They have been back at Bobby's for a couple days and whenever Dean and Steph tried to be alone it seemed someone was interrupting them or coming in. Even for them just to talk, Sam, Bobby or even Castiel would intrude on them.

Steph closed the glass door of the shower and wrapped her arms around Dean's neck pulling his wet naked body close to hers. She let out a small moan as their lips connected. They parted smiling at each other. "See we found a spot where we can be alone."

His hands ran up and down her now wet and smooth back. "Never thought that could happen."

She laughed as he bent his head down and kissed her again.

In the past couple days their feelings for each other grew stronger than before and they both knew what it was but were both afraid to tell each other what they were feeling.

They continued to kiss heatedly in the shower their hands roaming each other's body. They moaned into each other's mouths as they groped each other.

Someone cleared their throat and they turned to see Castiel standing there. Steph let out a small scream and hid herself in Dean's chest. Dean growled angrily and turned Steph out of Castile's sight.

"Does privacy mean anything to anyone anymore?" asked Dean. "What is it Cas?"

"We all need to talk."

Steph looked over at Castiel. "What's up?"

"In ten minutes."

With that Cas walked out both Dean and Steph looked at each other with concerned looks. Steph sighed and looked up at Dean who was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and his eyebrow arched. "Sorry…I didn't know he'd want to talk." She went to open the door and Dean grabbed her from behind and brought her back to his chest.

"So," he said kissing her neck. "You going to leave me like this?" His hands ran around to cup her breast in his hands. He squeezed them hard making a small moan escape her throat and then he grinded into her causing her to moan again when his cock hit her clit just right.

"Dean…" she whined knowing he was going to get her all worked up for nothing.

"He said ten minutes."


"Oh fine. But you know when all this is over. The whole apocalypse, your and you are heading somewhere warm for a week," he pushed her against the bathroom wall, "where I can take full advantage of you without any interruptions."

She sighed placing her hand on his chest and looked up into his eyes, "Promises, promises."

Once Dean and Steph were dressed they went downstairs to see Bobby, Chuck, Cas and Sam.

"Chuck what are you doing here?" asked Dean rolling up his flannel sleeves.

"Came to see if my vision was true," he said with a smile.

"What vision?" asked Steph. "Was it about me?"

"All three of you actually." He looked at Sam. "Sam."

Sam looked at Steph and Dean. "It's done, the translation, everything it's done."

"The exorcism?" asked Dean looking around at everyone, "You mean to tell me you figured it out."

"Yeah, we can finally finish Lucifer off. We can finally kill him."

Steph smiled seeing the hope in Dean and Sam's eyes. "So what are we waiting for?"

"Tomorrow night actually," said Sam, "that's the only time we will be able to do it. On the night of the eclipse, where evil can be seen by everyone and evil is weak while good is powerful. It's the only way."

Steph bit her bottom lip thinking if all evil was weak she would be able to go after the three demons that were left. She looked up from the floor and caught Chuck's eyes and he nodded knowing what she was thinking.

"So what are we doing sitting around here?" asked Dean with a small smile playing on his lips, "Let's celebrate probably our last night on earth or an early celebration of killing that son of a bitch."

The others smiled as Bobby brought in a case of beer. Steph was sitting at Bobby's desk in his chair with a bottle of beer in her hand that she hasn't touched. She watched Dean, Sam and Bobby playing poker in the kitchen while Cas and Chuck talked in the living room. She smiled at the others knowing what she was thinking could be dangerous and could kill her but if tomorrow was the only night evil's veil was weak then she was going to do it, she was going to do it alone.

Dean placed his cards down and laughed at Sam and Bobby's faces. "He's truly like his old man," said Bobby and Dean smiled at him and he looked over at Steph who was sitting by herself.

Sam looked over too and then looked back at Dean. "She ok?"

"I'm not too sure but I think I know what'll turn her mood around." He smiled at them as he got up. Sam shook his head as he took Dean's seat at the table.

Steph looked up at Dean as he sat down on the desk in front of her, "Now what's a beautiful woman like you doing in a place like this?"

She smiled, "What's a man like you hitting on a beautiful woman like me?"

He laughed as he grabbed her hand standing up, "Come on."

"Where we going?"

He just smirked. "Come on."

She got up following him out the door and walked towards the Impala. He sat on the hood and brought her up in front of him sitting between his legs. She rested her head and back against his chest as they both stared up at the stars. Dean rested his chin against her head and tangled his hands with hers. "What's going on in that head of yours?" he whispered to her.

She frowned still staring at the stars. "You wouldn't like it."

"Try me."

She let out a deep breath and held continued to play with his hands. "Sam said tomorrow is the only time evil will be weakened."


"That means every evil will be weakened."

Dean looked straight ahead as her words rang through his head. He knew where she was going with this, "Steph…"

"Dean, please listen to me. Tomorrow may be the only chance to kill the devil and Sam needs you on that and tomorrow may be the only chance I have at killing those demons."

"And who's gonna help you with them?"

