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(Hotch POV)

I had driven Haley and Jack to Jessica's house. None of us wanted to go back to the house. I was still worried about her and Jack, although I knew that they were safe from Foyet now. I had made sure that he was never going to hurt my son or anyone else again. None of us had to live in fear anymore, thank God for that. I walked them up to the door, and was happy to see that Haley had relaxed since earlier. Actually, she had looked more relaxed after she had talked to Emily. And I realized that she hadn't been able to call her sister and tell her that she was out of protective custody, so this was going to be a very emotional reunion. Picking Jack up, she rang the doorbell and waited for her sister to open the door.

When she did, there was a parade of waterworks, hugs, kisses, and nonstop talking. It was like when Garcia greeted Emily and JJ when they got back from a case. I stepped off to the side once we were in the house to give them their privacy. Jack was still sleeping in my arms. I hoped to never take for granted what that was like.

After a few minutes, the crying died down and we all sat on the couch and talked. I explained to Jessica what had happened, noticing how Haley flinched when I mentioned Emily. I had gotten a call from the marshal service and everything had been cleared for them to go back to their old lives and identities. It was past midnight when I got up to leave the sisters, giving Jack one last kiss on the cheek before walking up to the door. I told Haley to come to the office at nine to give her statement and then she would be done. I really hoped that Strauss would take it easy on everyone tomorrow, but knew it was ridiculous. Giving Haley and Jessica a hug, I left to go home and try to get some rest before going to the office tomorrow. I wanted so badly to go back to Emily, but I knew that she was safe with Morgan. Foyet couldn't get her either.

Of course I wouldn't be able to breathe better until I saw her myself. I wanted to go, but something told me to wait. I wasn't going to wake her up, so what was I going to do, just stand there and stare at her while she was sleeping? It didn't sound too bad to me, but I didn't know how she would feel about that. I think that it would make Morgan a little paranoid as well. I sighed and continued my way back to my apartment.


"Ma'am, if I may add, I acknowledge that Agent Prentiss' actions were against standard protocol, but she did indeed use proper judgment to find a way to resolve the situation without harm to two civilians. It was an action that any agent on this team, and probably any agent in the bureau would do to keep a mother and her son safe. And to answer you earlier question, no. I did not in any way whatsoever pressure Agent Prentiss to put her own life in danger to protect my family. I was not even aware that she was in the house alone until I heard her in the room with Foyet through the phone. I would never suggest that one of my agents, or anyone for that matter, put themselves in that kind of situation."

The interview with Strauss had started normally, but then she began asking ridiculous questions. As if I would ever intentionally pressure one of my agents into risking their life. Especially not Emily….my Emily. How dare she suggest something so…so awful?

I watched Strauss shift in her chair and put her pen to lips, pursing them. I just wanted this to be over as soon as possible so that I could get back to Emily. It was already ten o'clock, and I had been with Strauss for an hour. Emily would be up and getting anxious by now. I was starting to feel that too, and couldn't have gotten out of her office faster when she dismissed me.

On my way out to the hospital, I passed Dave talking to Haley, who was holding Jack. They were laughing. Huh. Letting them carry, I turned the other way and made it to the elevator and down to the parking garage unseen. It took me less than fifteen minutes to get to the hospital.

When I walked up to the room where Emily was last night, I lightly tapped on the door and only had to wait a second before I heard her say to come in.

My face softened when I saw her lying in bed, and a small smile spread across my lips when I looked at her smiling at me.

"Hey Hotch," greeted Morgan, who was still in his chair in the corner of the room, but still relavivly close considering the size. I returned the greeting before turning my attention back to Emily.

"Are you okay? How did it go last night? Do you need anything?" As expected, she rolled her eyes and waved away my commentary.

"I'm fine mom and last night went fine. I'm not in pain at the moment, and don't need any more pain medication. Relax sweetie. It's going to be fine," she reassured me with another smile. I smiled back. She called me sweetie.

"Ok honey if you're sure everything is fine," I said cautiously, sitting down in the chair next to her bed and picking up her hand.

