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Lexie walked in the loudness of Joe's later that night. She was late. One of Arizona's post-ops had decided it would be fun to code; she spent the last hour making sure the patient's vitals were in normal ranges before Arizona had given her the all clear to go. She sighed as she slipped off her jacket as her eyes roamed the bar. He had left. He hadn't waited.

It was then that she spotted him in his black v-neck sweater causally leaning against the bar talking to Derek and nursing what she presumed was a scotch. She walked over to hear the end of a ridiculous story Derek had been telling Mark.

"Hey." said Lexie.

"And that's my cue to go." said Derek with a smile as he patted Mark on the back and squeezed Lexie's shoulder before exiting.

"Sorry I'm late." said Lexie as she threw her jacket over the top of the chair. "Some six year old boy thought it would be entertaining to code five minutes before I was supposed to leave." said Lexie with a dry smirk.

"Is he okay?" asked Mark as he motioned at Joe who got the message and set off to get Lexie's drink.

"Yeah. Yeah he's fine. It's just been a long day." said Lexie as Joe slid her drink onto the counter. She smiled at him in response before taking a gulp of the ice-water. It was after days like these where she was so exhausted, all she wanted was a beer. How she missed those days of drinking. "How was your day?"

"My day. My day was slow. I had only one surgery and it was in the afternoon. The rest of the day I just... hung around." said Mark causally not wanting to admit he'd sat with Gracie for nearly three hours.

"Hung around?" questioned Lexie with a teasing tone. "You're surgeon how can you just hang around all day.

"I don't know." said Mark with a shrug still not saying anything about the day's events.

"You don't know?" questioned Lexie as she and Mark shared a grin. "I saw you with that baby in PEDS earlier today." She admitted.

"Oh yeah. She was one of my patient's today." said Mark.

"You were really great with her." said Lexie encouragingly. She knew Mark hated talking about feelings and cute things, even with her. He never would admit how natural he was with her, or how she knew he loved having the feeling of a baby is his arms. But she knew.

"I just picked her up." said Mark with another shrug. "She just needed to be held."

"I wouldn't have known to do that. You were good with her Mark. You're good with kids in general." said Lexie as she squeezed his hand gently. "I would love to move in with you."

That wasn't the way she had wanted to say it. It had come out sounding like just because he was good with kids was the reason she wanted to move in. When there were so many more reasons. Reasons that went with feeling. Reasons that went behind how she wanted their daughter to be loved, reasons she thought he wouldn't see and would think she was taking advantage of him with his house and impromptu baby skills.

But as she watched his eyes light up, and a smile that crinkled all the way to his ears appear on his face, she knew he hadn't taken it that way. That's how well he knew her; he could understand what she was saying when even she couldn't.

"You mean it?" asked Mark, his voice resembling a young child who was told they could pick out any toy in the whole store. "Are you serious?"

Lexie grinned and nodded. Mark reached out and cupped her face between his hands. She felt him stroke her cheek. She felt that tingle in her spine she always got when she knew he was about to kiss her. A spark she liked to call it, and then suddenly his lips were on her forehead.

"Thank you Lex." He whispered against her skin.

Mark turned towards the bar, motioning for Joe for another round of their drinks in lieu of the celebration. Lexie half smiled as he turned and grinned at her excitedly and then turned back when Joe had finally walked over.

She was disappointed to say the least. She had actually wanted him to kiss her. She closed her eyes and shook her head.

"It's in your head; you don't have feelings for him anymore. It's hormones Lexie."


Mark made a face as he set the box down on the floor. This had been going on for the last couple of hours, Lexie reading off names as he finished moving in the last of the boxes into the living room. Lexie sat perched on the armchair, her feet curled underneath her with a book titled "100,000 Baby Names" in one hand and a red pen in another.

Lexie laughed slightly as she watched his facial expressions, she clicked on the pen and swiped an x by the name.

"By the look on your face I'd say that one's out."

Mark nodded as he went back outside to grab another box; Lexie flipped the page in the book and scanned the page until she found one that caught her interest.


Mark re-entered the room with another box and once again with a slight grimace on his face after hearing the name.

"Too exotic." He replied.

Lexie rolled her eyes slightly at his response. All day it had been "Too boring." "Too ordinary." "Too unique. "Too this. "Too that" Mark was way too picky.

"Alyssa?" she asked, as she tried again.