She looked down at their hands as a tear slipped her eye, "I don't…" she stopped as her voice cracked, "I don't need help with them if they're weak. But this is the devil we're talking about and Sam is gonna need all the help he can get with the exorcism. He needs you Dean."

"And I need you, Steph don't do it." He moved so he was looking at her and he saw how she was struggling with this.

"This is the only way Dean. The only way I can kill them."

"Do you even know where they are?"

She nodded. "I tracked them." She laughed a little, "Seems like they've been tracking me, they're close."

Their eyes met and she put her hand on his cheek her thumb touching his lips then caressed his cheek. "Dean…I-" She swallowed hard looking away then looked back at him, "I love you, I've never loved anyone before and I don't even know if this is love but I think it is."

Dean took in a deep breath and let it out. His hand was on top of hers that was resting on his cheek. He leaned down and kissed her lips softly, a small tear escaping his eye, "I love you so much, you have no idea."

She laughed her own tears falling from her eyes, "I may have a small clue." She sniffed and looked back into his eyes. She leaned up and kissed him softly, "So what do we do now?"

He smiled a little as his hands ran through her hair and he looked her over. His right hand ran down her face and to her left hand where his thumb caressed the back of her hand. He looked down as his thumb traced over her ring finger and he looked up at her, "Marry me." It was more of a command then a question and she moved back a little.

"What?" She was looking more surprised than anything. She didn't know if she heard him right.

"Marry me, right now."

She looked into his eyes searching to see if he was joking or not. "Dean are you…"

"I'm positive. I want to marry you; I want you to be mine…forever. Please."

She opened her mouth words not coming out and she looked around trying to figure out the right answer. Was she ready for this kind of commitment? She looked back at him. "Right now?"

"Yes, right now because tomorrow, tomorrow may be our last day and I just want to know for one day that you were at least mine…"

"I am yours Dean no little paper is gonna say otherwise."

"But I want you to be Mrs. Dean Winchester."

She bit her bottom lip and nodded, "Ok, yes, let's go get married."

The two got off the car and Dean kissed her. "Are we gonna get Sam and the others…"

"No, not time," he said as he opened the door for her and she got in. She couldn't believe she was doing this. She was eloping with Dean. She looked over at him as he got into the driver side and he looked at her. She gave him a small smile as he leaned over and kissed her.

Sam came running down the stairs towards Bobby and the others, "They're not up there."

"Where could they be?" asked Cas and they looked at Chuck and saw he was being quiet.

"Chuck," said Sam walking up to him, "you're being awfully quiet."

"Chuck," said Bobby and Chuck looked up at them and had a small nervous smile. "Well I really don't think it's my business to tell you guys."

"Chuck! Where are they?"

Before Chuck could answer they heard the Impala pull up to the house and they all went outside. "Where the hell have you two been?" asked Sam.

"Sammy," said Dean grabbing Steph's hand, "meet you're new sister in law."

They all looked at the two with wide eyes.

Sam arched an eyebrow, "Say-say that again."

Steph bit her lip as she showed Sam her left hand, "Yeah, uh, we're married. We got married last night."

They all turned back to Dean, "Married?" asked Bobby, "You idjit didn't think about inviting us to this little celebration?"

"It was a heat in the moment sort of thing," said Dean, "we wanted to get it done as soon as possible."

Steph smiled as he turned to her, their eyes catching, and he turned back to the others, "After all, this may be the last day we see of each other."

Sam frowned, "Dean you don't have too…"

"It's not that Sam," said Steph, "I'm going to be going after the demons when you guys leave for Lucifer. I might not make it back."

She gave them all a small smile as she walked passed them. Dean walked around to the trunk of his car and went through everything to make sure it was all there. Sam walked up to him as the others went inside. "You're letting her go after them by herself?"

"It's her choice," he said, "she doesn't want to listen to me."

"So you thought by marrying her she would stay?"

"No, I thought by marrying her she may get some sense into her brain that people do care about her, they do love her, like me." Dean threw a gun in the trunk and closed it. He looked up at Sam, "This may give her all the strength that she needs to fight and kill those bastards and come back in one piece to me. Then we can start over, all of us. We'll fight and hunt for a year or two but I'm getting tired and I'm gonna want to settle down with her one day…hell maybe have a few kids be normal for a change."

Steph stood next to the car as Dean walked over to her. He didn't give her time to talk all he did was take her face in his hands and kiss her tenderly. She wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him back as his arms went around her waist pulling her close to him. Their lips parted, only inches away, "I love you Steph, please just make it home in one piece." He kissed her forehead making her smile.

"Only if you promise to."

He smiled, "You got a deal."

She smiled at him right before she kissed him one last time, "I love you," she whispered and right before she changed her mind she got into the car. Dean closed the door and looked at her as she turned the car on and she pulled away. That may have been the hardest thing he had to watch walk away from him and he couldn't do anything about it.

He sighed heavily as he looked back at Bobby's. It was time. Two battles were going to go on today and his wife and him were part of them. He had a feeling one of them wasn't going to make it out alive; it was a feeling deep in his gut.

