CHAPTER 10-Double Overtime

Looking into his unshaven face, and his pleading eyes she scooted over to sit on the table right in front of him, putting her legs between his bent knees she grabbed his hands and held them in hers. Without breaking eye contact she began to speak.

"I never thought in my life that I would meet someone so different from me that would make me care this much. When my family left me and I began to realize they weren't coming back I put up a wall around me and I never let anyone get past it. All through school and the last 10 years I've only allowed a handful of people to see around that wall, Angela is one of them. I thought if I didn't let myself feel and I only allowed the rational explanations to be my guide I would never hurt like I did all those years ago. I never knew why I wasn't good enough that they wanted to stay, I thought it was me. Over the years I've convinced myself that people, who love you, leave you. Michael, Sully, etc. it was a pattern that kept repeating. The longer you and I work together the more I pushed on that wall trying to keep it from falling over, but you kept pushing back. I never wanted to let you get close to me. We're so different, you love and live in the moment, and I try to rationalize the moment. You're Catholic, I'm imperical. I'm not sure about having kids, I go from wanting them to not, and you are clearly cut out to be a father to many. I'm so confused all of the time, I don't know how to relate to people and when I need help, you're the person I ask for that help, but this time I couldn't ask you. I couldn't even begin to rationalize my own feelings let alone what you would think of them," he started to interrupt her and she put her finger on his lips, "please, let me finish" she said, "When Parker and I go on our 'dates' I fantasize that I am his mom and we are bonding and that I'm helping him to be the man that his father is. I can't explain why, but being around him makes me feel so much closer to you and I find that I want that. Booth" she faltered, her resolve starting to weaken, "Go on" he said, "I'm here."

"Booth" she started again, "I love you. I love your smile, the way you smell in the morning, the sleepy little grin you have, I love how you care so much about the cases we work on, I love how great of a father you are, how you never make me feel stupid for not knowing who a celebrity or singer is and most of all I love how you look at me when you think I don't know you are looking at me. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, I'm sorry everything has happened the way it has, and all I can ask, is will you give me another chance?" her voice had been getting softer and softer, when finally on the last word he barely heard her.

Pulling her onto his lap and holding her Booth told her "I love you too Bones, I should have told you that every day for the past 5 years, I'm an idiot. I love everything about you, your smile, your social awkwardness, your beauty everything. I love how you can make the day sunny and warm just by showing up, how you aren't afraid of anything when we are out in the field and I love watching you with my son", he tipped her head up slightly with a finger on her chin, "and I love hearing you tell me you love me too, and I want to be the one you have babies with and I want them all to look like you, love like you and be everything to me like you are. Please forgive me for being scared and stubborn and stupid. Please Bones?" He stopped speaking and rested his forehead against hers, searching her eyes, bright with tears.

"I forgive you Booth" she whispered as she leaned into meet his lips with hers. "I love you Bones" he said again, kissing her forehead, to her cheekbone, to her lips. His lips met hers softly at first, barely touching, then he slid his tongue along her lower lip and sighed when she cautiously met his with hers, shifting so that she wasn't at so much of an angle, she pulled his head down closer to hers and began to kiss him softly, hesitantly and then with a passion that exploded they were soon inseparable. Standing up still holding her, he took her to the sofa in her office and turned out the lights to the office, but leaving the desk lamp on, he came to the sofa and lay down beside her. Adjusting so she fit into his arms, he breathed in her scent and said softly, "What happened to Malcolm?" she told him what Malcolm had said, and Booth felt his respect for the man growing. "What about Perotta" she asked looking up at him with fear in her eyes, "Perotta was a mistake" he told her, "Just a mistake that I'm sorry I made".

Pulling down the blanket on the back of the couch, Booth covered them both up, Brennan nestled perfectly in his arms and laying down the length of his body. He whispered into her hair, " I would like nothing more than to make love to you right now, but for some reason, I'd rather just hold you" she sighed and said, " we have the rest of our lives for that, I just want you to hold me Booth, hold me and never let me go."

Once she saw the lights go off in the office Angela smiled and texted to the group

ALL- Crisis averted, B&B are back-~Angel~

Walking out of the lab she called Perotta and said, "Payton, thanks, it worked like a charm, I appreciate you doing that."

"No problem Angela, it wasn't really all that bad playing house with Agent Booth, you know" she said with a chuckle, "now it will be really interesting to find someone else having that to compare to you know?"

"I know what you mean-when things settle down, we'll let the rest of them in on it, okay? Dinner at Wendell's tomorrow, you up for it?" Angela said.

"You know, you're really going to have to come clean with Hodgins about Wendell, right?" Payton told her, the two had become rather close since she started working with the group off and on.

"I know-one crisis at a time though, okay?" Angela replied. "I'll see you tomorrow."

When he got the text, Hodgins wondered, when did she start going by Angel and why?

But that's a whole 'nother story….