Yes I know I currently have three other stories but I couldn't help myself. This has been sitting in my head since the 6x17 episode. Okay quick little background info. I have never written for this couple before, so I'm still new to this so be gentle =) Second, from what I've read so far in other Mark and Lexie re-unite stories, in a matter of two chapters she's back in his arms again and everything is all hunky dory. Well not in this story, eventually yes they will get together but they're will be a whole lot of angst along the way. Let me know what you guys think because based on the feedback I will see whether or not I should continue. Happy reading!

Lexie felt her heart stop as the words left Alex's mouth. Moving on? How could he be moving on so soon. He knew what she had with Alex wasn't a real relationship. Everyone knew that. But somehow he was moving on. And with Teddy no less. Tall, blonde, perfect Teddy. Her body felt cold, impossible of movement but somehow her legs were propelling her to the bathroom. She swung open the door, letting out a gasping breath as tears formed in her eyes. She looked up to see Meredith drying her hands.

"Hey." said Meredith with a slight grin. Lexie looked back at the door suddenly regretting her decision to enter the bathroom. Meredith's smile dropped when she looked more closely at her sister. "You okay?" questioned Meredith.

"Yeah." she breathed softly. She swallowed the lump she could feel forming in her throat. "Mark's moving on." said Lexie as she shook her head in bewilderment. "Like really."

Meredith looked at Lexie with confusion and uncertainty. "Okay. Well that's good isn't it? Isn't that what you wanted?" questioned Meredith.

Lexie nodded head slightly. "No… that's... it's... good, that's great" stuttered Lexie as her voice shook. "That's… um… that's perfect." as she felt tears increasingly clouding her vision as the lie escaped her mouth. "It's..." said Lexie as her voice broke. "It's perfect... perfect." said Lexie as the damn broke and sobs wracked her body. She bent her knees, her knees grasping the material of her scrubs, pinching it in efforts to pull herself together.

Meredith looked at her sister somewhat sullenly, like she was staring at her past. The feelings Lexie was experiencing seemed too familiar.

Lexie sucked in a breath as she tried to stand up. But she couldn't. The ache she was currently feeling in her heart, felt like an open wound that stung. Stung in a way that was hard to even breathe. Everything was hurting. It was too much to hold. "Oh." she cried as she dropped down to her knees and sobbed.

Meredith watched as Lexie inhaled sharp breaths quickly, trying to get herself to stop. She knew that Lexie didn't want to break down especially in front of her.

"Lexie." called Meredith from the opposite side of the bathroom. She quickly deposited the paper towel in her hands. "Lexie." called Meredith more forcefully. She watched as the younger woman took in a gasping breath, nearly almost choking.

She walked closer to where she towered above her. "Lexie you're either going to hyperventilate or make yourself sick. You need to calm down." said Meredith.

She watched as her younger sister did nothing even close to that and continued to suck in choking breaths. Meredith then crouched down and sat on the floor next to her. She did what she thought was the best thing and pulled Lexie in a hug. Lexie moved closer into Meredith as she buried her head in her shoulder.

Meredith vaguely remembered after the first cut of the merger catching Mark comforting Lexie in the lobby. His hands had been gently stroking her hair; something that looked at the time like it was comforting to her. Her fingers found their way into her tangled blonde locks and she soothingly ran her fingers across her scalp.

"It's okay Lex. You're going to be okay."

Derek sighed as he stood by the front circulation desk, as he finished replying to Meredith's string of text messages. He had been packed up and well and ready to go home with wife and sleep for the next 48 hours they had off, when he received the first message, which were immediately followed by three more.

In bathroom with Lexie.


Going to kill Mark.

Need a few minutes to get her together.

From what Derek could understand by the way Meredith had quickly put it, was that Lexie was having a breakdown in the bathroom and Meredith was in there with her, trying to help and that she was going to kill Mark. He smirked at the last part. No matter how much Meredith refused to admit it, she was actually getting close with Lexie and would even fight off Mark just to protect her.

Just as the though entered his mind he saw Mark heading over to the desk. Mark immediately plopped the chart in his hand onto the desk and started to fill out the bottom of the paperwork.

"Meredith just texted me. She's in the bathroom with Lexie, who's apparently extremely upset." said Derek trying to provoke some sort of response from his friend.

"Not my problem." answered Mark as he scribbled his signature and handed the chart to the nurse. He then turned and walked towards the elevator.

