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"No way. Queen of the Bitches is your mate?"

My head snapped to the male vampire, a snarl ripping from my throat. The Major was no mate of mine, I just wanted to prove that I was stronger than he was. It would be easy to disarm him, especially with my ability. He would never know what hit him and then, I could make him submit him to my will. He would be my perfect little pet and I would be even more unstoppable, able to take on anyone who tried to stop or challenge me. I could feel my army anxiously waiting for my signal that they could attack and take care of the vampires. Of course, they would only be going after the other two. Like I said, the major was mine and mine alone. He was nothing special, I could take care of him with one had behind my back.

"You knew that we were coming," The Major accused, narrowing his eyes at me. "How did you know?"

I motioned for Luca to step forward and he came right next to me so I could play with his hair. The three vampires were staring in confusion at my actions, they had obviously never seen a newborn so well behaved. I couldn't help but smile as I explained.

"Luca here, has a special ability, Major. He can mask his scent from vampires, making him untraceable. He's my special boy."

"What about Garrett?" the small blonde that reminded me so much of that bitch demanded. I was ready to yank her head off and toss it into a fire. "How did you get him?"

I laughed at that, my tone cold and sarcastic.

"Just in the wrong place at the right time." I stepped forward, getting hisses from the female. "You know, I would rip your pretty head off by your hair, but I think I have a better idea."

Before I could move, I could feel the major sending out lethargic waves towards all the newborns, causing them to calm down. Maria had definitely been right about one thing, I thought as I watched this unfold. The Major's power was like anything I had ever witnessed. He would truly bring destruction wherever he went.

I walked towards the three vampires, knowing that it would be three against one. Now, that wasn't fair in a normal fight, except the wars were anything but normal. The sun shown down, casting off of our skin and causing our skin to shine like diamonds. It didn't matter to me if a human saw us, the Volturi wouldn't complain as long as they didn't tell anyone. And believe me, whatever human was stupid enough to cross my path would not live long enough to even realize what it was he had seen.

The Major stepped forward, his posture challenging, knowing full well what I wanted. This would be a battle between the two strongest vampires in the world and there would only be one victor--the loser would submit to the winner's will.

"You don't have to do this," The Major said, staring at me warily. "I just wish to speak with you."

I growled at him. "You brought this on yourself, Major." He continued to stare at me, not turning his attention to anything else. "You could have remained in the wars and been the best. You could be my partner and together we could rule this entire world."

"She has the 'take over the world' evil villain thing down," I heard the male vampire mutter.

I couldn't help but smile at how true that statement was. I wanted to take over the Volturi, they didn't deserve to rule and they had lost one of their best guards to me.

"I'll make you a deal." I stared at The Major, not blinking--not that we needed to blink anyways. "If you win, I'll join you. However, if I win you will listen to what I have to say and you will join myself."

I nodded, agreeing to what was probably the stupidest deal I had ever made. The others, newborns and older vampires alike, moved out of our way, afraid of being caught in the crossfire of they battle. There was nothing to stop us from destroying the world with this battle, although I didn't think that having half my army destroyed was a good idea. Then again, if this was how it had to be, perhaps my little hostage would be caught in the crossfire.

Ah, my little hostage. I smiled just thinking about all the torture I loved to put her through. She thought that she could get away with taking me from my family, but she made the mistake of coming too close. The Mistress of the South didn't like being played, even when I was human, I didn't like it but now I could take her on and make her pay for what she had done.

"Be careful, Major," the male vampire called. "She's powerful."

No shit, asshole. How else would I be able to rule the south?

I smiled at The Major, waiting for him to attack first. I wasn't going to be stupid, that was the first thing that Maria had taught us. Don't make the first move. He, of course, wasn't moving either. He may have had more experience, but he was rusty from not being in the wars for years. There was nothing to stop me from killing him except for the assistance he would bring to my army.

"This is what you've become?" he questioned as we circled around each other. "You were the one who always insisted that we weren't monsters, yet you are the worst kind. Even worse than Maria or the Volturi."

I snarled before attacking him. He easily dodged my attack, smirking as I hissed. "Don't you ever, compare me to them."

"You should be afraid, Mistress," he sneered, getting another attack from me.

This time, however, I successfully tackled him to the ground. My teeth snapped at his throat as he held me at bay. There was this small part in my mind that was telling me that I couldn't hurt him. It was annoying, but the closer I got to harming him, the bigger that part of my mind was becoming. Something was keeping me from harming him and it was beginning to piss me off.

"Why can't I hurt you?" I screamed at him as he wrapped his arms around me from behind.

He lifted me up so my legs were flailing and I couldn't do anything else. I had two options, I could either surrender or... before he could make another move, I slammed one of my legs back between his two, my heel digging into him. He released his grip on me, allowing me to pull away.

"How was that, Major?"

He growled at me as a guilty feeling washed over me. It wasn't artificial so it obviously wasn't The Major's doing, these emotions were all mine. He wouldn't use his ability against me, but that didn't mean that I couldn't use mine against him. All I needed was just a bit of one of those abilities that one of my vampires that followed me. Quickly, I scanned through my memory of which vampires were here and which had abilities. There were only five with me who had abilities and four of them were all defensive. The one that was offensive, I couldn't dare use since even I didn't understand that one. I wasn't sure what the two other vampires' abilities were so I couldn't use them. The last choice was... The Major.

I smiled at him sweetly as I felt his ability coursing through my body. I had my own strange ability, which had made me so precious to Maria and so formidable to my opponents. I could borrow abilities of other vampires around me. It wasn't as powerful as the original and it didn't last for long, but it gave me at least some edge because they never expected it.

Suddenly, the anger and fear of the twenty newborns who were with me started to come to me. I couldn't focus, I couldn't control this new ability and I had yet to figure out how to shove the ability away. I dropped to my knees, wrapping my arms around myself, trying to control it. This was worse than when they had allowed him to abandon me in the forest. Worse than that stupid boy who claimed to be my friend left me for those other boys he was always hanging around. Worse than finding out that my parents had been killed because of my interaction with them.

"No," I heard a voice say. It was Garrett's and he was standing directly in front of me. "She must figure this out on her own."

The Major's snarl was heard. "Get. Away. From. My. Mate."

Garrett, the bastard, moved out of the way as The Major walked over to me and knelt down, sweeping my hair away from my face. He had a pained look on his face as he brushed his fingers against my cheek, whispering.

"I'll take you down, Miss Swan. Don't forget that I am the Major. You may be mine, but I will stop you."