Steph hit the wall and groaned hearing the laughter. They were weak but not weak enough. She had to just keep thinking of Dean for her to go on. She gritted her teeth turning on her knees and finishing the exorcism. These three were strong but she had to finish so they wouldn't hurt anyone else, wouldn't ruin anyone else's life. This was her destiny. She was so finish off The Fallen Demons and finally live in peace and let her father's soul rest in peace.

As she continued the exorcism the demons fell to their knees and tried to hold on as best as they could. Steph stared into their eyes as she just continued. Showing them she wasn't weak, she had the power she was in control and she was gonna kill them.

The one tried to move towards her but it was too late. He screamed as his body exploded and the second did the same. The leader held on with a good fight and it was just them two left in the room. He laughed at her trying to weaken her, trying to break her but she knew he was the weak one. He was the one that was going to die not her.

Finally as if it were all an illusion he was gone. The only trace of them being on earth was the scorched marks they left on the floor. It was over, she could move on now.

She looked at the clock to see that it was past midnight. She still had time to see if Sam and Dean were done with Lucifer.

She got into the car and drove back to Bobby's. When she got there she saw a fire had started in the salvage yard. She grabbed her gun as she ran to the back. She saw Bobby lying on the ground and she ran to him, "Bobby, Bobby!" She shook him and he opened his eyes.


"Hey, Bobby, where's Sam and Dean? Where are they? What happened?" She went to get his wheelchair that was a few feet away when he stood up. "Bobby…you can walk?"

"Long story kid," he said and coughed.

"Where's Dean and Sam?"

Answering her question she heard Sam yelling the exorcism. Bobby and Steph ran to the back of the salvage yard where the forest began and saw Sam and Dean standing there fighting with Lucifer. Dean was being held by Lucifer, holding him high in the air by his neck and threw him down.

Sam continued the exorcism waiting for Lucifer to weaken even more and for the end to come.

Dean got up not noticing Steph and Bobby. "That the best you got?" he asked out of breath and Lucifer smirked as a knife appeared in his hand.

As fast as it came the knife was thrown and Steph saw it going straight for Dean. "No!" she yelled and she ran Bobby tried to hold her back but she ran in front of Dean and the knife went into her back.

"No!" yelled Dean as she fell into his arms.

Sam stopped and watched Dean and Steph fall to their knees. Steph looked down to see blood coming from her stomach. The knife had gone all the way through. She began to shake as Dean held her in his arms.

"Look at that Sam," said Lucifer and Sam looked at him, "Ya know you could stop it. You could stop all of this. If you say yes you can save her and Steph and Dean can live happily ever after."

Dean had tears falling freely from his face as he held Steph in his arms. "Steph, come on stay with me ok?"

She smiled looking up at him, "It's not that bad." She winced as she tried to move. "Everything is going to be ok." She tried to convince him as she clung onto his jacket.

Sam looked back at Lucifer and looked back down at the book and he started where he left off. Lucifer felt some pain run through his body. "Sam…don't do this."

He continued and Lucifer fell to his knees and growled. It wasn't a normal human growl. It was a growl of the prince of darkness. The loudest most vicious unhuman growl anyone could hear in their life.

Steph looked up at Dean knowing this was going to be the end, "I-I wish things could ha-have been different," she said in a low voice. She gave him one last smile. "I love you."

"Steph…please no, oh God! No!"

Her hand dropped from his jacket as her head tilted back, lifeless. Just as she died Lucifer had screamed and was sent back down to Hell.

Sam looked over at Dean to see Steph lying dead in his arms and Bobby walked up slowly towards him. Sam frowned, this wasn't supposed to happen. Why didn't Chuck warn them about Steph coming? About her death?

Dean stood in front of the alter he made of wood and sticks. Steph was lying on top of it, her body lifeless and gone. He finished pouring the gas around the alter and pulled out his matches. He threw one in and the fire started. He stared at her as the fire consumed her body. He could smell her around him, her scent as the fire burned her up. Tears fell down his eyes watching her go up with the flames. He held her wedding ring she only wore less than 24 hours. He put it in his pocket and wiped the tears as he continued to stare at the fire.

After the fire was out and her body was gone, all that was left was ashes; he poured them into container and headed to the car.

A half an hour later Dean was sitting at a lighthouse staring out at the ocean. He held the contained close to him and looked up at the sky and felt the ocean breeze hit his cheek. He'd never look at the ocean the same again. That is where he heard Steph talking about her feelings towards him and this is where she was gonna stay.

He stood up opening the container as he threw her ashes out towards the ocean. The wind took her ashes towards the ocean and he watched her blow away with it. He kissed her ring and threw it out into the ocean where it sunk to the bottom.

As he stepped down the concrete steps of the lighthouse he heard her laugh. He stopped and looked around. Her laugh continued till he looked up and saw an outline of her face in the sky. He could have sworn she looked down at him and then she disappeared.

Authors Note: Sorry it took me so long to end this. It was pretty hard to kill Steph off. I loved her character. Who knows maybe if I get enough request there could be a sequel. Hope you enjoyed. :)