(Snake Eyes/OC, Scott/OC) Cobra's operation, Cobra Coast, finally goes far enough to make the Sigma team actually doubt they can do anything about it, until eight people arrive that make it a possible victory for the enemies of Cobra! Until they discover one of the eight is someone they have no intention of working with.

Hi-Tech kept jamming away at the keys. He could see the huge weapons fire. His shield wouldn't hold for long at this rate. He could see the damage as the heat from just that point radiated passed the shield.

"Duke! Duke, are you clear?!" he yelled again.

"Almost! Buy me five more seconds!"

"Oh, I wish it was that easy! I can give you two!" Hi-Tech yelled, pounding away at his system to make it work. It was taking all of his will-power not to talk to his computer, his "normal reaction" to thins kind of situation.

Suddenly, all his green screens turned blue. He watched in horror as someone hacked directly into his computer. "Duke! Move! Someone's gotten into my stuff!"

"How--?!" Duke was cut off and his voice faded.

Scarlet, who'd been standing behind Hi-Tech the whole time gripped hard to the back of Hi-Tech's chair. "How did this happen?!"

Hi-Tech suddenly recognized it wasn't harmful. There were no signs they were trying to compromise the Sigma system. "Duke! Can you hear me?"

"Yeah, it got cool over here. What's happening?"

"Looks like my hacker's not being harmful."

Suddenly, a very familiar voice echoed over all their heads. "Of course not!" it laughed. "I wouldn't hurt any of you after all the help you gave me."

Snake Eyes made a motion. Scarlet stared at the blue screens.


"Heh, this is easy."

Suddenly, Scott's body began to materialize beside Hi-Tech, leaning on the key alter. He was still typing with one hand and checking something on an electric pad in his other hand. He was wearing a black and blue suit similar to the Sigma teams. However, on his earphones that held a visor was the Greek symbol for Alpha.

The visor was shooting info back and forth faster than the human eye could catch.

Hi-Tech took notice someone was appearing behind him. "S-Scott!"

"Huh?" he asked, not even looking at the blond. "Hey, he's getting back in!" Scott suddenly dropped the pad. He tapped his left headphone before he put his hands, open palmed with his fingers spread apart, just over the keys. His eyes were zooming to and fro as the keys punched and set under his fingertips. "Hurry up, Silence! I've only got so long!"

The figure behind Scott fully came into view. He smiled warmly and touched Scott's shoulder. "Keep at it. I'm going to see what's going on."

"Better hurry, Stone. It looks like Silence might need you after all." Scott's hands were slowly lowering to the key alter.

Lieutenant Stone smiled and waved at the trio in the command room. "Helps here. Withdraw everyone here. Scott can protect you."

Scott suddenly winced and his hands slammed onto the key alter. "Impostor!" His hands were furiously going at the keys now, along with the extra keys that were beyond his reach that were being pushed. "This is my fight and I'll win, I swear!"

Stone just chucked and vanished as he turned.

Hi-Tech, not wasting any time, reached across the Scott hologram that was perfectly projected, and pushed the PA button. "All troops, withdraw the the command room. Help has come. We have to fortify ourselves here."


He growled deep in his throat. Why? What was it? How had they even managed that? When had they? Whatever.


He winced again. "They're getting in. Hurry up and reinforce Silence, Firestarter! We don't have forever!"

"Spark, I've got a lock on Duke's location."

"You'd better hurry, Silence, he's surrounded. The Cobra Bats aren't the same. It's our Bats. Sigma's not equipped to deal." He found the source of his misery and gave an evil smile. "Aha, got you now." He started constructing a program from scratch. 'If I can only buy them ten more minutes, the whole team will arrive.'

"Spark, give the order to engage the enemy, please."

Scott's blood ran cold and he turned around. Through the holographic ghosts, he could see the tank with the unknown liquid. He saw her eyes were still closed and he sighed. "I understand." He turned back to the key alter.

---Sigma Command Room---

"Alpha Team! Alpha Team! Formation Stone Silent! Formation Stone Silent is in effect! Engage the enemy and drive them back! I repeat, engage the enemy and drive them back!"

They all heard a response. "Who's orders, Spark?"

"It's not my order. It comes from Mistress Vampire." Scott ran a hand through his red hair before he pulled the goggles off his face. He rubbed his eyes. "Don't make me bite you, Firestarter."

"Aw, okay, Sparky, I'll do it."

Scott turned back to the keys and switched on all of the security cams. "Execute the Formation Stone Silent. I will direct you into position from here." He let his arms hang at his sides and his fists clenched down hard. It was a moment of truth for Alpha.