Travis hated sick people. They disgusted him. Like, a lot. With the snot and the coughing and the sneezing and the shaking and the moaning and the puking and their laziness (I mean, really. I know you're sick and you're busy hacking up giant balls of mucus every five minutes or so but does it really take that much energy to get up and go brush your teeth to get rid of that rancid breath of yours that smells like ass?), it was just too much.

And just plain disgusting.

So when he heard the violent and nasty, nasty sounds of someone puking when he entered Katie's dorm room that morning after a frantic text of "Help! I need you! :(((", he was extremely tempted to just turn around and leave right then.

"Katie?" Travis called out hesitantly, walking towards the bathroom slowly. The dorm seemed to be empty. An episode of Family Feud absently played on the TV in front of the couch which was completely covered in an assortment of blankets which was scattered with balled up Kleenex. Suddenly the loud hacking and puking noises returned. Travis took a deep breath before stepping through the doorway.

There sat Katie. Her hair was in a messy bun and she was dressed in PJams three sizes too big. Her face was flushed as she rested her forehead against the cold toilet seat and flushed the bowl without even looking up.

"Hey," Travis said quietly, trying to hide the disgusted look from his face.

Katie turned her head to stare at him, a small smile gracing her lips. "Finally," she sighed, sitting up and holding out a hand so he could help her stand.

Travis's stomach flopped as he stared at that hand. From his own experience, Travis knew how soft those hands were - like, really really soft - and he knew that those fingers could work some serious magic. The fingernails were covered in chipped yellow and pink nail polish, and he could tell that Katie had been stressing lately as whenever she stressed, she tended to bite her cuticles. The hand itself was fantastic. What was on the hand wasn't nearly as amazing however.

The thing Travis hated more than sick people was being sick himself.

It didn't happen much. He made it his mission to stay away from all that were sick, so he wouldn't get their illness. Hera probably totally hated him for practically living in her cabin during the winter months at camp.

But this was Katie. This was different. This was the girl he had fallen madly in love with the moment he met her. He was just going to have to suck it up and deal with it.

So with a deep breath, Travis closed his eyes and grabbed her hand (covered in millions of nasty, nasty, sick germs) pulling her to her feet with all his might.

When she got to her feet, Katie stumbled a little, dizzy from the sudden movement. Travis winced slightly when she grabbed on to his sweatshirt for support and leaned into him heavily. Breathing the same air as her was one thing, but he got over it. The touching was almost crossing the line, but he dealt. He even sort of liked it when she nestled her head in the crook of his neck and they just stood there in each others' arms.

But then she coughed.

Right on to his neck.

It took all of Travis's willpower not to start crying.

"H-How 'bout we get you to the couch?" he stuttered, trying not to push her away from him too fast. She nodded silently and padded out of the bathroom. Travis let out a sigh of relief as soon as she was out of sight and immediately ran to the sink. Snatching up a washcloth from the cupboard, he drenched it in water before rubbing at his neck viciously until it was red.

"Are you getting me a wet washcloth for my head?" he heard Katie call.

Travis turned the water off and ringed out the small towel. "Uh," he stammered. "I sure am." With one last final scrub, he rushed to the couch but not before taking a deep breath of fresh, only slightly contaminated air.

Travis held out the washcloth limply. With a smile, Katie accepted it, nestling deeper into her blankets and placing it on her forehead. He stood there awkwardly and watched. Part of him wanted to go get more blankets and medicine and help her. The other part wanted to run from the room all the way back home where he could take a really nice, long, hot shower with lots of soap.

"Do you think you could put Cars on for me?" Katie asked, bringing Travis out of his thoughts. She stared up at him through her eyelashes with wide eyes. He wondered how even with chapped lips and messy hair and a runny nose, she could still make that sexy. Travis nodded his head before popping the movie in with a sigh. Katie had probably touched that DVD case and the open button on the DVD player. He shuddered.

"There you go," he said shakily, nodding a bit and standing back up. Travis didn't move as the disc started up and the previews flashed upon the screen.

Katie glanced up at him warily. "Well aren't you going to sit down?" she asked, pursing her lips and raising her eyebrows. She sat up and placed the washcloth on the coffee table before bringing her knees to her chest to make room for him.

"Uh," Travis stuttered, trying to think of some way to let her down easy. With those dark eyes and those pouty lips, how the hell could he do that? "O-Okay." He nodded and sat down on the opposite side of the couch, as far away from his girlfriend as possible.

Katie glared at him angrily from her seat. He pointedly avoided her gaze, only having eyes for the DVD menu. There was no way in hell he was going to touch that remote. Can you imagine how many germs would be on that? Ew. No. Gross.

"What is your problem?" Katie exclaimed. Travis dared a glance in her direction but regretted it immediately. The fierce look in her eyes made him cringe.

