Celest Alathielle

Born: 10,700 B.C, Muu

Changed: Age 53

Vampire Age: 12,700 years old

Created By: Sekhmet

Alias: Lilith the Queen

The light of Elysium

Morgan le Fay

The Lady of the Lake


Title: The Vampire Lord of Europe

The Supreme Vampire Lord

Guardian of the Farthest Gate

Species: Lantean (Formerly)

Vampire (Formerly)

True Immortal (Partially)

Ascended Being (Partially)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7

Hair color: Light Mahogany Brown

Eye Color: Dark Crimson

Skin color: Very Pale

Family: Unknown mother (deceased)

Unknown father (deceased)

Tiamat (Ancestor, deceased)

Apsu (Ancestor, deceased)

Timaeus (Ancestor, ascended)

Critias (Ancestor, ascended)

Helios Nosamielle (Husband, deceased)

Calahan Alathielle (Son, deceased)

Sekhmet (Creator, deceased)

Edward Cullen (Lover)

Abilities: Superior physical and mental vampire skills including Telekinesis (Omega), Aura sensing, Mental Shield, Mental Infatuation, Hypnosis, and emotional and verbal communion with Nature.

Special Ability: Pyrokinesis

Fledglings: Olokun Manumba

Gabrielle Emanuele

Marcus Volturi

Affiliation: The Courtship of the Vampire Lords, Elysium, The Powers That Be

Summary: Celest Alathielle, as a mortal, was born on the continent of Muu in the metropolis of Atlantis during the remainder of the 1st vampire dynasty. She was named after a benevolent Lantean spirit whose name meant "Divinity". Her surname was given to her by her mother, meaning "little hummingbird". As a mortal Celest was not born human but as a Lantean, a superior species of humanity that had vampiric traits in its genetic makeup but still looked humanoid. As a Lantean Celest was promised longevity up to 300 years of life, regenerative healing capabilities, psychic talents, and the genetic memories of her ancestors whom she could trace all the way back to Tiamat.

Being born in Atlantis which was seated on a spiritual nexus of power, Celest like the rest of her people was born with the ability to communicate with nature on an emotional level. She had the ability to associate with all forms of nature including plant life, water, wind, and earth which her peolpe called "the spirits".

As an adult Celest was a teacher that taught young Lantean minds the way of communion and tranquility with nature, and also taught the history of the their city. Another subject she taught was the four species that were the Valar, Beolgo, Moriatus and Shurrings, teaching children the signs as to recognize the broods. She was described as very talented in her profession, teaching with love, kindness and appreciation for each and every child no matter who he or she was. During these times she met Helios Nosamielle who she would eventually fall in love with and join in unison (marriage).

After two decades of being together their union brought forth a child when they were both in their mid forty's. Even though they would be considered older to human standards, they retained the youthful appearance of 18 or 19 year olds do to the Lantean lineage, and decreased aging process once they came of age at 17.

Celest sired her son Calahan Alathielle.

Celest, Helios, and Calahan spent many happy years together growing as a family. Unfortunately these times were limited. When a great disturbance was discovered in the balance of spiritual energy the Lantean's uncovered the truth of a great tsunami heading for Atlantis that would absorb the entire continent. The initial rituals to calm it failed so Celest desired to depart with her family and flee to what they knew as the land of Nod, Africa.

When having secured a boat Celest and Helios returned to their home but had to watch in horror as their son was buried and drowned alive, only seconds from being rescued. The memory of her son would forever haunt Celest on a subconscious level so much even that it would conjure him as a guide to Edward Cullen through the maze of her thoughts.

Celest had to be drug away by Helios that left the Atlantis harbor with his wife, ferrying to the mainland. During the trip Helios was gravely injured and lost much energy, so much, that his regenerative abilities were useless to him. Celest had to watch in anguish as her husband too, was slowly fading away. Eventually she reached the shores of Morocco and had lost the will to live, Celest cuddled herself to the dead body of her husband seeking death herself.

She would have succeeded had it not been for Sekhmet that smelled her peculiar odor. When Sekhmet found Celest she was intrigued over the human, as she perceived her, and wished to save her. She bit Celest and injected her with her venom. Sekhmet was a descendant of Ra and carried his genetic memory. As such, Celest Alathielle as a vampire is in possession of both the great genetic memories of Ra, and his greatest adversary Tiamat.

Sekhmet carried Celest a great distance to safety. When Celest awoke to her new life and discovered what she had become she was outraged. So much, that she immediately found her many talents. In her rage she set ablaze several of Sekhmet's acquaintances and telekinetically moved and exploded boulders.

Because she was a Lantean and not human when being turned, and also the first and only pure Lantean to ever become a vampire, she showed signs of abilities that vampires only usually gain after many years on the road to enlightenment. Because of her strong psychic abilities in her mortal years, and when the venom intensified these powers, they manifested immediately after her birth into vampirism.

