Tell Me

A.N. The sequel to Second Chances!! Woot woot!

Summary: A year after Jamie's kidnapping and Dean's proposal, Brooke Davis is planning the wedding of her dreams, and despite her fiancée's unconventional attitude, she can't help but be excited. But when the plans of a demon from the Winchester's past--and, to her shock, her own as well--are revealed, she's finding her dreams unraveling faster than she ever thought possible.

It's all in the mood…

Brooke Davis couldn't help the smile that crept across her face as she lit the last candle along the fireplace, sending the living room into a dim-lit trance. She took a step back and put her hands on her hips, admiring her handiwork.

Not too over-the-top, but not too hum-drum either. A perfect Brooke Davis accomplishment.

She nodded in appreciation, spinning on her heel as she ran a hand through her hair.

Dean was finally coming home after nearly two weeks on the road. He and Sam had gotten a call from Ellen, the owner of a hunter bar called Harvelle's Roadhouse, about a sling of murders that had the smell of supernatural all over it. They'd left twelve days ago, the longest amount of time they'd been gone in over a year.

Dean had called her that morning with the news that the demons were toast and they'd be home before eleven.

Glancing at the clock on above the television, Brooke saw that she still had a good hour and a half. Glancing down at her jeans and T-shirt, she shrugged, smiling. Plenty of time to slip into something a little more…well…uncomfortable, but sexy as hell.

Setting the lighter down on the coffee table, she turned to make her way down the hall, but a quick rap against her front door caught her attention. She straightened when the door opened and her godson raced inside, followed quickly by his mother. She couldn't help the smile that split across her face when Jamie launched himself at her, all of his 6-year-old body weight causing her to stumble back slightly at the impact.

"Hi, Aunt Brooke!" he exclaimed, grinning up at her brightly.

Brooke laughed, wrapping her arms around him and pressing a kiss to his forehead. "Hello there, handsome," she replied, smiling at him.

"We're coming back from the studio," Jamie continued, hopping excitedly on his feet. "Momma let me sing into the microphone and everything!"

"She did?" Brooke enthused, looking from the boy to her friend as she stood in the center of the room, arms crossed over her chest.

Haley had a slightly funny look on her face as she glanced around the room quickly, before meeting Brooke's gaze and shrugging. "Miranda will probably throw a fit, but, strangely, I could care less," she said, smiling.

Brooke laughed, nodding, and looked back at Jamie when he tugged on her hand. "Can I have a pudding?"

"Of course you can," she said, motioning towards the kitchen with a smile. She shook her head when he took off at a gallop, and she turned to look back at Haley.

The brunette had taken a further step into the room, that strange expression back on her face as she took in the dim lights. "Sorry to barge in," she said, shrugging. "You know Jamie. Any chance he can get to see Aunt Brooke, he pounces on."

Brooke nodded, shoving her hands into the pockets of her jeans, and shrugged, forcing a nonchalant smile onto her face. "You know you're always welcome, Hales."

Haley nodded, her eyes narrowing slightly at the too-serene smile on her friend's face, before they settled on the dozen candles behind her. Her eyes widened in realization as she let out an embarrassed laugh.

"Oh my God," she said, covering her eyes with her hand as she laughed. "You were totally getting ready for 'welcome home' sex with Dean, weren't you?"

"Haley!" Brooke whispered loudly, her eyes motioning towards the kitchen where Jamie was happily shoveling chocolate pudding into his mouth.

Haley laughed again, shaking her head. "Oh, Brooke, I'm so sorry," she gasped. "I thought Dean was still on the road."

Brooke closed her eyes in humiliation, running a hand through her hair as she laughed. "He is," she said, shaking her head. "He's coming home tonight."

"Hence all the candles and dim lighting and sexual tension. All that's missing is sexy lingerie…" At Brooke's pointed look, she chuckled. "Which you were getting ready to wrangle into before we came barging in." She watched her friend shift slightly on her feet before she smiled. "We'll leave."

"No, no," Brooke said, making her way around the couch. "It's fine, Haley. I'm sure Jamie would love to see Dean." She grinned, shrugging. "Besides, it's not like we can't just sneak into the bathroom for a quickie when the kid's not looking."

