" Ashley! We have ten minutes!"

" Hang on Mom, lemme grab my bag!"

Ashley hummed a random tune as she slipped on her shoes and grabbed her purse. She was about to walk out the door to join her Mom when her phone rang. She threw back her head and groaned. The ring tone was a duck! She really had to keep her phone away from Alena. She weighed her options. Should she ignore it and risk something that could potentially be bad? Or pick it up and risk something trivial? It turned the message machine and she heard the wailing of Alena. Again, either bad or trivial.

' Ashley please pick up your phone! It's hor- hor- horrible!' She dissolved into sobbing.

Ashley threw back her head and groaned.

" Ashley, are you coming?"

" Just a sec!"

She flipped the phone open and answered the call.

" What's the matter?"

" They're so cruel! They are so uncaring! They weren't paying any attention all these years! I think they don't ca- care about me!"

" What is going on Alena?"

Her mom frowned as she stepped out in the hallway where Henry was waiting with a tie and a smirk. " Alena- Alena! Calm down!"

" You know what I said about your cell phone Ashley?"

" Not on family outings, I know! But Alena is sobbing her head off and she won't tell me why!"

The British woman frowned and motioned for her phone. Ashley nodded and handed it over.

" Alena- Alena. Calm down. Calm down. What's the matter?" Her mother spoke slowly as she tried to calm her down. The brunette rolled her eyes and passed it back to Ashley. Something trivial! Dear god, one of these days Alena will actually have a problem and she will ignore her.

" What's the matter Alena?"

" They- they were cleaning, and- they threw away my slingshot!" Alena again started wailing.

" Listen- listen- Alena, I have to go. You will have my full attention when I get back. Unless I fall into a sugar coma, which is totally not my fault, and totally not because of a bag of candy I may or may not have stashed in my room."

Oh crap. her mom always had to listen when she said something incriminating. Oh well.

" You had better call me back Ashley Cordelia Magnus, or so help me I will come to your house and duct tape you to a chair and force you to listen to my problems! I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!"

" Of course you do. It's not like you were over yesterday, and three days before that, and the Tuesday and Monday before that, and we've been friends for fifteen years now and this is, help me out Henry."

" Three hundredth, nine thousandth and fifty second."

" Thank you. The really long number he said of times he's threatened me. You know I only feel remotely scared when you type in all caps!"

" Fine. But You will call me back!"

" Yes Alena, you have my word."

" I'd rather have your taser, or better yet your skittles."

" You have a taser?"

" Mom! How can you hear what she's saying! Damnit. Bye Alena."

The blond flipped off her phone with a huff. Henry snickered. Ashley kicked him.

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