-Ashley, Kate, check in.

- Sup.

- Right here doc.

- Package confirmed?

-Aw, Henry's using fancy pants lingo! I'm- I'm so proud!

- Shut up Ashley.

-Make me.

- Be quiet you two! Shoot on my signal.

- Got it.

- Can I shoot at Will?

- Yes, I suppose.....

- Hooray!

- No Ashley, the other Will!

- Why would you want to shoot me?!

- To see you hop about in pain and agony before realising it was a blank shot and I'd never shoot you.

- Aw, thanks! I think!

- I wouldn't because then I'd get in trouble.

- Ashley!

- Just joking, just kidding. Maybe.

" You suck Will."

- Ashley!

- For once, I swear that wasn't me!

- Then who was it?

-Oh yeah.

"Alena shut up!"

" Oh. Sorry!"

- Alena?!

- I told her to stay in the car.

" No you didn't!"

" Alena! If you ever want to another ride to Starbucks, shut your wordhole!"

- Wordhole?

- I can't curse with little kiddies listening.

- Who would be the little kiddies?

- Well, William

- Ashley, one more word out of you and I swear I will-

- Aw, Mom, but you know it's not nice to swear. Besides, they're unloading the dragon.

- Damnit . Alright, move into formation. When they sign the deal, execute the plan.

- Right.

-Got it.

" Don't stop believin... hold on to that feeling...."


- Wasn't me I- "Alena! Turn that down!"

- You two are going to get us killed.

- If I haven't done it yet I won't now! Hee hee!

" Put the radio down missy."

Crap. Maybe she would get them killed.

A/N Yes, just a short filler thing, but I've been really busy since I've switched from home school to public school, and my first day was Tuesday. It's actually pretty cool, and I've had some fantastic people volunteer to help me find my way. Everybody is so nice and welcoming to me, if I had a dollar for every time I heard " New girl! " Are you new?" " Welcome!" Hi!" " How are you liking school so far?" " Hi new girl!" I'd be able to buy Sanctuary and make Druitt come back, muahahaha! Anyway, it's awesome, which is totally abnormal for middle school! Wait... I was digressing I think! Anyway, what I meant to say like ten sentences ago,was because the switch and the ever-bothering family probs, I've been too busy to write. Once everything gets under control, I promise I'll try to write more!