Author's Note: Hello, everybody! This is my second CeltyxShinra fic, and there are many more to come because I absolutely LOVE this pairing, and as of episode 12, it's canon! :D Well, okay, I mostly just love living vicariously through Celty and imagining my head where hers would be, but whatever. This is a short fic, but I think it turned out pretty sweet. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


What was he thinking?

Well, it was certainly consistent with his personality to be standing by the door, a velvet Santa hat sitting on his head, waiting for her to step through and fall victim to the cluster of artificial green leaves and red berries hanging there. It was perfectly natural for him to want a kiss from the girl he'd been chasing after for the past twenty years. Or rather, it would have been perfectly natural for him to want such a thing if it weren't physically impossible.

Even he couldn't be stupid enough to expect her to do some kind of magic trick and somehow make a mouth appear out of thin air. Yet, there he stood, seemingly anticipating just that. She silently cursed him for managing to look so cute while acting like such an idiot.

Baka. You know I can't kiss you. I would if I could, but…

The next thing she knew, she was wrapped up in his arms, his gentle laugh creating a sensation where her ears would be.

"Just knowing that you want to is enough."

His embrace grew tighter.

"Besides, just because you can't kiss me doesn't mean that I can't kiss you."

She then felt his lips softly touching her neck, and she subconsciously returned his hug with one arm around his waist and the opposite hand touching the side of his face.

After a period of time that could have been anywhere from seconds to hours as far as she knew, she took one hand away and reached for her phone.

Thank you.

Author's Note: Don't ask me why I wrote something Christmassy in March because I really have no clue.

4/4/10: Attention! What began as a stand-alone oneshot is now going to become one of many chapters in a oneshot collection. I'm going to be writing a lot about this pairing in the near future, so it just makes sense to put it all together in one fic. None of the chapters will be directly related, though. Also, if you're looking for my 'Fear' fic, I have deleted it because it's not canon, and I don't like to stray from canon, so it's bothering me. If you want to read it again, I can PM it to you. Thank you to all my supporters, and please continue to read my work! -Love, Meri-chan