gun to my head or a plunge into shark infested waters.

And to be honest, I didn't really know what was worse.

"Bastards." I muttered and closed my eyes once more. If I was going to die at the hands of some notoriously thieving hijackers, then I refused to let certain death get to me. I would be killed with dignity, not begging for mercy while the sons of bitches watched me suffer.

Seeley Booth was a man of honor and strength; not a sniveling coward to pirates and black sheep alike.

Just when I was hoping to fall back into another dreamless sleep, I heard a door slam overhead and footsteps resounded down some stairs nearby.

They were coming.

Thinking fast, I closed my eyes and supported my head against one of my naked arms, pretending to be asleep, hoping that whoever came down the staircase to the cellar was just doing their rounds and would leave me be for a couple more hours at least.

Hearing the footsteps get louder and closer, I dared to squint an eye to check the passageway at the end of the room. There was silence for a second, until the door creaked slowly open and I was forced to close my eyes and wait for the person to enter. The door slid closed again and at first I thought the person had left...until the click of someone's heel reverberated gently against the hardwood and towards to where I sat.
I prayed to God in hope that the individual wasn't bearing any weapon or blade in which to finish me off with.

Just when I thought this guy couldn't get any closer, I heard the distinct scuffle of someone's shoes halting to a stop, right between my open legs.

Shit. Don't blink, don't breathe...just pretend he's not there.

I could feel their gaze penetrating my body and squeezed my eyes tighter. Whoever was leering over my body was sure getting a good look, as I sat for moments, waiting and dreading the next move that would surely come in the next minute or so.

That's when I felt it.

The most softest skin to ever come in contact with my face, swept across my cheek and curled beneath my chin, tilting it up towards the light.

"Open your eyes." A gentle voice broke through the silence and sent a shiver down my spine. Bracing myself, I hesitantly let my eyes flutter open, curiously taking in the sight of the newest occupant to the room.

And when I did, it took my breath away...

Staring back at me, through the deepest, most serene blue eyes I've ever seen, was the face of something truly mesmerizing. Her shiny, brown hair framed around her face and made her delicate features stand out beautifully, while her lips were just a whisper away from my own parched mouth, so tempting and plump.

For a moment I believed that God had sent an angel down to save me from my cruel, terrible fate.

My eyes were wide and I was unable to speak; almost afraid that I would break whatever spell I was under. She was looking at me so intently, almost examining my facial expressions and I had no idea what to say. I had questions; How did I get down here? What are they planning on doing to me? Are you one of them?

That last one was playing in my mind. She certainly didn't look like a pirate; she looked well groomed and clean...and she smelt really good. I mean really good.

Like a hunger awakening inside of me, I was instantly drawn to the beautiful maiden in front of me.

Swallowing hard, I tried to speak, but the soothing press of her finger on my lips prevented the words from leaving my mouth. My eyes immediately darted down to where the pad of her digit softly rubbed between my top and bottom lip and my jaw twitched noticeably.

Meeting her eyes again she smiled at me from her knelt down position and used her other hand to stroke and pry open the tense lock I had on my jaw.

Her touch was so nurturing and soothing; it was as if I was melting beneath the warm softness of fingers.

My eyes had already closed by the time I felt her combing her hands through my hair, her blunt nails scratching ever so slightly into my scalp. The sensation made me groan and for a moment I simply forgot where I was and just focused on the innocent pleasure I was receiving.

I felt her lean up and place a delicate kiss on the back of my wrists, where the chafing from the metal chains had been most sensitive, amazingly removing a lot of the built up strain from where I was bound. Once she had completed that, she took a couple of steps back to look at me again, this time giving me the full view of her body.

I know it sounds perverted and disrespectful to just ogle and gape at a woman's body, but hers...hers was something else.

Never before have I seen such voluptuous curves on a female's body. Her breasts were full and pushed up from the belt she wore around her stomach, while the trousers she had on were tucked into her knee length boots.

She was dressed in men's clothing, but looked as sexy as hell, standing tall and proud before me.

I realized I had been staring and averted my eyes bashfully; my long forgotten manners bringing a blush to my cheeks as I tried to look anywhere other than the pleasing sight of the womanly figure above me.

"It's okay to look, you know." Her breathy voice made my head snap back up in attention and I eyed her in question. She laughed slightly before bending down and hovering her face right in front of mine.

"You're a man, aren't you? You're entitled to admire or appreciate the female body, correct?" Her breath tingled against my mouth and I looked at her as if dumbfounded by the question. Her hand came up to stroke the side of my cheek and chin once again; where morning stubble was met with feather light fingers. And it felt so good, that I could sense the familiar stirrings down below in my trouser region awakening and responding to the beautiful goddess who was almost sat in my lap, she was so close.

I felt like some pathetic fool, getting aroused for something as mild as someone holding your hand or pecking you on the lips, but that was exactly what was happening.

