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What is Deepthroat Nine?

You may remember us as the production company that brought you the run-away hit, 'New Poon', as well as the multi-award winning, world-wide phenomenon of 'The Twatlight Saga; Spanking Dawn'. But the list doesn't end there! Since the company's inception only years ago, we have been responsible for such wonderful classics such as; 'Gangbangs of New York,', 'Sperms of Endearment', and of course, who could forget, 'Poon Raider: The Temple of Love'.

With extensive experience watching and filming porn, Deepthroat Nine is a production company that knows just what is needed to shoot hot sex!

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"Their highly skilled team of writers and expert humpologists made sure we were camera ready, with plenty of advice on hand. We even enrolled in their 'Porn Acting 101' class where we learned everything from erotic massage and heavy petting, to ball-sack work and how to talk like a filthy whore.

"Making our very own movie helped us to put the spark back into our marriage, and sometimes we even show it at dinner parties!"

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- A free 500ml bottle of Twinkie flavoured lube
- 250g Glitter body paint (non-toxic)
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The End.

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