Disclaimers: I by no means own the characters of Harry Potter. They belong to the ever-talented J.K. Rowling. This story is strictly for entertainment purposes and not for profit.

Summary: This is in response to redsugg's Snape challenge. Severus and Hermione have been in love for two years. Suddenly their lives are thrown for a loop. Will they make through together? Read and find out.

Fighting For True Love


It was a beautiful summer day in Rome, Italy. Walking through the ancient city was a couple. This couple was 20-year-old Hermione Granger and 37-year-old Severus Snape. To any on looker they looked like a father and daughter. That wasn't the truth. These two were deeply in love.

"Hermione, how exactly are you 20?" Severus asked.

"I used a time turner 3rd thru 6th year. I gained 2 years." Hermione answered.

"You know, if someone would have told me six years ago that you and I would be here in Rome and in love I would laughed and had them committed." He said.

"I know what you mean. But however it happened I'm glad it did. I love you Severus Alexander Snape." She said as she leaned up and kissed him softly.

"And I love you Hermione Jane Granger." He whispered against her soft lips.

Four days later the couple was walking out of the crowded airport in London. They were heading back to Hermione's house. Her parents had been killed in a Death Eater attack two years ago. As in the Wizarding World she was of age, she was able to live on her own. She had inherited her parent's house. The year before she and Severus had finally allowed their feelings toward each other to break through the surface. They had been a couple ever since.

They hailed a taxi and soon were on their way home. Severus had been spending all school breaks with her since Christmas the year before. After an hour or so they were walking through the front door of the house. They dropped their bags in the forier. Then they curled up in each other's arms on the couch.

"My dear, are you ready for your final year?" Severus asked.

"I can't wait. I got all of my school supplies right before we left for Rome." She answered.

Severus slid his hand into his pocket, he pulled out a green velvet ring box. He leaned down so his lips were even with her ear.

"Hermione my angel. Would you grant my greatest fantasy and become my wife?" he whispered.

Hermione turned to face him. A hundred watt smile on her face and tears glistening in her chocolate brown eyes.

"Oh yes. Yes Severus. A hundred times yes I'll be your wife." She said as she threw her arms around his neck and slammed her lips over his.

He slid the ring onto her left finger. They laid there for almost half an hour holding each other and kissing each other. Finally Severus rose to his feet, swept her into his arms, carried her to the bedroom and kicked the door closed behind them. They made love all night long.

Hours later he laid there holding his beautiful fiancée in his arms.

'Soon my dear, Voldemort will be killed and we will be able to live our lives in peace.' Severus thought as he held her tighter to him.

Suddenly he tensed up and grabbed his left arm. His dark mark was burning. He was being summoned. He slowly climbed out of bed. He walked to the desk, wrote Hermione a note, and grabbed his Death Eater robes and mask, then quickly apparated away.

It was mid afternoon when Hermione finally awoke. She found herself alone in bed. She grabbed her robe and left the room. She walked downstairs.

"Severus? Severus?" she cried out.

Nothing. She entered the kitchen. There was no sign that he had been there at all that morning. Figuring he had something to take care of at Hogwarts, she started some coffee and returned upstairs for a shower. While in the shower she stared at her engagement ring. It was a beautiful Claddagh ring. The heart in the center was a shimmering Emerald. She couldn't wait to tell Harry, Ron, Ginny and Draco.

Draco had changed since their 4th year. Since then he had become friends with Ginny and the Golden Trio. He was also Severus's godson. Those four and the faculty at Hogwarts were the only ones who knew about Hermione and Severus. The faculty was ecstatic, as were Ginny, Draco, Ron and Harry.

She climbed out of the shower, dressed and walked back to the bedroom. As she passed the desk, she saw the note from Severus. It read:


I'm being summoned. I'll see you as soon as I can. Don't worry I will be all right. I love you soooo very much.


Hermione began to shake. She folded the note and ran downstairs. She grabbed some floo powder and called Draco.

"What's wrong Mione?" Draco asked as he stepped through the fireplace.

Hermione showed the letter to Draco. He read it then sat beside her. He pulled her into his arms in a brotherly hug. As he did he saw the ring.

"Is that what I think it is?" he asked pointing at the ring.

"Yes. He asked me last night." she answered.

"That's great!" Draco cried as he hugged her once more. "He'll come back to you. He will be all right. You'll see." he said.

"Thank you. I appreciate it." Hermione said.

The two friends stayed and talked for an hour just until Hermione calmed down, the he returned home. Since Draco had changed, he was now living with the Weasleys, as he was unsafe at his home. His mother was also in hiding.

Hermione waited for Severus to return but he never did. As it got closer and closer to September 1st and still no sign of Severus the more worried she became. Finally it was August 31st.

"I'll see him tomorrow at the feast. Something must have happened and it was unsafe to return here. Yes, that's it. I'll see him tomorrow." She said to herself as she drifted off to sleep. That night as she slept she dreamt of her beloved Severus Snape.