"Mark" called Derek as quickly caught up with him and stood in front of the button, preventing him from going anywhere.

"Look just because you're the Chief during the day and can boss me around then, doesn't mean that you can tell me how to live my life." snapped Mark. "So again I say, it's not my problem."

Derek sighed as he watched Mark angrily storm towards the stair well and then disappear. He then walked back to where he was standing to see Meredith and Lexie standing there. Lexie had her hand gripped tightly on Meredith's arm. Meredith looked at Derek with slightly wide eyes as if she was trying to say she was at a loss of what to do.

"Hey." said Derek softly as he gently smiled at the both of them. "Are you guys ready to go?" asked Derek.

"No. Um... I… um need to run to the clinic... to get something before we go." said Meredith trying to avoid even bringing the word up.

Derek looked at Meredith with confused eyes, he then looked at Lexie who had averted her gaze to the ground. It then hit him like a brick what she had to go get. "Oh." breathed Derek.

"Why don't I take Lexie to the car and you can meet us there?" suggested Derek. Meredith nodded as she gently tried to move Lexie's hands from her arms. Lexie shook her head at Meredith. Holding on to her sister right now was the only security in her life she had at the moment.

"Lexie you'll be fine." reassured Meredith. "I'll be really quick and then we'll go home and figure this all out. Okay?" asked Meredith.

Lexie didn't even acknowledge her sister's words, she just stared straight ahead, a far-away look on her face. Derek motioned for Meredith to trade places with him and he quickly stepped in and let Lexie grasp his arm. Lexie turned as tears welled in her eyes, as she nodded in appreciation at Derek.

"Give me five minutes." said Meredith as she took off for the clinic.

Derek and Lexie slowly started to make their way out through the front entrance and into the parking lot. She suddenly realized what exactly was happening. By tonight she'd know if she was in deeper shit then she already thought she was. She sighed as Derek opened the car door for her and she sat down. This was going to be a long, eventful night.

Lexie sighed as she paced the bathroom about half an hour later. She had just been left by Meredith who had gone to get her a glass of water, insisting she needed it. She nervously tugged at the sleeved of the shirt Meredith had given her to wear. Ho could you be so dumb? questioned Lexie inwardly as she stared at the plastics sticks on the counter. She looked up when she heard footsteps, expecting Meredith.

"Hey. How's it going in here?" questioned Derek, clearly at a loss at what to say.

"You think I'm a whore don't you? I mean I don't blame you. Who sleeps with another man literally two hours after she broke up with her boyfriend. A married man no less!" said Lexie angrily pushed her hair out of her face.

"Lexie I do not in the least bit think you are a whore." reassured Derek. "Thins like this happen."

"Things like this happen?" questioned Lexie in an exasperated tone. "Things like this just don't happen! Things like this happen on soap operas not in real life! I'm the whore from the two o'clock telenovela!" shouted Lexie.

Derek opened his mouth to speak and nothing came out. Why had he even opened his mouth? If she was pregnant she was right now a hormonal mess, and if she wasn't pregnant she was still a hormonal mess. Why had he even tried?

"I leave you alone with her for five minutes and she's in hysterics?" questioned Meredith as she appeared at the doorframe to the bathroom, with a glass of water in hand. She stepped around Derek and walked into the bathroom where Lexie sat with her head in her hands on the edge of the bathtub.

"Lex." said Meredith gently. "It's been five minutes. You should check." Meredith softly suggested.

Lexie looked up from her spot in her lap into Meredith's eyes and nodded slowly. She stood up and walked over to the counter and gripped it for support. Her hand reached out to turn the plastic over, when it came to an abrupt halt.

"I can't. I can't look." said Lexie as she back away, clearly afraid of what the results would be. "You look. You do it." said Lexie.

Meredith looked at Derek who nodded at her encouraging her to go with Lexie's idea. She squeezed Lexie's arm in reassurance as she stood up for where she sat on the toilet and walked the two feet to the sink. She let out a sigh as she picked it up and gently flipped the plastic over and her eyes quickly scanned it.

She looked up to meet Lexie's eyes. It was then that she noticed how young Lexie truly was. Lexie's big brown eyes looked at her with anticipation to what was going on. Meredith wanted nothing more right now then to play the role of the big sister and shield her from this. She let a nervous sigh as she held her gaze with Lexie.

"It's positive. You're pregnant."

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