Haley barked out a laugh, reaching out to slap her friend across the arm. She smiled, shaking her head, and glanced towards the kitchen. "JimJam, toss me a pudding!"

"Home sweet home," Dean as he shut the trunk of the Impala, gazing in relief at the two story house on the curb he and his brother had come to call home in the last year. He glanced over at his younger brother as he lurched out the passenger seat, groaning as he held a hand against his back.

"I think I need an icepack," Sam said, leaning backwards as he twisted his waist from side to side.

Dean smirked, pulling his duffel bag over his shoulder. "Quit being such a pansy, Sammyboy," he said, making his way up the drive.

"Don't call me Sammy," he heard from behind him, and he chuckled, raising his eyes to the living room window, where a dim light was glowing behind the heavy shades.

Saying that he was excited to see Brooke was an understatement. Twelve days away from that woman's arms was twelve days too many. He had a job to do, he knew that. But after nearly five years away from Brooke Davis, that line of responsibility blurred a hell of a lot.

He fished around in his pocket for his house keys--and the fact that he even OWNED house keys still brought a dopey smile to his face--and stuck the key into the lock. He heard the laughter before he even turned the door knob, and as he threw the door open he was greeted with a bundle of six-year-old enthusiasm, a pair of short arms wrapping themselves tightly around his legs.

He grinned, letting the duffel on his shoulder drop to the floor with a thud, and swooped his "nephew" into his arms and onto his shoulders. "Hey there, Kobe," he said, smiling at the sound of the boy's laughter as he felt his tiny fingers wrap themselves into the collar of his jacket. He shook his head, switching his gaze to the two women sitting on the couch in front of him, and he couldn't help grinning when he saw Brooke's smiling face.

"Hey there, Hotshot," Haley said, setting her glass of wine on the table in front of her. She turned in her seat to smile at him, leaning her chin on her elbow. "Bring me back anything good?"

Dean smirked at her, taking a step into the room. "Sorry, Haley, I left the severed head back at the motel."

"Dean!" Brooke scolded, her wide eyes indicating the child on his shoulders.

He grinned, unrepentant, as he glanced up Jamie. The boy's eyes were focused on the ceiling, in ways only an innocent child's could be. He shrugged. "Sorry."

The door closed behind him, and the sound of bags dropping to the floor echoed through the room. "Who cares, the kid's demented already," Sam said, raising a hand in a pathetic wave as he weaved around his brother and headed towards the stairs.

"I know you are, but what am I?" Jamie chimed from Dean's shoulders, causing the hunter to chuckle when his brother glared over his shoulder.

"Hello to you, too, Sam," Haley said sarcastically.

Sam waved at them again over his shoulder, one hand holding tightly to the railing. They watched as his towering frame ascending the stairs step by step slowly until he disappeared across the landing, the sound of his bedroom door closing following a moment later.

"Man, he's such a ray of sunshine after a hunt," Haley remarked perkily, looking over when Brooke chuckled softly. They smiled at each other briefly before she watched her friend's eyes latch on to the man standing by the door. Glancing over her shoulder again, she saw that Dean's gaze was riveted on the brunette at her side as well. She sighed, smiling, and clapped her hands against her thighs as she sat up. "Well, Jamie Scott, it is about time for you and me to get home to your father. Lord only knows what condition the house is in after he and Clay have been left to their own devices all evening."

Jamie let out a long, stressed out sigh, as if he was only too familiar with his father and his agent's antics, causing the three adults in the room to laugh. He grinned and took a leap off of Dean's shoulders, the hunter's hands tight around his waist as he helped lower him to the ground. He smiled up at his uncle as his mother made her way towards them. "Welcome home, Uncle Dean," he said, taking a hold of Haley's hand as they headed for the door.

"Yeah, welcome home, Uncle Dean," Haley echoed, a smirk on her face as she smacked his arm with the back of her hand in passing. She grinned over her shoulder at Brooke, eyebrows raised suggestively as she opened the door. "Have fun, guys," she sang on her way out, closing the door behind her.

