Stephanie stood in front of the five demons with The Book of the Fallen in her hands. The only book that could send these five assholes back to Hell. She was ready for anything they had. She didn't care if she died that night sending them back to Hell. If she only sent one that wouldn't be enough. She had to send all five back to Hell.

"Stephanie," said the Paimon…the leader. The strongest. "It's been a long time; you've finally found us all. You're such a brave girl for coming alone."

"I've been tracking you for six years by myself. Why would I have anyone else help me?"

He grinned and walked around her eyeing her up while the rest of them stayed still staring at her, reading her soul. "You have the book."

Stephanie smirked. "Scare you?"

"How'd you find it?" He stood right in front of her now staring his black eyes straight into her soul.

"That's the other thing I've been tracking but it only took me two years to find it. It was in a Pastors care. Somehow he knew I would be coming for it."

"And what was this Pastors name?"

Stephanie sneered at him. "You should know one of your buddies killed him about four years ago."

He laughed. "Ah, Meg. She was fun to send on small errands especially her father, Azazel. But we did have someone steal the book back from you, Belial."

"Yes, but he's dead now isn't he."

"And how did you pull that one off I wonder?"

"Enough small talk!" yelled Andras. "She's just touring with us."

"She's just eager to play," said Gremory, one of the few demons that are actually women.

"Perhaps," said Paimon turning back to look at Stephanie. "Are you teasing us?"

"She's just so eager to play." Gremory started to walk towards Stephanie and Paimon but he hissed something in Latin making her back up to where she was.

Paimon looked at Stephanie and ran a hand down her face. "So eager to play…have you forgotten what happened the last time you were alone with one of us. You spent a month in the hospital and now that you have all five of us do you really think you'll just go into the hospital?"

"No, in fact I'm counting on dying but I'm bringing you assholes down with me!"

Stephanie opened the book and started to read from it but Paimon wouldn't take it. He growled and picked her up throwing her into the wall. She slid down it blood pouring down from her temple.

Chuck sat straight up in a pool of sweat. He's been having dreams of Stephanie Valentine for a month now. And just like the Winchesters he's been writing it down. Her whole life has passed through his dreams for a month now, from the time she was ten to now.

Chuck knew he had to stop his last prophet and knew who to call. The Winchesters.

Dean and Sam pulled up to Chuck's house after getting a four in the morning wakeup call from him. The brothers were both wearing sunglasses and were both tired. They've been driving for hours to get to Chucks. They went to knock on the door when Chuck opened the door and walked down the hallway. Dean let out a tired and annoyed sigh as he and Sam followed Chuck down the hallway.

"What's this about Chuck?" asked Dean as Chuck handed both of them coffee and the three of them settled in the messy living room.

"I don't know what's going on," said Chuck running his hand through his hair. "Usually I'm seeing you two in my dreams, you know the whole prophet thing, but lately it's rarely been about you. It's been about someone else."

Sam pushed his sunglasses on top of his head and leaned over putting the cup on the coffee table. "Who?"

Dean relaxed into the uncomfortable crummy couch and listened.

"This girl, her names Stephanie. It started about a month ago I saw her as a child, around ten years old and now…my last vision." Chuck shook his head. "Look I wouldn't be having these visions if I didn't think there was something I could do to stop it."

"So we have to protect a ten year old?" asked Dean cringing at the idea of a ten year old girl tagging along with him and Sam.

"No, a twenty-six year old."

Dean raised his eyebrows now interested. He sat up putting his coffee cup on the table.

"But I'm telling you she doesn't need protection. Since she was twenty she's been hunting."

"Why?" asked Sam.

Chuck took in a deep breath and got up.

"Her father had died when she was twenty and before he died. He told her what he did and the reason he's dying for it."

He walked to his desk grabbing a stack of papers. Chuck handed it to Dean who had his hand outstretched for it.

"Everything is in there about her," said Chuck as Dean flipped through it. "From the death of her father to her favorite type of ice cream."

"And you want us to help her?" asked Sam. Dean and Sam were still a little confused about why Chuck had called them to talk about some chick that is a hunter and supposedly knows what she is doing.

"My last vision was of her going up against these five demons…"

"Five?!" asked Dean surprised looking up from the page he was reading.

"Yes five. She had this book in her hands. It was the only book that was able to send these five demons back to Hell and stay there for good."

"What was the name of the book?" asked Sam.

"I forget look on the last page."

Dean flipped to the back and read through it. He found in his reading she was strong and didn't let her fear show towards the demons. He sort of admired that and he didn't even know the girl. He read further till he got to the book.

"The Book of the Fallen?" asked Dean looking up.

"I've never heard of it," said Sam.

"It's the only book that can send those demons to Hell."

"But why? Can't she do a full on exorcism?"

"No, these demons are strong. Stronger than any other demons that you two have gone against. These demons are like the God's of demons."

Dean and Sam glanced at each other. "Do you know where she's going to be?"

"Ten miles from here, in a town called Trenton. She's going to be at the local bar. You won't miss her…she'll be the one in the fight."

"The fight?" asked Dean cocking an eyebrow at Chuck and he just nodded making a face.

Dean and Sam pulled up to the local bar later that night as Chuck instructed them to do. The two got out of the car and looked around.

"Seems pretty quiet," said Dean.

The two of them headed towards the bar when someone got thrown out of the window. The two of them looked at each other.

"Quiet?" asked Sam as a crowd started to form around the guy and then they heard yelling. It was a girl yelling. She had climbed through the broken window and started attacking the guy.

"I think that's her," said Dean. The two of them pushed through the crowd to get to Steph. They found her on top of some drunken ass idiot punching the crap out of him.

"Ok, Cat woman I think he gets it," said Dean grabbing her as she continued swinging.

"She with you?!" yelled a guy at the window.

"No!" she yelled as she got out of Dean's arms. She grabbed her bag from the guy at the window.

"Don't you dare come back here!"

"I wouldn't dream of it! You're Whiskey sucks ass!"

She turned and made her way through the crowd and Dean and Sam followed.

"Hey!" yelled Dean as they caught up to her.

She turned around quickly looking at them. "What?"

That's when both men got a look at her. She had long dark brown hair, almost black and the iciest blue eyes they've ever seen. She had a few cuts on her arms probably from when she jumped out of the broken window and also on her legs.

"You're bleeding," said Sam.

She looked down at herself. "Guess so. I'll stitch myself up later."

"We can help," said Dean. She just raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Sorry buddy, didn't you see what happened to Porker over there. He used a sleazy pick up line and tried to put his hands on me and you see what happened there." She shook her head running her hands through her hair. "I need to make the bus before it leaves. Hope you two liked the show." She pulled her jacket on and started to walk away from them.

"We know who you are!" yelled Dean.

Sam just gave him a look and Steph stopped in her tracks.

Dean looked at Sam. "What? I had to say something." She turned back on her heel and looked between the two of them. "You're Stephanie Valentine. You're a hunter, been hunting a few demons since you were twenty when your father died. You have a book that you carry around with you. Your favorite song is Ramble On by Led Zeppelin," Sam gave him a strange look. "Your favorite color is red, you love the feel of the ocean breeze on your face and your favorite ice cream is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough."

Stephanie swallowed hard staring straight at Dean as he stared back at her. Ok, so he read more about her than he let on, he was interested and hey it worked.

"How do you know all that?" Dean and Steph kept staring at each other as Sam looked between the two.

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