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Rating: R (M)
Summary: Sex vs Love vs Reality

The Challenge was submitted by endlessrain

Author's Note: I started this fic probably going on two years ago, thought I'd try and jump start it as well. My goal is to have these complete seeing as I have such awesome readers.

-Chapter One-

Spencer wiped the light sweat from her forehead and took a sip of her water. She clapped her hands and waved the cheerleaders in towards her. "We have a competition coming up next weekend and we've yet to perfect this routine," she said sternly and pointed Madison, "and you've got your footing all wrong."

"I do not!" Madison huffed. "You're just bitter."

Spencer let out a snort. "Oh really? About what?" The two cheerleaders had never gotten along and Spencer didn't see it happening anytime soon.

"I see the way your boyfriend looks at me, Carlin." Madison snickered and jumped back as Spencer pounced towards her, but was held back by Sherri and Whitney.

Spencer shook the girls off of her and she took a deep breath, stepping closer to the Latina. "You better watch your back," she hissed, "I graduate this school year and you're still a grade below me, I'd hate to see you lose your running as head cheerleader."

Madison looked bewildered. "I was just kidding!"

"I'm so out of here." Spencer turned around and grabbed her change bag. "If I don't see progress by the next practice, you all can kiss your free weekend goodbye."

The rest of the cheerleaders jumped as the heavy exit door slammed. "Nice one Mads," Sherri rolled her eyes, "you pissed her off and now she's going to punish all of us."

Whitney popped her chewing gum as she took off behind Sherri, giving Madison a dirty look.


"Goddamnit!" Ashley swore as she ran to the other side of the court where her lifelong best friend dribbled the ball.

"Come on Ash," Aiden laughed as he shot the ball in the basket effortlessly, "where's your game?"

Ashley bent over, resting her hands on her knees as she wiped the sweat from her forehead before following Aiden to the benches. "Coach rode our ass after school, I'm all tired out." She said out of breath and groaned when her back popped.

"Aww," Aiden laughed and nudged her, "so hey, there's a party this Friday at Keaton's place, you in?"

Ashley looked at him like he was crazy. "Fuck yea I'm in."

"Sweet." Aiden smiled and grabbed a towel, wiping his own head off with sweat. "Spencer's coming too."

Ashley made a face and shrugged. "Whatever dude."

"Ash," he warned her and she glared at him, "what is wrong with you two?"

"Us two?" Ashley quirked an eyebrow. "I do believe I've tried to make an effort at getting to know your girlfriend, Aiden," she huffed, "the problem is that she doesn't want to get to know me."

"You'd be right." Spencer said, coming up behind her boyfriend and wrapping an arm around his waist. "You were supposed to meet me outside ten minutes ago Aiden," she pouted.

"Oh sorry," Aiden grinned and kissed Spencer softly, "we lost track of time."

Spencer's eyes connected with the brunette's and she squinted them a little. "Just hurry up kay? I have to be home early tonight."

Ashley sighed and rolled her eyes. She had no problem with the blonde, just the fact that Spencer had a problem with her - for some odd reason. "I'll call you tonight, Aid." She grabbed her things and started to leave the gym, she turned around and looked at Spencer in her short skirt, "nice legs by the way."

Spencer's mouth went slack and looked at her own legs. "What's wrong with my legs?" She looked at her boyfriend.

Aiden laughed and kissed her forehead. "I think she meant that as a compliment."

"No way," Spencer shook her head, "did you see that smirk she had on her face?"

Aiden wore the same smirk as Ashley and looked her up and down. "I think she was just imagining them wrapped around her waist."

"Perv!" Spencer punched her boyfriend in the arm and scowled. "I'm not having sex with you."

Aiden pouted and rubbed his arm. "No pressure!" He backed up and chuckled. "Come on, let's get out of here."

Ashley watched from the other side of the gym and sighed heavily. Spencer was the most beautiful girl she had ever laid eyes on but she was Aiden's girlfriend. Her best friend's girlfriend. She kicked herself for not telling Aiden how she felt about the blonde before they started dating.

But Aiden was happy and she didn't want to ruin that.

One last glance at the couple sharing a kiss, she slipped out into the heat of the day and made her way home.