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I didn't notice the silence right away.

Eventually, the sound of my breathing became excrutiatingly loud. A shiver passed down my spine, and my senses sharpened. My eyes flashed away from the creamy white pages of my novel, and I looked around me without moving my head, my eyelashes tickling just above my eyes.

It was as though the world had gone silent. The crunch of the leaves was gone; any animal life in the immediate area had disapeared. My heart began to pound. My right hand grabbed the golden pen in my pocket, pulling it out slowly. For the first time in years, I clicked the pen.

The pen grew and morphed, becoming a shinning celestial bronze word, with a double sided blade of 40 inches.

Even with my sword in my hand, something felt off. At any other time, I would have felt entirely safe, holdng my sword, a gift from Athena. As with any other celestial bronze weapon, it would dissintegrate any monster.

And yet…

While the weight of the celestial broinze felt like home in my hands, I couldn't shake the feeling of wrongness. It was heavy on my heart and in my mind. I sorted through my mind, searching for other times I had felt this particular brand of wrong.

Then I recognized the feeling. It had been centuries, and I'd been in a different continent back then. Hell, no one but the aboriginal people had even known the US existed. The very thought made the blood run cold in my veins, and I clicked the bottom of the sword. It shrunk back into a pen and I tucked it in my pocket. I pulled out a gold bow and arrow set that I had put in my pack. The quiver was also gold, but covered in rough leather. When the weight rested in my hands I knew I was right. Celestial bronze was not what I needed. With practiced fingers I strung the bow and slipped the quiver onto my back. It had enough arrows to last me this fight, I noticed, but I would need to make more.

Damn it. Imperial gold was too hard to find anywhere except Camp Jupiter. Which meant I would have to go there. Sigh.

I heard the crunch of leaves and felt the ground tremble. The beast had smelled me and turned its ugly head. I couldn't identify what monster I shot at, but I continued to shoot, sure as anything. Athena's cunning and wisdom ran through my blood. I was as sure with my bow as I was with my sword.

My arrows struck solid, digging into the monster's flesh and making it roar with anger. It couldn't be a faun or a lemure. This monster was much too big. And since I battled a Roman monster, it left only one option.

The Basilisk roared again. When I had realized what I shot at, I kept a safe distance. I had no interest in being killed by thing's poisonous breath. My senses were hyper alert as I focused on the weird mix of reptile and bird. It was much larger than I had originaly thought, with a tail easily reaching twenty feet. This was no small lizard, using its speed to run across water.

In some corner of my mind, I realized how bizarre it was that there would be a roman monster here. Firstly, we were nowhere near Camp Jupiter. Secondly, romans had so few monsters that it was extremely rare to run into one.

I shot arrow after arrow in a steady line, each arrow hitting a target. "You're at the wrong camp, you idiot!" I shouted at it.

Its answering roar shook my bones. I clenched my teeth against the discomfort in the pit of my stomach. The arrows were starting to run dangerously low at my back.

There was something else.

Something stupid.

Something that wouldn't work

Something thatcouldn't possibly work.

But I had little choice. There were only a few arrows left in my quiver. No more than seven. There had been somewhere around thirty when I had pulled it out. I felt a shiver run down my back as I realized I had no choice, unless I wanted to die.

I felt the shiver run down my spine, tingling its way down my back. It spread into my arms and legs, until I felt like it would spark out my fingers. It eased and settled in my stomach. I understood the expression of having butterflies in ones stomach.

I drew all the moisture out of the air, trapping it until it formed a small puddle in my palm. It morphed and grew, becoming a string of water, twisting and turning as it fought its binds. With all the force I could muster, I sent the water towards the outraged Basilisk. It flew at an impossible speed towards the creater, wrapping itself around its wide neck. It had stretched, staying connected to my palm.

I struggled to breath in the impossibly dry air. I coughed, gasping for breath.

In that split second, the monster saw its chance. It roared its fury, stretching my watery rope, which thinned considerably.

"Oh no you don't." I muttered. I closed my fist on the the part that remained in my palm, sending as much of my strength as I could into the thing. It tightened around the Basilisk's neck, until the monster couldn't fight back. With a final battle cry, the thing exploded to dust.

With a gasp, I stumbled back a few steps, until my back crashed into the trunk of the tree I'd been leaning on before the monster's arrival. I let my feet slide forward, sliding down the tree until I was sitting. I rested my head against the tree and closed my eyes, glad for the rest.

With the end of the Basilisk, my water rope had evaporated, making the air breathable. I took a deep breath, revelling in the feeling.

I'd been sitting for no more than 49 secconds when I heard the almost silent thumps of footsteps. No normal creature was that silent, and so I opened one eye. As expected, I could see, in the distance, seven indistinct shapes running in my direction. Within a second they were at my feet.

They were, of course, immaculate. Not a hair out of place. I could imagine how I looked. My face was pale, my clothes rumped. I probably looked like death next to their perfection.

"Bella!" Edward was suddenly crouching right beside me. His hands were on my cheeks, I opened my eyes and they locked with his own liquid gold. "Are you all right?" He asked, his voice panicked. His eyes searched me for any sign of hurt or pain.

"I'm fine." I mumbled. "Some monsters are just too stupid to know where they belong."

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