Though no one knows, and no eyes are left to span over the vast distance of countless eons; some do wonder how the immortal sprang from the hellfire's of creation. Mortals are ignorant forever. Though their past immortal families do rein the underworld coexisting with their own, and marvel at these antique and hushed whispers.

The unique and mystical tale of the four original Super Powers that have hence forsaken this world but not without leaving behind ancient turmoil in their fading footprints, that would soon infest and seed in the very new species that erupted from the Earth; Homo sapiens.

Vampire, Shape shifter, Werewolf, and Gargoyle emanated extraordinary and destructive warring upon an unsuspecting reborn world. Continents were torn asunder, the oceans parted in the uproar of their menacing screams, and humans became endless buffets of nourishment.

Millennia have past, and only few now live who recall and can project the age old wars of these ancient relics.

It just happens that one is about to amble and grace into the landscapes of the new world, and change the live of a descendant of the vampire seed.

Edward Cullen.