"One of the girls I went to prom with was named Alyssa." said Mark with a grin, clearly having a flashback or memory to his prom night. His face then fell slightly at the details of that night. "Yeah we can't name her that. That would be… wrong on so many levels."

Lexie sighed in slight annoyance as she slapped the book down on her lap. "Just go get another box." she said with a frustrated tone.

"That was the last one. We're all moved in." he said as he sat on the carpet in front of her.

Lexie looked at him almost in shock as she picked the book back up and saw just exactly how many red lines she had marked in the book.

"You mean to tell me that we've basically gone through a whole book and we couldn't find one name. Mark that's crazy! We're being too picky." said Lexie as she flopped the book down on the ground in his direction.

"Alright calm down. There's got to be some names in this book we didn't see. He flipped through the book, scanning a few pages, repeated the same thing until he found something. "Aha. I found one. Olivia."

Lexie cocked her head to the side slightly as she pondered the name. "Hhm." She mumbled. "I like that one." She said with a small grin. "Here let me see if I can find another one." She said as she held her arms open, indicating him to toss the book.

He tossed the book towards her gently, as she caught it with ease. She then did what Mark had done moments earlier, scanning the pages for something un-marked; she flipped through some of the book until she landed on a name.

"What about Natalie?" she questioned.

Mark shrugged his shoulders, thinking about the name, and then nodded in agreement. "Yeah I like that one too. See we have the start of a list. And we'll come up with more."

She sighed and nodded her head as she closed the book and threw it to the opposite side of the room on the other armchair. "You're right I'm stressing too much about this. I mean we have almost four months to still decide, right?" she questioned.

"Right." agreed Mark.

Lexie grinned and stood up, stretching her arms up. "Phew this whole moving thing really makes you thirsty." She joked.

"Yeah I know. With all the boxes you moved you really should take a load off." said Mark with a sly grin.

"Watching was just as much work." said Lexie as she patted him on the shoulder, Mark still continuing to sit on the carpeted floor. "I'm going to get a drink, you want one?" she asked as she headed towards the kitchen.

"No thanks." He called back as he watched her disappear into the next room.

He looked around the room at the few things that had been un-packed and the boxes. They were finally finished moving in. Alright, so they had a lot of unpacking to do and lots of furniture to assemble, but Rome wasn't built in a day right? This was their house. Where they would raise their little girl. Hopefully together as a couple if Mark had anything to do with it. Mark was quickly pulled from his thoughts as he heard the sound of glass crashing. He immediately jumped up nearly sprinting towards the kitchen and arrived to what he presumed was a glass shattered all over the floor.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Lexie gripping one side of the newly purchased kitchen table, her other hand on her stomach, as she stared down at the glass at her feet that had shattered into millions of tiny pieces. He could care less about the glass; it was Lexie's facial expression that was scaring the crap out of him. Her face read pain. All he could think was, the baby.

"Lexie. Lex. Talk to me." as he walked quickly around the pile of glass to get to her. He reached out and gently grabbed her arm with one hand and placed the other on the small of her back leading her to the nearby chair, figuring that currently the best thing to do was sit down. He then bent down on in front of her. "Lex you need to tell me where it hurts."

Lexie shook her head back and forth furiously. She swiped at the tears she felt pooling in her eyes. "Nothing hurts. She just kicked. The baby just kicked." said Lexie with a watery smile.

Mark's eyes went wide and lit up slightly. His exterior visibly relaxed when he realized it wasn't an emergency situation. He let out a small sigh of relief and then chuckled slightly. He reached up with his thumb and brushed away the few tears that had quickly escaped her eyes.

"So what's the matter? This is a good thing. It means she's healthy and active." He reassured.

Lexie nodded her head in agreement. "No I know that. And I didn't mean to get that freaked out or upset, I'm blaming the hormones." She said with a small laugh as continued to wipe her eyes of tears. "It just makes it even more real. Like I'd of course realized that there was a baby growing inside of me, but this just confirms and makes everything extremely official."

Lexie then grabbed his hand and guided it to the small bump on her stomach and placed it where she had last felt movement. Mark looked at her questioningly.

"Lexie she might've moved a few minutes ago but she might not-" started Mark before he was cut off by the thump he felt against his hand. He looked up at Lexie with a grin, his entire face beaming. "She's really there."

"She really is."

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