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Author's Note: Yeah, hi. I'm back with this. You may have noticed. And you also may have noticed I changed the title from "35 Words" to just "Words". That's because I made a little challenge deal thing with my pal to write 1,000 of these. So, here's twenty more. That leaves me off at like 55, right? Not sure. Can't do math. Some of these are connected to the ones I wrote yesterday, so you might see that. I don't know. I'll let you read them, now.


He decided to count how many times she called him " Silly".
So far they were pushing on fourteen, and it was only nine in the morning.


"List five pronouns...he, she, his, hers and..."
"We?" She suggested, waltzing into the room.
"Eh...I like to think that we're more than just a pronoun."


Who knew three words could be so substantial?
"I love you."


It took him months to build up the courage to mutter those four words to her.
"Will you marry me?"


"Why do you have all these random spaces here?"
She asked him, glancing away from his history report.
"Because, I'm short about another hundred words or so."


"...and if I ever catch you smokin' this again, you can bet you're sleeping on the couch."


He usually liked surprises, but there was nothing he hated more than waking up with pink nails.


"Password Incorrect."
He growled at the robot voice.
Why did she have to get a cruddy Password Journal?


They had already watched this movie at least nine times,
but he easily gave in to her pleading looks and grumbled to the kid behind the glass,
"Two tickets for the Rainbow Monkey movie."


Fifteen measly minutes in the theatre,
and he was already snoring on her shoulder.


He liked how the scent of her perfume lingered around the apartment while she was away.


There were hundreds of people around, yet he had no trouble spotting her bubbly self.
"Here." He said, balancing a handful of carnival food. "I got your cotton candy...your funnel cake...your-"


She was really like the only person he didnt mind being with 24 hours a day.


"I hope you know there's no Q in vinyl."


He couldn't sleep.
He was too busy staring down that monkey on his shoulder.


He hadn't even known there was a student counsel until she joined.


"WALLYYY!" She screamed violently at the top of her lungs.
Worried, he dropped the game controller, and darted in her direction.
"Kooks! Where are ya?" Found her. "What's wrong?"
Sniffle. "We're...all...out...of...stickers."


Bradley James Beetles had her hair,
Bradley James Beetles had his eyes.
Bradley James Beetles had their hearts.


She followed the trail of crumbs to his hiding spot.
And he vowed never to eat again while playing hide-and-seek.


"Mind if I join you?"
"I'd be insulted if you didn't."

Author's Note: That was twenty, wasn't it? I can't count. Tell me which one was your favorite. (: