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Based on Rule #14 of Avoiding Domestic Discipline by Cc. (The original rule reads, "If your significant other may be one to disapprove of topless tanning in your backyard make sure he is not at home when you do it. You're sure to end up with a lot more than tan lines.)

#12 Don't resort to pouting to get your way if you know he doesn't like it.

Vanessa Black was miserable. It was hot, it was humid, and she was tired. And she had no one to blame for her misery but herself. She had begged and pleaded to come along on the pack's monthly fishing trip, and finally after five months of being left behind Jacob relented. However, her joy at being the first imprint invited was short lived as the reality of camping, fishing, and canoeing with twelve men finally sank in. She could hardly call the trip epic.

Ness's natural inclination when miserable was to pout till her needs were met, and this method had always worked for her. It worked at home with her parents who instantly gave her whatever she demanded. It worked on Daddy, the strapping Scotsman, who acted as her on-line disciplinarian when she left for college, he would sweetly promise loving kisses and caresses for her tears. And, as she discovered over the weekend, it worked on the pack, who fell over themselves to appease her every whine.

There was one person, however, that pouting did not work for, Jake. In fact, pouting had an opposite effect on him. He never liked pouting, equating it with childish temper tantrums and manipulation. And in her time with her husband she had discovered that pouting would always be met with the same result, a swift and painful trip over Jake's knee.

Despite her first hand knowledge of the consequences of pouting, Ness could not stop herself when the pack met her every need with a simple flash of puppy dog eyes, whiney voice, or pouty lips. Embry met her complaints about sitting for hours in the metal canoe with offers of padding the chair with the sweatshirt off his back. Seth, hearing her shrieks of disgust, offered to not only bait the hooks but also remove all the fish she'd caught. Quil offered to cook and clean when it was Ness's turn. Sam and Jared both took over her rowing duties when she cried about her arms aching and the blisters raised on her hands.

Jake knew that camping, fishing, and rowing was not his wives' strong suit, so until now, he had never allowed her to come along. Over the six months they had been married, she had begged and pleaded for a chance to ride along. So for this reason, and this reason only, he had not put a stop to his pack, or his wife's behavior. However, his patience was running thin and every time the wolves bent over backwards to accomodate her drama queen theatrics he itched to deliver some punishing smacks to her backside and give his pack a piece of his mind.

Sitting in the middle of the canoe Nessie's eye roll went unnoticed by Jacob, but he could not help but notice the shuddering breaths and grumbles that escaped her delectable mouth. And it was then that her petulance had finally put Jake over the edge, and he had finally confronted his wife. "Vanessa Leigh you had better lock it up! I do not want to hear anymore complaints from you, you understand?" he growled, his voice low in her ear.

Vanessa knew that look and correctly interpreted the threat; she knew she needed to change her attitude. But that was all before lunch, because at lunch they served fish, again, her least favorite food. The unappetizing aroma and the lukewarm "fishy" taste, for the fifth time in three days, finally brought her over the edge.

Therefore, when Jake ordered Jared to another boat, and informed Ness that she was going to be paddling the boat for the next leg of the journey she lost all sense and screamed, "No! Get someone else to row your stupid boat! I won't do it!"

Her speech was punctuated by foot stomping, a wrinkled brow, and clenched fists. She looked at him, her eyes swimming with tears of frustration and her lower lip stuck out with a petulant pout.

For one second the world stopped and Jake and Nessie looked at each other in amazement. Jake's eyebrow was raised and Vanessa's eyes widened in alarm, "Guys start without us. My wife and I have something to discuss," his voice was strained as he attempted to calm his growing ire.

Vanessa, however, did not wish to stick around to discuss anything with her husband. Turning, she instead ran towards the boats, hoping that leaving him would ensure that she avoid his discipline. Her mad dash lasted mere seconds till his large hands grasped her arm, bringing her small body in close to his.

"No way baby. You are not getting out of this one. You have been a very bad girl and now you are getting a very stern spanking," he growled menacingly, all the while dragging her reluctant body towards the fallen log that they had used to rest their weary bodies on during lunch a short time ago; sitting himself on the log, Jake dragged Nessie's squirming body quickly over to stand in front of him. Looking up into her face Jake felt his irritation multiply, she was pouting, again. Nothing irritated him more. "Well Young Lady do you know how I am going to distract you from your pouting?" he asked, his voice low and menacing.

More tears stung her eyes, "But Jacob that's not fair. I'm hurt and I'm . . ." but suddenly she found her body upended and a sharp smack to her jean short covered bottom silenced her protest momentarily before a shriek of outrage, shock, and anger broke from her lips.

"First, I will warm that bottom, then we will talk about your punishment," he stated matter-the-factly, amidst her continued loud cries.

She knew that she should not have been shocked. Jake had always been a very dominant, strict, and aggressive man, but still as sore, tired, and miserable as she was . . . he should not be adding to her discomfort with a hard spanking, "But . . . you're MEAN Jacob Black . . . OUCH!," she cried when his hand descended with a rather load crack, " . . . if you do this I will hate you!" she promised.