As soon as he heard the door click shut, Dean crossed the room to Brooke, and before she could even stand to her full height, he pulled her into his arms, crushing his lips to hers. He felt her grin against his mouth, and her arms snaked around his waist and up to his shoulders. He sighed at the contact, wrapping his arms around her slender hips and resting his forehead against hers. "God, I missed you, Davis."

Brooke smirked up at him, lifting one shoulder in a shrug. "Naturally."

He grinned, cupping her face in the palm of his hand and brining their lips together again. He closed his eyes at the feel of her warm breath on his face, relishing the sweet perfume of her skin, the silky softness of her hair.

"You know, I had a whole romantic welcome-home setting for you, Mr. Winchester."

He opened his eyes, looking down into her face and smirking at that damn eyebrow that could arch itself in the sexiest way imaginable. "Really?" he baited, letting his arms travel down the span of her body to settle on her hips as he swayed them back and forth slowly.

She pursed her lips, nodding as her arms slid down his muscled chest. "Mmmhmm…and then Haley and that adorable little boy bounced in, and I wasn't able to complete my evil plan."

Dean grinned when her hands slipped underneath his shirt, skimming the waistband of his jeans. Her nails sent shivers down his spine, and his fingers gripped her waist tighter. "Evil plan?" he asked, tilting his head to the side. "Sounds devious."

"Oh, it is," she said, raising herself onto her tiptoes to graze her lips against his, pulling back when he tried to deepen their kiss. She shrugged, smirking. "Full of candles and music and dim lighting….not to mention what I'm wearing under these clothes…"

Dean raised an inquisitive eyebrow, craning his neck downward to peruse her skin tight jeans and T-shirt. "Hmm…and what would you be wearing under those clothes, Miss Davis?"

He watched her take her bottom lip between her teeth, and watched that eyebrow arch even higher as a flirtatious smile crept across her face. She leaned up, pressing her lips against his ear. "Nothing," she whispered, pressing a kiss to the soft skin there.

Dean rolled his eyes to the ceiling, praying for strength against this woman--this addiction that he just couldn't kick. But when her lips traced a path from his earlobe to his jaw line, he realized that strength was in short supply.

He bent forward, catching her legs just behind her knees, and swept her up into his arms. She squealed in surprise, her arms coming up to wrap themselves around his neck and shoulders. He grinned, pressing his lips against hers greedily. "Brooke Davis, you're going to be the death of me."

He felt her smile against his lips. "I'm counting on it."

She pulled his face down to hers again, and Dean chuckled against her mouth, tracing that oh-so-familiar path to their bedroom in the back of the house, never having been so relieved to be back home.

The headlights were bright against her face as the car veered to the curb, slowing to a stop a foot away from her. She clutched the edges of her coat together as she jogged up to the open window, her blonde hair blowing in the night breeze as she leaned down, peering into the darkened interior.

"Need a lift?" the smiling man asked, his bright teeth shining in the dim lighting of the car.

She grinned, rolling her eyes to the night sky. "You would really save me a hell of a painful blister," she laughed.

The man laughed, reaching over and pushing open the passenger side door for her. "No problem," he said, settling back into his seat as she climbed inside. "It's a nasty night out to be walking. Did you have car trouble?"

The blonde shrugged, smiling as she pulled the door shut. "Something like that."

He nodded, shifting the car into drive and pulling back onto the highway. "Where you headed?" he asked, his eyes on the road ahead of him.

He didn't catch the almost frightening smile that crept across the pretty girl's face, or the way her eyes flashed pitch black as she fastened her seatbelt across her chest, her face turned out the passenger side window. "Oh, you know," she said, her eyes fastening on the city limit sign that raced past them. "Just heading in to see some old friends."

She turned back to him, her eyes now a light shade of blue, but the smile still fixed on her face.

The Welcome to Tree Hill sign disappeared into their rearview mirror, fading into nothing but rain and darkness, and the girl could do nothing more than settle back into her seat, that same smile on her face.

Let the games begin…

Yay!! I'm so excited for the sequel!! Hopefully this was a good opener for you guys! A little bit of fluff right before the baddie springs into town.

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