this is my first story. A Maiko even though I hate that couple I felt like writing one for some odd reason. So Mai is in the colonies and Azula never picks her up like she did on the show. Instead she meets Zuko again you'll see how. It begins while she is in Omashu from her POV. Enjoy!


It was New Years. What used to be one of my favorite holidays. My family and I used to celebrate by going to the annual festivals they'd always have in the heart of the city. I loved the fireworks the food seeing everyone, friends, family etc. But not this year… or the year before… or the year before… or even the one before that. Nope I have to spend my favorite holiday at home with only like five people because unfortunately my family and I are stuck in the stupid boring colonies.

Yeah, basically ever since we moved out to this God forsaken place I haven't really done anything fun or worthwhile. In fact all my little fantasies about how fun and awesome my teen years would be have completely fallen by the wayside since my Dad was assigned to come 'civilize' the people here. You know how many kids at my school of 400 people are from the mainland? Five. Seriously. Only five people to hang out with. Five people who don't totally hate my guts and are in fact on the same boat as me with the whole school loathing us thing.

Truth be told, I was excited when we first move out here. I thought we'd run this place, that I'd be one of the school's elite and that the native kids would be intimidated by us homelanders. That was so stupid of me. How is a population of 495 supposed to be intimidated by 5 people especially if the only intimidating thing about us is our nationality?

Anyways so its New Years and I'm in my room with those five friends of mine basically doing nothing but wasting time talking about stuff no one really cares about.

Nao sits on my bed with her legs crossed. She's the most extreme out of all of us. In terms of everything. She's loud, tall, and way too outspoken for my own personal tastes. The most annoying thing about her are her constant rants about how much she hates our school, the color green, how superior we are and how ridiculous it is that we should be outcasts in a place full of inferiors. Like I said way too extreme. Tons of people hate her guts. She's actually one of the nicest people I know though once you get past that initial 'whoa that girls crazy!' impression. She also cares too much about appearance for me. She's always stylish with one of those a-symmetrical haircuts and stuff. She rants about that a lot too like' Why do I put so much effort in looking good when there's no one in this damn school to look good for'.

Then there's Kai. He's so spoiled. He's really funny though without trying. I used to think he was hot but then he started dating Nao so I basically quashed those feelings. He has a twin sister Khuu who is the quietest girl I know. I usually forget she's even there. And the last one of us is this half breed girl Lin. The natives call her a sellout since she's mixed and chose us. I don't blame them. She really is a sellout. She tries way too hard to fit in with us and it gets incredibly annoying.

"And he wrote back yesterday but I haven't even opened the letter yet!' squeals Lin. I don't know who she's even talking about since I've been accidentally tuning them out with my own thoughts. I do that a lot. My friends love to say I'm the only sane one in the group since I'm the calmest and the quietest. I agree but I don't tell them that since I know they're only joking.

"Wait who?" I ask

"My creepy cousin I set her up with" says Nao grinning

"He's NOT creepy we already established that!" retorts Lin.

They continue with their arbitrary conversation as I remember back when New Years used to be fun. Yep. Amazing how things can change.