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Dear Man Diary,

I feel like such a girl. My "stepmother" made me write in this thing. Thank you, Persephone. She said I have anger issues. I DO NOT HAVE ANGER ISSUES. Just because I'm the son of the God of the Dead doesn't mean I have problems.

She threatened to take away my sword if I didn't "let out my anger". She wouldn't let me call this a journal. Her exact words were, "This is a diary. Not a journal. Deal with it." I'm not going to start calling this a diary because I'm not a freaking girl. So I'm calling this a man diary. Shit, the words "man" and "diary" don't go well together…

When she first told me I had to start writing a diary, I told her to go to hell. But then I realized she was already in hell. And so am I. And so is mostly everyone I know… FML!

Well, at least she let me pick out a manly diary. Knowing her, she would've picked a pink one with flowers on the cover. No. Just no. So I picked one that had a black leather cover. Yeah, it looks so manly. If a diary could ever look manly, that is. I've been careful to hide this diary from everyone. They can't see me writing in a diary. Even though this is a man diary.

I'm in the Underworld right now. It's so depressing here. And people think I'm goth or emo because I wear dark clothes. I'm not goth. I just like black and slightly scary music. And weirdly, I'm sometimes annoyed by happiness. Crap, I just sounded really emo.

I've been spending less and less time at camp. It's just so lonely there. I have no friends other than Tyson, Grover, Percy, and Annabeth.

Percy and Annabeth spend a lot of time with each other now. Hehe, he has an empty cabin all to himself in which he and his girlfriend can spend their time…together.

I once told them to get a room. And Annabeth beat me up. It took me three weeks to recover. Note to self: Never make Annabeth mad again.

Even Grover has gotten pretty serious with Juniper. I told them to get a room once. Grover just gave me a look that made me not want to think about what he and Juniper did together when they were alone.

So whenever I go to camp, the only person I can hang out with is Tyson. And he's not the most ideal person to hang out with. All he does is hug me and pat me on the head while saying "cousin" all happily. Have I mentioned that happy people sometimes scare me? Well, they do. Because camp is so boring now, I prefer to stay in the Underworld. And hang out with…dead people. Yeah, that's such a great improvement.

Actually there's this really nice old dead lady who tells the funniest stories. Apparently, she once had a grandson who went crazy. He was known to eat anything that came within his reach (including a squirrel or somebody's hand) and randomly burst into song in any situation. She once told me about when he started singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star during a wedding. That must have been awkward.

You know you have no life when you talk to dead people. Either that or you're insane. I was probably both.

You know what the most annoying thing about the Underworld is? (Haha, I'm asking my man diary a question. Diaries can't answer. Hopefully. If you suddenly started talking to me, I would be scared. Wait, TALKING DIARIES? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?) There are so many random dead people who come up to me and start talking about their problems. They think I actually care.

There were so many dead souls who begged me to bring them back to life, for various reasons. Too bad I couldn't. Some wanted to be back with their friends and families. Some were finding death very boring (well, duh. You're dead. It's not like you can do anything.) Some Twilight fangirls wanted to go back to the world of the living because they hadn't found their Edward yet. I will never understand why girls like him. He's sparkly! And gay! And whenever I see his face, I have an urge to call him Mr. Sparkles. Wow, I get off topic a lot.

So these random dead people come up to me and they all say something like, "Help me. Bring me to life!" Great, now I'm imagining all of them singing that Evanescence song to me. That would be funny. Maybe I should tell the next dead person who asked me to bring them to life to start singing that song.

Anyway, after they told me that, I would take out my Stygian iron sword and threaten to kill them if they didn't leave me alone. Then they would point out they were already dead. That had happened too many times for me to count. It seemed like I always forgot dead people were dead.

I better stop rambling and write about the interesting thing that happened today. And by "interesting", I mean "completely embarrassing".

This morning, I decided I was tired of all the gloominess and annoying dead people of the Underworld. I decided to shadow travel to Camp Half-Blood to visit my friends and say hi to Mrs. O' Leary.

The journey was awesome, as usual. Well, it was awesome if you like the dark.

When I arrived at camp, I felt an urge to go to bed. What can I say? With great power comes great need to take a nap. I just totally sounded like Spider-Man. Sort of. I feel so awesome.

I was just about to take a short nap in the woods (in my tired state, the hard ground suddenly looked very, very soft) when I saw her. She woke me up immediately. She was about my age—14. She was relatively far away from me, but I could still make out her basic features. She had light brown hair that hung down her back and riveting gray eyes. Even from this distance, I could make out her full lips. She was as pale as a corpse, but she obviously wasn't dead. How could anyone this beautiful be dead? Her pale skin made her look even prettier somehow. She was wearing a black T-shirt, a pair of worn out jeans, and sneakers.

But what really caught my attention was that she was whooping everybody's asses in the sword fighting arena. She beat everyone who chose to challenge her, which was strange because I had never seen her around camp before. Her movements were swift and precise and she moved amazingly gracefully.

In that moment, I knew I had to find out who she was. Damn these stupid overactive teenage hormones.

I began to walk toward the arena, my sleepiness forgotten. Campers looked at me warily and most avoided me. The title "son of Hades" didn't exactly scream "friendly". And my all-black attire didn't help me make friends either.

Finally, I reached the girl. She was taking a break from fighting and was gulping down water from a water bottle. Damn, she was even hotter up close. I saw she was wearing a black Paramore t-shirt and had amazing long eyelashes. I noticed that there was a sheen of sweat on her forehead, but somehow, that just made her look hotter.

I stood next to her with my hands in the pocket of my hoodie, waiting for her to notice me. Finally, she turned her gray eyes toward me.

"Hey," she said. I stood there silently, dumbfounded by her melodious voice. I must have looked like a creeper. But then, I probably was a creeper."Who are you?" she asked me warily. Hmmm, she didn't know that I was the son of Hades.

That was when I should have told her my name was Nico then ask for her name. Then we could've had a normal conversation. But no, Nico di Angelo (Why the Hades am I talking about myself in 3rd person?) just has to blurt out the first stupid thing he thinks of.

"Are you dead?" I asked. Yeah, that wasn't random at all.

The girl looked at me like I was on drugs. I didn't blame her. "No, why?" she asked, narrowing her eyes. She was probably thinking something along the lines of "Who the hell is this crazy emo guy who just asked me the most random, unnecessary question EVER?"

"I—uh…" I mumbled. With that witty reply, I ran away from her to shadow travel back to the Underworld. I'm so manly and not cowardly at all.

So now, I'm sitting in the depressing darkness of this hellish (haha, hellish. Get it?) place writing in this stupid man diary. Go figure, Nico (I'm still talking about myself in 3rd person) isn't scared of dead people but is afraid of girls.

I'm gonna go cry in my emo corner now… FML!

Wait, man diary. You know the emo corner thing was a joke, right? I'M NOT EMO!

I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot more time at camp from now on…

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