"I-I don't have a problem," Travis mumbled, looking back at the TV screen once again. He could just imagine the signature "bitch, please" look he was probably missing out on right then.

"Bull shit!" she said loudly. "You're completely ignoring me!"

Travis shrugged, still avoiding eye contact. "I wouldn't say I'm completely ignoring you..."

"You're disgusted by me, aren't you?" Katie asked, ignoring his comment. "Aren't you?"

"I don't know if disgusted is the right word..." After a few silent seconds, Travis glanced back up at her cautiously. Katie stared at him, her mouth slightly agape and not just because she couldn't breathe out her nose.

"This is amazing," she muttered under her breath to no one in particular. "My own boyfriend is disgusted by me."

"I said I wasn't disgusted!" Travis insisted. "It's just . . . I really hate sick people," he whispered.

"You... What?" Katie exclaimed, eyes wide in disbelief.

"I hate sick people. They're just always puking and sneezing and moaning and groaning and gods! They're so annoying!" Katie glared at him, eyebrows furrowed in anger. "I mean- you're not annoying!" His voice softened and he averted his eyes a bit. "Well, not yet anyways..."

"I can't believe this," Katie mumbled to herself once more. Travis was getting worried that this sickness was starting to really mess with her mind. Nobody talked to themselves that much. At least not out loud.

"Really?" Travis asked. "I thought I actually made it pretty obvious. I mean, why did you think I spent so many nights in Hera's cabin during the winter months at camp?"

Katie could vaguely remember going to camp over Winter Break and seeing Travis sneaking out of Cabin 2 every morning. She had always thought that it was just Travis, being his slutty self by sleeping around with some girl in a virgin goddess's cabin, no less. When she heard that he spent the nights alone, she made up her own conclusions. "I always thought you just had a weird fetish for peacocks. You have always liked Katy Perry. Plus, always being stuck in a cabin filled to the brim, I figured it would be pretty hard for you to . . . you know . . . enjoy yourself. Have fun with the flick of a wrist. Tame the tiger. Chop down the morning wood. Ma-"

"I get it," Travis interrupted with a small smile, holding up a hand. "And, just for your information, peacocks do nothing for me. I'm really more one for donkeys." He raised his eyebrows suggestively and dropped his voice to a tone he hoped sounded sexy. It just made Katie laugh.

"A donkey?"

"Yeah... That's Demeter's like animal thing, right?"

Katie shook her head, a small smile on her dry, chapped lips. "No."

"Am I close?"

"Not even. Demeter doesn't really have a specific symbolic animal, but it's sometimes depicted as a pig, a lion, or a snake."

"Well that's ridiculous," Travis stated, shaking his head a bit. "None of those have anything to do with agriculture. A donkey would be a much better sacred animal."

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah because everyone uses donkeys in agriculture." Katie shook her head and rearranged the blankets around her.

"They do!" exclaimed Travis, nodding his head and watching her movements carefully. He hesitated before speaking again. "Don't they?"

"Sure," Katie said with a smirk and a roll of her eyes. "And I'm also sure that Demeter would just love to know that whenever you see a donkey, you think of her."

"Well I'd rather be called a donkey than a pig. Just sayin'!"

Katie found herself smiling at the goofy smirk Travis sent her. He looked so adorable in his bright sweatshirt and basketball shorts. His hair looked messy, as per usual, with his ears sticking out a bit on the sides. His smile brought out the one small dimple on his right cheek, and his eyes glowed. He was just so cute that Katie couldn't help but lean forward a bit to capture his lips with hers.

When Travis flinched away, however, Katie's smile was quickly replaced with a frown and she immediately remembered why she was mad at him. With a glare and a loud, annoyed, "Hmmph!" she folded her arms and turned away from him.

"Katie!" Travis groaned, placing a hand on her shoulder which she instantly shrugged off.

"Don't touch me! You don't wanna get sick now do you?" she asked angrily over her shoulder, her tone sarcastic and rude.

He sighed. "Katie," he said softly, tucking a stray hair behind her ear. She flicked his hand away.

"Nope," she exclaimed, shaking her head and refusing to look at him."You're disgusted by me, Travis, just admit it."

Travis hesitated before answering. "Well, yeah. A little bit," he stated with a small shrug and a nod. Katie gasped and turned around quickly to smack him on the shoulder. "Ow! What did I do now?"

"You're never supposed to tell a girl that they disgust you!" she yelled, waving her arms around in exaggeration.

"But you told me to admit it," he said slowly, staring at Katie as if she was the one being stupid.

She rolled her eyes before grabbing for a tissue and blowing her nose. "Yeah," she said, purposefully throwing her newly used Kleenex near Travis, making him flinch away in disgust, "and that means you're supposed to make up some crap about how I'll always be beautiful to you, no matter what."

"But that would be lying," Travis said nonchalantly, flicking the tissue off the couch where it tumbled to the floor. He crinkled his nose in disgust and shuddered a bit.