"If you guys are going to 'mushy-gushy' as Garcia would say, then I am out. I need to give Strauss my statement ASAP anyways," Morgan sighed, collecting his go-bag a giving Emily a hug and kiss on the cheek before patting Hotch on the back and walking out after they all exchanged goodbyes. Hotch quickly turned his attention back to the woman lying in the hospital bed.

I started to think of all the possibilities that could have resulted from yesterday, and it was suddenly getting a little harder to breath. I was so close to losing her – I looked down at our hands – losing this forever. Looking back into her dark eyes, I squeezed her hand in mine.

"Hey," I said, my voice thick.

"Hey," she whispered back, a tear rolling down her cheek. We were always had the same thought process. We sat in silence for a few more minutes, just looking at each other, contemplating what us meant.

I didn't know much for sure anymore, which was new for me. All my life, I have been so structured, so meticulous, and my emotions were always in check. I always knew what to do next, always knew the logical solution, and always trusted my mind over my heart. But with Emily…

I don't know what is next. I know what I want to happen next, and I'm pretty sure that that's what she wants as well. I just didn't want to screw this up. Thinking about what my relationship with Haley was like, I didn't want to mess up what Emily and I had right now. Not that I was even sure what that was. Was I her boyfriend? That didn't really seem right, so what are we?

Screw the bureau. We were professionals and wouldn't let a relationship affect our work. If Strauss didn't like it, I would pull some string up top with the director. His son went to preschool with Jack, so hopefully their friendship could give us a bit of leverage. I had already chosen work over love once and didn't want to do it again. Yesterday had shown me that I cannot lose Emily. Ever.

I wanted her forever. I wanted to wake up every morning with Emily in my arms, and have her be mine for the rest of our lives. To pair up with her in the field on every case to make sure that she was safe and with me always. To get married, have children, and grow old together. My eyes started to tear at the realization I had just made into my mind.

Cupping her face in my hand, I looked straight into her eyes. "I love you Emily Prentiss," I whispered, my voice still thick with emotion.

"I love you too Aaron Hotchner," she whispered back softly. I leaned forward until our lips touched again, holding longer than the first time, savoring the feeling of her hands tangling in my hair, and the soft skin of her face underneath my hand. I slightly shifted to get a better angle, and she did the same. I immediately pulled back when I saw her wince.

"Emily! Are you okay? Did I hurt you? I am so sorry sweetheart!" I was horrified with myself! She was in pain because of something I just did! I hurt her…

"Aaron, sweetie, it's okay. Calm down, I'm fine. It was my fault; I shouldn't have turned that way. Don't feel bad, okay? You didn't do this." I opened my mouth to say something, but she cut me off. "And by kissing me you did not cause me any extra pain, so don't delude myself into thinking that either. That was the best I've felt in a long time," she said with a smile, cupping my face in both her hands. I gave her a tight smile back, and she leaned forward slightly to press her lips gently against mine before resting her forehead on mine.

"Are you in any pain? Do you need me to get the doctor?"

"No, no, I'm fine. I've had enough pain medicine in the past twelve hours, and I really don't want anymore."

"Okay if you're sure," I said hesitantly.

"I'm sure," she replied, kissing my lips softly again. I pulled back after a few second, not wanting to get carried away again. I smiled and pushed the hair back out of her face. She was so beautiful. I couldn't believe my luck of ending up with someone as wonderful as Emily Prentiss.

I took a deep breath before telling her what was on my mind. "Emily I love you. And I have for a while, but unfortunantly it took almost loosing you to see that I wouldn't make it if you didn't pull through. Until yesterday I hadn't even realized that I have fallen in love with you and I don't want to be without you for the rest of my life. You have been there for me in every step in my life since you came into it and I want to be there for you, I want to marry you, I want to have a family with you, I want to grow old with you, and I want to love you. Forever."

I watched as tears started falling down her beautiful face, and felt some rising in mine. I did want this. I want her.

"I love you Aaron. I love you so much," Emily barely chocked out before bringing her hands up to cup my face and lower me down into a deep and passionate kiss.

I meant every word of what I said, and I knew she did too. There was no doubt that this was the beginning of our forever.

And for now it was enough.

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