Once she had calmed Sekhmet marveled in Celest's power and asked her about her origins. When Sekhmet learned that Celest was from Muu, formerly Nedeen, she primarily did not believe her. But visiting the memory of what she saw, along with the legends she knew of, Sekhmet admitted that it must have been true.

Sekhmet and Celest traveled together for about 200 years before they journeyed to Elysium. It was there that Celest met Kronos, the sacred guardian and high priest of Elysium. She remembered the legends of ascension but was unsure what to think of it until allowing Kronos to elaborate on the matter. Fascinated by the mere idea of ascension and shedding herself of the unholy armor of immortality Celest dedicated herself to the crystal path.

She spent the next 2000 years preparing for ascension. During this time she parted from Sekhmet that wished to explore the world further. Having grown close to Sekhmet and forgiving her over turning her into a vampire they split with dry tears.

Celest was the youngest vampire to ever reach enlightenment. After little over 2000 years she had already achieved the stage in which she would soon ascend. It was all due to her ancestors that passed on the genetic gene of the vampire throughout the many Lantean generations giving her a "head start".

Shortly before her ascension dark clouds covered over Elysium as the city was befallen by some apocalyptic end. Celest along with many other vampires made safe passage for the humans to flee and carried the injured out of the city, telling them to go north, towards Kemet. Celest, then, could not explain what had caused the sudden mayhem to wash all over the city. She watched in terror as Kronos was ready to sacrifice himself to the above fire like entity. Attempting to save him she was stopped by her fledgling Olokun, and friends Rusalka and Conterra. Forcibly they tore Celest away from the scene and fled with her into the night.

(Authors Note) – This is where I will stop with Celest's prehistory because it would reveal too much about the sequel in which Bella confides everything to Edward anyway. Besides, you guys already have the highlights :-))

Celest is one of the few vampires that have a physical gift. When she was a newborn vampire she learned that if she concentrated hard enough and used a powerful emotion as a trigger she could set things on fire. This ability was untamed at first, sometimes settings things ablaze without wanting too. Over time she learned how to control her own power. As Celest grew older and advanced further on the path to enlightenment she discovered that she could not only create fire but also manipulate in any way, shape or form. She taught herself how to create flamethrowers and large fireballs, and a plethora of other techniques. Initially after this she thought she had reached the limits of her powers.

Many millennia later Celest learned that her powers had advanced even further. Her ability of Pyrokinesis granted her the gift to manipulate the thermal cohesion of fire. She could manipulate the temperature of the flames she created. This makes her a formidable enemy, possessing the power to incinerate vampires immediately. Celest is also an incredible fighter with many years under her belt and has yet to lose a fight.

Because of fighting numerous Moriatus over the years Celest has grown immune to the deadly screech they unleash to paralyze vampires.

Because of her duty as a Vampire Lord Celest does not have many interests other than helping the souls of the departed to cross through the farthest gate. But when visiting Elysium she enjoys engaging in conversation with the Elysium vampires especially her fledgling Gabrielle and mate Corin. She also grew fond of Geneva and Ambrosio whom she treated like grandchildren. When in Elysium she likes to participate in certain festivities.

With Gabrielle and Corin she has watched several films mainly due to Corin's love for cinema. While exploring the world of Hollywood Celest found "The Wizard of Oz" lovely, "Nosferatu" repulsive, and Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" just plain creepy.

In her long reign Celest only ever sired three vampires; Olokun, Gabrielle and Marcus. Celest discovered Olokun amongst an ancient African tribe that was sacrificing him to the heathen gods in order to bring water unto their crops. Celest, disturbed over the act removed the human's in her path and saved Olokun, turning him into the first vampire she ever created.

She found Gabrielle thousands of years later after he was massacred by a werewolf she was pursuing in northern Italy. When she saw his loveliness she saw great shame in allowing him to die when she had the power to save him. And she did.

Marcus was the only vampire that Celest created after specifically picking him. It was in about 1800 B.C when she found Marcus. The Vampire Lords at the time wished to create an elite that could act in their stead and uphold the laws of the vampire world. Celest found Marcus the appointed leader of his village and became curious. He was the only vampire that she turned without a life threatening cause.

As a very old vampire Celest is physically, immensely powerful. This physical might is only challenged by the power of her mind. As a vampire of considerable age she discovered that about 3000 years ago her body stopped yearning for human blood. She and the other lords explain this as their venom reaching a certain point of purity in which blood is no longer required. Because of this, the Elysium vampires have begun calling her and the other Vampire Lords "True Immortals". Being partially ascended gives Bella a special power. The ability to create a bridge for the souls of unclean death to travel through the farthest gate, and return home to the life stream; the center of life.