Tony & Pepper

Pepper stared out the glass window at the Malibu mansion watching the waves as they crashed into the shoreline. Arms crossed over her slim waist, Pepper's eyes began to flutter as she pressed her forehead against the cool clear glass. Working as the CEO for Stark Industries had taken its toll on her energy and Pepper was glad to have gotten at a reasonable hour tonight.

"Hey there stranger."

Tony's rich low voice startled her but she was immediately soothed as she felt his toned arms wrap themselves over her own. His hot breath on the back of her neck and the gentle tickle of his goatee was a comfort that Pepper had been craving all day.

"I missed you today," Tony purred while placing a hot kiss on her neck.

Pepper smiled as she turned in Tony's embrace and placed a smoldering kiss in return on his lips.

"Well maybe if you came to some of the meetings I scheduled you for today you would have seen me," Pepper replied smoothly.

Tony smirked.

"But seeing you now is so much more pleasing. Your hair is down, high heeled shoes off are off," Tony rattled off, "it's really turning me on."

Pepper shivered slightly as she felt Tony's arms caressing her own. The simplest touch from him left trails of fire over her skin. His hands stop when he reached her hands and gently held them in his own. With calloused fingers he ran them over the ring on Pepper's left hand.

"My finest creation," Tony murmured quietly with a hint of lust as he took her hand and kissed it softly.

"I don't think I've ever gotten a better Christmas gift," Pepper replied tenderly but with a slight yawn. Before Pepper could say anything more Tony scooped her into his arms and took them upstairs to the master bedroom.

"Sleepy time, now Mrs. Stark," Tony said with a gentle laugh before placing his wife gently into bed before joining her. All thoughts of using the evening for a different kind of creation left his mind as he quickly changed into sleepwear. As they lay together his hand wrapped itself protectively around her waist.

"I love you Pepper, with both of my hearts," Tony murmured softly.

"I love you Tony," Pepper said with a smiling grazing her features.

As much as she wanted to make love to Tony all night, sometime she just couldn't help herself from wanting to fall asleep securely in his arms. She knew that Tony had more anxious now, more then ever to be a father, but it would have to wait tonight. Pepper's last thoughts before drifting off to sleep revolved around a small figure with rosy cheeks and little hair and she knew that it would soon become a reality for them.

Pepper awoke to sun shine pouring into the spacious bed room. As she turned her head she dejectedly noticed that the other side of the bed was vacant and cold. On the pillow lay a handwritten note and a black velvet box. Pepper read the note quickly, eyes filling with sudden tears of worry and anxiety. She reached for the velvet box and opened it to find a heart-shaped locket. On the inside was a picture of her and Tony smiling. The other side was inscribed. "My Heart. My Life. My Love. Forever & Always – Tony".

Pepper smiled through her tears before getting out of bed. She knew that Tony would come back to her, he always did. And she would always be there waiting for him.