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"You need to get that looked at," mentioned Angela.

"It's fine." Hodgins glared at her with his good eye.

"You have pink eye." Sitting next to him, Angela gave a most effective glare right back at him. He nearly flinched.

"Its fine Ange," he swiped angrily at it.

"Were you not unable to open it this morning when you woke up? Is it not all oozy and gross? Babe, if I were to look up 'itchy' in the dictionary, I'd bet my ass that I'd see a picture of your eye next to the definition."

"Why would anyone bet their ass?" He gestured goofily in the direction of hers.

"Nice evading there. Go to the doctor." Angela demanded.

"Why are you acting like an angry nanny?" Hodgins grumbled.

"Why don't you go get your swollen and red eye looked at by a professional before it falls out?" she retorted.

"My eye is not going to fall out."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that if I were you," she hinted evilly.

An hour later they were home. He had very severe pink eye, and should have already had it looked at. The doctor had torn him a new one. Angela took the high road, not even rubbing that tidbit in.

"I was a nag," she offered.

"I was stubborn," he sighed.

"I'm sorry. I just thought you needed it checked."

"Hey, Ange? Could you help me put in the drops? It's a bit tricky to do myself." He was more than capable of taking care of himself. He could decide whether or not to go to the doctor. Grown man or not, if Angela wanted to take care of him, even by fussing over something as small as a bacterial eye infection, than he'd better damn well make sure she felt needed.

So when she teased him for needing help, he didn't really mind.

AN: I've noticed that women get more nervous about being sick than men do. I mean, my dad once got his hand caught and tore off the first layer of skin and didn't go to a doc even after it turned yellow. He was like "Oh, it's fine. I'll take some vitamins and Advil." That said, some men are babies if they get so much of a cold. I just picture Hodgins being stubborn, and Angela needing to fuss over him. R/R and let me know what you thought.