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Hikari's POV

"See you tomorrow Hikari, Vivi!" Lena and Kathy waved.

"Bye!" I waved back then looked over at Vivi "So, horse riding isn't so bad huh?"

She glared at me "It was okay, I prefer my staff though..."

I giggled "Well looks like horse riding passed."

"Off topic for a second, when are you and Gill going to get married?"

I jumped "W-what?"

"You guys have been dating for a while, I was thinking you guys would have a wedding sometime or later."

"No... not yet though..."

She grinned "Cheer up, he will ask sometime, if not you can ask him."

I sighed "Hopefully, Gill is nice but he has issues showing it at times, proposing is a huge step for him to make."


I said good by to her as she went into the Fugu forest then started heading home. I sighed, I was worried that he wouldn't ask me soon, maybe he thinks we can't be together like that, he is just waiting for the right time to tell me that we wouldn't work out together. My stomach turned, it has been doing that for a long time now. I saw something rush past me from the wind. I looked, it was a blue feather. I ran and grabbed it, I looked around to make sure that it wasn't some else's.

"That's mine." I turned around to see Gill.

I just stood there "Um..." I walked up and gave it to him.

He gave me a weird look "You don't have to give it back to the person who gives it to you, it's yours."

I couldn't believe it, I stood there speechless.

He smiled slightly "I want you to marry me Hikari. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"I-I..." I looked down at the feather. My eyes stung.

"W-wait? Why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?" He sounded alarmed.

I did a small laugh "No, sorry... I just don't know how to really respond to someone like that... though I think this happens to everyone at one point in time." I looked up at him and smiled "I want to marry you Gill... very much."

He smiled "So... that's a yes?"

I giggled "Yeah."

He leaned down suddenly and kissed me softly on the lips. I found this whole moment funny and romantic at the same time. I was just wondering about him, then next thing I knew, he was proposing to me. I was very happy that he asked and wanted us to be together.

When we parted finally he sighed "Now we have to tell my father... that's going to be a fun moment for me..."

I giggled "Don't worry."

"It's not me I'm worried about, he will bore you to death with details and stuff like that..."

I smiled "I can take it."

He smiled, took my hand and we started walking toward the town.

Akina's POV

I looked at myself in the mirror, making sure that the ribbon in my hair was in the right place. I grinned, feeling happy that I was able to fix my hair all by myself.

"Akina! Your cousins are waiting for you, you don't want to keep them waiting!" I heard Mama yell.

I ran out of my room "Mama, I fixed my hair by myself!"

She grinned "That's great sweetie! You look so cute. Now you might want to hurry, your cousins hate waiting."

I smiled up at her "Okay Mama, see you later!"

"Alright." I ran over to my little brother, Aki, who was playing with a few of his baby toys "Bye Bye Aki, see you later."

I ran out the door where my cousins Ichiro and Sakura were waiting. Ichiro had light brown hair with a cowlick, and Sakura had short pink hair like Auntie's hair.

"About time you got here." Ichiro said.

Sakura smiled "I like your dress Akina."


Mama came out "Sakura, do you mind giving this to your mom and dad." She handed her a bag of flees from one of the sheep.

"Sure Auntie Hikari!"

"Can we go already, the others are waiting?" Ichiro asked.

"Bye bye Mama!" I said as we ran off.

We met up with Roy, Lucy, Angie, Van, Matt, Dakota, and Hisoka. (Note: Hisoka is Chelsea and Mark's child ^_^)

"About time you three." Lucy said.

"Alright, now that they are here how bout we split up into two teams of five." Van said.

"Wow! You knew that without counting?" Lucy asked.

Van sighed "It isn't that hard, maybe you should do your homework Lucy."

"Maybe you should shut your mouth nerd!" Lucy snapped at him.

"Um...Lucy..." Angie squeaked "Maybe...w-we should...start playing now..."

Lucy huffed "Fine."

"How about for capture the flag we go into groups of two, I mean... to make it more fun and stuff." I suggested.

"I loooove that idea!" Dakota said.

"That sounds neat!" Matt said.

"Alright, how bout we try that then." Ichiro said.

Roy and Lucy paired up, Van and Angie paired up, Dakota decided to go with Ichiro, and Matt decided to go with Sakura. Hisoka went up to me "Do you wanna be partners?" He grinned.

I smiled back "Yep!"

"Great! Now we can beat everyone!"

"Hisoka!" We turned to see his mom running toward us.

"Don't run you are pregnant!" He yelled.

She tumbled on her feet to a halt "You forgot your lunch."


She looked over at me "Hi Akina! How is your mom and dad?"

I grinned "Great! How are you Miss Chelsea?"

She giggled "Very good."

"Mom can you go now?" Hisoka asked.

"Alright alright! You are so much like your dad already..." She mumbled the last part, then skipped away.

"Walk Mom Walk!" He shouted at her, he sighed and turned to us "Sorry..."

"Fine, can we go?" Ichiro said.

"Alright already, can you be patient for five seconds Ichiro?" Sakura asked.

"Alright... 1... 2... 3... 4... 5 let's go!"

We all laughed then started heading out to find the flag. I saw a orange glow zoom past me, I turned "Hi Finn! Do you wanna play?"

He grinned "Yep!"

"Alright! Now we have three people on our team! We are going to beat them so bad!" Hisoka said.

I laughed "Alright, I think I know where the flag might be!" We ran as fast as we could around the island, mama told me stories about this place when she was younger, about all her adventures and times with daddy. I hope I will have even better adventures on Castanet Island, and I have my friends to back me up, and Hisoka.

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