"So?" Katie cried out. "You lie all the time!"

"But when we first got together," Travis reasoned with a nod, "you said that you wanted our relationship to be built off trust and honesty, that we should never lie to each other."

"I was lying when I said that!" she huffed, crossing her arms across her chest and turning away from him once more.

Travis sighed. "Katie," he said softly, scooting closer to her on the couch and placing a hand on her ankle. She, of course, scooted farther away. "There has to be some way for me to make up for this."

Katie shook her head persistently, pursing her lips and refusing to look at him.

Just as Travis was about to throw in the towel, Katie sat up straighter and smiled brightly. "Actually," she began, a twinkle in her eye that he couldn't exactly make out, "there is one thing you could do."

Travis sat up straighter as well. "Yeah?" he asked anxiously. He hated it when Katie was mad at him. You'd think he'd be used to it by now, that it wouldn't affect him, but every time those brown eyes refused to look his way or that smile refused to show in his presence, he couldn't help but get a bit depressed.

"Yeah," she said with a seductive smirk. Travis got a sinking feeling in his stomach when she leaned forward a bit and whispered, "Kiss me."

"Wha-What?" he stammered, scooting back to his original seat.

"Kiss me right now, on the lips, and I won't be mad at you anymore."

Travis now understood that glint in her eyes. It was pure evil.

He found it kinda hot, actually. She should be evil more often.

"So?" Katie asked, scooting forward and tucking her feet underneath her so her knees hit his thigh, and then leaning into his personal space. "You gonna kiss me, or what?"

"I-I can't," he stuttered, shaking his head and looking away from her lips - her red, red lips that were chapped and dry and yet still looked oh, so very kissable. "Germs... Sick... No..."

She ran a finger down his jaw to his chin where she turned his head and gaze back towards her. "Come on," she said softly, bringing their faces mere inches away from each other. "You know you want to."

Travis tried resisting, he really did, but Katie was right. He did want to. He wanted to very badly. Within seconds, their lips connected, tongues twining, hands exploring.

He let out a moan as Katie pulled on his curls. She broke the kiss just long enough to pull off Travis's shirt and discard it to the floor. Just as she was about to go in for another kiss, she felt the familiar tingle in her nose and the watering of her eyes. She tried to stop it, she really did, but then Travis opened his eyes to see what was the hold up and she sneezed.

On his face.

And neck.

And chest.

Travis whimpered.

"I really am sorry," Katie said for the umpteenth time, sitting on top of the fuzzy, pink toilet seat cozy while Travis stood in the steamy shower next to her. "I can't control my sneezes."

Travis didn't reply. The only noise coming from the shower beside her was the sound of the water viciously hitting the tiled floor and the opening of a shampoo cap. Just as Katie was about to yell at him to not use all of her conditioner or she would kill him, she pursed her lips. She couldn't yell at him. Not right now. The sucky part about dating Travis Stoll was that he could be even more stubborn than her at times.

After a minute of silence, Katie tried talking to him once more. "I hate it when you're mad at me, you know? It sucks."

There was a pause before Travis spoke. "I'm not mad at you."

Katie couldn't help her smile. "You're not?"

The fruity smell of her shampoo suddenly filled the small bathroom, mixing with the steam from the hot shower and making the room almost suffocating.

"No," he answered simply.

"But you are upset." His silence was answer enough. "I wish there was some way I could make you feel better..." Her words would have made any stranger laugh. Katie was the sick one. Why was she here, sitting on an uncomfortable toilet seat, asking if there was something she could do to help her perfectly healthy, extremely moody and slightly temperamental boyfriend?

The sparkly shower curtain cracked open a bit and Travis stuck out his wet, sudsy head to look at Katie pathetically. "There is ... one thing," he mumbled quietly, looking at the floor and frowning adorably, trying to look as innocent as possible.

Katie grinned and crossed her arms. "Yes?"

Looking up at her with wide eyes and his own famous smirk, he raised an eyebrow and asked quietly, "Join me?"

Her grin grew and a nice pink color spread to her cheeks. "I suppose I could do that."

3 days later...

Travis sat on the comfy couch of Katie's dorm room, covered in blankets and watching Glee reruns on her small TV. He could hardly breathe out his nose and the giant bowl sitting next to him still smelled disgusting from the last time he puked in it. Used tissues littered the coffee table in front of him, and every time he tried to sing along with Rachel or harmonize with the Warblers, he would get a terrible coughing fit, meaning they would have to sing alone. His head was pounding, and he was hot and yet so cold at the same time. His stomach would not stop hurting, and he even felt dizzy at times.

But then Katie would come in and feed him soup or take his temperature or rub Vicks on his chest or just sit down and cuddle and watch an episode with him.

And suddenly, being sick wasn't actually half bad.

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