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"Drop the gun Foyet," I said in a seemingly flat voice. I tried not to show the fear that I felt, but I knew my voice was wavering.

"Hello Agent Prentiss. You came just in time for the show. I hope your listening Agent Hotchner. Now you get to listen to Emily Prentiss die too." I stepped forward, cocking my raised gun. I didn't have a clear shot. He was using Haley as a shield as he pressed the gun against her head. I saw a tear fall silently down her cheek.

"It's over Foyet. There is no way out of this for you." I eyed the cell phone that once belonged to the U.S. Marshall open on the small table next to where they stood.

"Prentiss! What is going on? I will be there soon. Are Jack and Haley okay?" Hotch's voice sounded distant over the phone, but I could tell he was screaming. Foyet started laughing.

"Well, Hotch, they are okay. For now. Thank you, Agent Prentiss for making this more exciting for us." I saw that my presence had distracted him a bit from Haley. Jack wasn't anywhere I could see. He must of gone to a special hiding place when Hotch to him to help him with the case. It was for the best – she didn't know how this was going to end, but knew it was something a four year old boy should not see.

"Aaron?" Another tear escaped Haley's eye and rolled down her cheek. I tried not to look at her, only Foyet to monitor his every move.

"Haley hold on. I'm almost there. Prentiss what's happening?" Hotch's voice was stressed and full of fear. It was something she had never heard before and hoped never to hear again.

"Hotch he's got a gun. Jack isn't here but he's got -" I was cut off by Foyet screaming.

"It doesn't matter! You won't get here in time. I'm going to kill your wife, and then I'm going to kill your son. Can you live with that Agent Hotchner? All I want is to see the look on you face when you see their lifeless bodies on the floor and know that it's all your fault -"

"Hotch none of this is your fau-" He cut her off again.

"And then I'm going to kill your agent. You have a direct line of sight from your office to her desk don't you? How do you think it's going to feel looking down at that empty desk and knowing that it's your fault? You know it is too, don't you? You know that they are all going to die, and that you will be too late, and that you will never see your son alive again. So say goodbye to Haley and Emily. I'll be saving Jack for last."

Three shot ran out, and then silence throughout the house. The only noise was Hotch screaming, still on the other end of the line.

Rossi, Morgan, JJ, and Reid stood in shock as if time stopped when they heard the shots over the line. Then time suddenly started again as JJ started screaming for her best friend. Morgan punched the steering wheel and tightened his grip, anger and emotional pain taking over his body, causing him to shake violently. Reid felt tears start to swell up in his eyes knowing that he would never again see the woman who he looked up to as an older sister smile. Rossi, trying to be strong for the three other agents in the car and for Hotch suppressed every feeling with all the control in his body. They were too late.

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