15 Things You Didn't Know About…

Buzz McNabb

1. He LOVES Crab Chips!

2. When he was a kid, his classmates used to tease him by buzzing around him like bees. Then he had a major growth spurt in fourth grade and no one teased him anymore.

3. He is a Batman fanatic. He has all the Batman movies, Batman: The Animated Series, even Batman pajamas.

4. Buzz is a surprisingly good poker player. I know you're thinking, Buzz? That childlike young man? No way! But it's true. He has been playing since he was eight years old. The day he beat his grandfather, his whole family took him out to dinner for a celebration.

5. His wife, Francine, is always extremely scared for his safety. Buzz always assures her nothing will happen, but sometimes, he has nightmares of awful things. Getting shot…getting stabbed…letting a fellow officer die… Those are the worst.

6. He honestly believes Shawn is a psychic.

7. One of those "awful things" he dreamt of was being killed by The Joker. Way too much Batman…

8. Buzz never wanted to be a cop. Then one day, he went into a small shop to buy a bottle of pop. He didn't know it, but he had walked in on a robbery. The robber had a gun pointed at the cashier, who was struggling to open the cash register. Buzz gasped and bumped into a shelf. In the moment it took the robber to turn around, another man in the store was able to tackle him and pin him to the ground. He cuffed the man and took out his gun. (Good thing he was an off-duty cop, huh?) Later, Buzz was talking to the police and the same cop came up and asked what he wanted to do when he grew up. Buzz said he wanted to be a professional poker player. The cop scowled and said, "Listen, anyone can keep a straight face and get lucky in a card game. But it takes true courage and integrity to get evil off the streets. Trust me kid, you were born to be a cop." And there was never any question after that.

9. Buzz never saw Grease.

10. He has two sisters and a brother. His father is dead.

11. You may recall he took dance lessons before his wedding. Well, Buzz not only did the tango and Viennese waltz, he also did Thriller. Perfectly.

12. Lassiter is Buzz's role model, even though he scares him sometimes. He really wants to be like him. Buzz made the mistake of telling the Chief this once and she got this really weird look on her face…Huh.

13. Buzz is actually a nickname for Sage.

14. He misses trick-or-treating with a passion.

15. Buzz is 6'5". He has hit his head on numerous lamps, doorframes, etc.

Author's Note: Sorry it took soooo long! Batman and Crab Chips are totally me. But others are based on the actor who plays Buzz…Sage Brocklebank! Is that not hilarious? He goes through his whole life as Sage Brocklebank and then gets the role of Buzz McNab. Can they not give him a normal name? Anyway, he really is 6'5" and a professional poker player. Seriously? Buzz, a poker player? Who should be next? I'm rather stumped. I'm thinking the Chief or Mary or…IDK.