And she must have noticed it too, because her eyes traveled down southwards and remained fixed on my bulging crotch, momentarily, before her gaze landed on my face again.

I couldn't believe it.

Those great orbs of brilliant blue were now as dark as the sea itself, thrashing and crashing in obscure waves of lust and desire...and I've been with my fair share of women, to tell you that I know when a woman is looking at you with the intent of seduction in her eyes.

I watched as she slowly licked her lips and let her hands wander down my shoulders and onto the planes of my chest.

My groan must of provoked her even more into domineering mode, because her hands began pulling at the seams of my almost open shirt, the remaining few stitches that were still intact, being ripped apart and discarded up my arms. My chest was now on full show for her hungry eyes to take in, and she began running her hands over the lines and nipples of my torso.

I thought I was dreaming; no way, no how, was I being ravished by a pirate. A very fine specimen of a woman, I'll admit, but a pirate all the same.

I opened my mouth to speak, but I was pleasantly silenced by the sweet crush of her luscious lips, pressing against mine in a wet, vigorous kiss.

If I was shocked before, then I must have been having a stroke when her pink, little tongue entered into my mouth, sliding and swirling while her hands explored the uncovered skin of my body.

It was almost torture not being able to use my hands to touch and feel her delicious form while she fully straddled me and continued to assault my senses with her intoxicating taste.

Feeling her tugging on my trousers, I immediately lifted my hips up to allow her access to to the shorts I wore beneath, as well as the straining package that begged release from the confines of my underwear.

I gasped as those exquisite hands pulled down the remaining article of clothing that allowed her full view of my cock.

"My, my..." Her breathless whisper encircled my ear as she licked and nipped her way down my neck. I hissed as she grabbed my manhood and stroked it sensually up and down, hardening it and making all the blood rise up in my girth. I was so enraptured in the erogenous feeling of her hand grasping me, that I hadn't anticipated her next move...

"Wha-?" I felt the weight of her body lift and watched disappointingly as she got up to stand before me once more. This bafflement was short lived, however, because as soon as she was standing on two feet again, she began removing her clothing from the upper part of her body, much to my pleasure and eager eyes to behold.

I took in the sight of her naked breasts and my mouth began to salivate in anticipation; the roundness of her creamy molds of perfection making me want to just swirl my tongue over her pointed peaks until I was lost in the flavor of her skin.
The torso half had been magnificent; what with her flat stomach and beautiful chest, but the bottom half certainly met to my ravenous needs just as equally...

The trousers and panties fell from her body and my gaze locked on the enticing smooth appearance of her long, toned legs. Starting at the feet, my delirious desire only grew as I approached the small patch of curls that landed between her thighs and the wet heat that lay in line with my head, almost taunting me.

She really was something else.

Trying to control the excitement that overwhelmed my body, I waited impatiently for her to return to my lap. When her bare bottom touched down on my thighs, I almost bucked up and dove straight into her; the knowledge that she was hot and ready and just inches away, creating sexual turmoil in my gut.

She continued to stroke my face like before and pepper my mouth with blinding kisses, until she had apparently had enough and guided my cock to her entrance.

There was this unreadable gleam in her eyes that I had never seen before on a woman; such a look excited me further, and I thrust my hips upwards and managed to edge myself inside of her.

We both gasped and she looked at me with a sultry grin that was completely different from the smile she had previously worn upon meeting me.

She sat herself fully on top of my shaft, taking me deeply inside of her before she slid off and slammed back down again. My eyes nearly crossed with pleasure as she repeated the process a couple more times before amply riding me up and down.

She made soft little 'ah' sounds which soon turned into heated moans, as she forgot the slow rhythm she was currently using and began moving with wild abandon; the intense rifts of sharp pleasure creating unbelievable pressure on my sensitive cock.

If this was what heaven felt like, then hell to it, I'd let the pirates kill me any day if it meant having hot sex with this woman, while chained to the wall, for the rest of my life.

"Oh god." I grunted and thrust upwards again, causing yet another wave of euphoric sensations to rise in her sex and she immediately clamped down on me, quickening and hardening her pace. Her thighs clenched on either side of mine and it felt as if time was standing still as our moans became more urgent and gratified.

The rocking of our bodies was making my shackles clink and rattle in protest, as I felt my climax arriving harsh and fast at the base of my cock. Just in time too, because as soon as I latched onto my blinding holymotherofgod release, I felt her body quake and erupt into several shattered pieces above me.

"Ah yes! Oh, god, yes!" Her cries spurred me on as I reached my final spurt of hot relief, the immense pleasure finally washing over me for a nth time before slowly easing to a halt.

As we lay there, panting and throughly satisfied in a sweaty tangle, I knew that if I were to be killed on this God forsaken ship, that at least I would die with a smile engraved permanently into my face.

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