Her continued theatrics brought another surge of aggravation. It was a warm up spanking, he was hurting her that badly. Besides, Vanessa loved their spanking relationship, and although his punishments hurt, he knew how much she could take, and it was much more then this. She was acting, overreacting really, in hopes that he would take pity and stop. Well, she had another thing coming, "Nothing you say will change my mind little one. I WILL spank you and I won't apologize for it."

The volume of her cries increased, but just like he promised, nothing would distract him from his task. Her bottom began to smart with each swat; kicking was meet with one of his legs capturing and trapping her own; wiggling just meant a iron tight grip around her waist.

Finally the spanks stopped and Jake waited for Nessie to stop crying. "Young lady the theatrics need to stop now! Your pouting, crying, whining, and complaining are finished! You will get a swat for every time this weekend that you pouted and manipulated me and my pack. Go get me the rowing paddle," he sternly commanded.

Dread filled Ness's stomach as she pushed herself off of his lap to walk towards their canoe. The wooden paddles were not only long, but they were heavy and solid. Deep down she knew that her behavior over the last several days was unacceptable, selfish, bratty, and spoiled. She certainly deserved this punishment, but that did not make fetching the instrument any easier. She had pouted a lot over the last three days and estimated she would feel the weight of the oar against her rump over twenty times. Real tears filled her eyes as she picked up the paddle and turned back to her husband.

"Jake please . . . you can't . . ." she plead, slowing her steps; knowing that each would only bring her closer to her throughly annoyed husband.

Ness stopped; just out of Jake's long reach. Jake was having none of that, "Vanessa Leigh Black," as he said exasperatingly, "you begged me to come along on this trip and you have done nothing but complain the whole time."

Not getting up, reaching with his hard eyes locked on her tear soaked ones, Jake hooked his index finger through her belt loop. Pulling her body slowly towards his own, "The pack is doing everything to accomodate you and you are walking all over them. Well I am NOT putting up with it any more," he said as he took the paddle from her tight grip.

Jake set his impromptu implement out of the way, "I am going to pull down your pants and your panties to bare your rosy little bottom. Then you will bend over this log and I will paddle your ass red," he said as his hands moved up to hook into the waistband of her shorts.

Ness's breath quickened in trepidation, as well as desire. Jake's big hands skimmed down her legs as his fingers pulled her clothing. Leaving them at mid thigh, Jake stood and prodded her to lay over the log. Shifting her body, she tried to find a comfortable position, but she stiffened when she felt the wet cool oar lay on the already warmed flesh of her backside.

Ness wanted to bury her face in her arms, to hide from the coming chastisement. A shiver ran up her spine as the oar lifted, beads of water left behind allowed for a cooling sensation. But a sick fascination, to be prepared for what was coming, made her look back.

Two things happened as she saw Jake's substantial frame arch the nasty wooden instrument through the air. First Ness's entire body clenched, bracing herself for the pain that would bloom upon impact. The other was a bubble of laughter that burst from her throat as she saw the comical image of Jake attempting to swing the long oar straight towards her butt.

Her laughter rang, and in the next moment a scream joined it as pain seared across her buns. The force of impact launched her body forward, and the round mounds flattened and painfully reverberated. Tears stung her eyes as the wide paddle left a bruising ache that settled deep in her body, spreading the pain from the tips of her feet to the top of her head. But the silly image of a man well over 6 foot swinging an paddling oar like a baseball bat was still etched in her brain. Ness could not contain the laughter even as her battered bottom throbbed and she braced herself for the next hit all the time thinking, "Oh fuckity fuck this is going to HURT."

But it never came. Ness reluctantly opened her eyes as she heard the unmistakable sound of the paddle hitting the ground. And was greeted with Jake's deep laughter. "Fuckity fuck? (laughter) Who (gasp) who says (giggle) that?"

Blinking unbelievably it occurred to Nessie that she had voiced her thoughts, rather loudly. A cooling hand brushed across her backside making her body jump in surprise. After his chuckling died down he stated, his voice deep and rough, "you have one long red mark across your cute little ass. It is already starting to welt."

Vanessa groaned as he continued to rub, "I think that the canoe paddle might not be the best thing for a spanking. Even for a naughty girl like you," he sat back down on the log pulling her into his arms, "have you learned your lesson about pouting," he asked.

Looking into his eyes Ness answered truthfully. "Yes. I am sorry and I will say sorry to all of the guys. I promise I won't be any more trouble for you."

"Okay, well we will leave your punishment as it stands. But you pout again and you are going over my knee where you will be given this punishment as well as the new one," he promised solemnly, before brushing a soft kiss on her lips.

Her arms wrapped around his neck, and a shiver went up her spine, her bottom tingled with his heated promise. The couple remained seated for a few more minutes, soaking in comfort just being next to each other. But finally it was time to go. Righting her clothing Jake gathered the oar as they made their way to the canoe. Ness made no protests as he placed her in the boat. Once settled he gave her the oar, the one that would forever be known as the punishment oar. Her face turned red and her eyes shot to his, a stunned look on her face. "This way you won't forget," he murmured.

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