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Chapter 1


'The boys grown.' Shigure mused, noting his counters to her endless attacks. Granted, she was going super easy on him, but it was impressive none the less. He was no longer just blocking, but waiting, looking for an opening to strike back.

'Test time.' She increased the intensity and smiled as sweat began to pour down his face. The smile faltered when instead of freaking out like he usually did, he gritted his teeth and fought to start countering her again. Her sword lowered and her mouth hung slightly agape, as she examined him closely. It was hard to believe this was the same boy who was basically dragged here two years before. For a split second, the boy's fist was aiming for her face. She quickly regained herself, dropped to the ground, and swiped her feet out.

Kenichi fell back on his butt. Shigure was already back on her feet, she swung down, bashing him on the head with a wooden spoon.

"Still too......slow." She expect him to rub his head and look dejected after such an onslaught. Instead, Kenichi stared back at her with a face set with determination. A fire was in his eyes, that of which she wasn't used to. It was exactly like a moment ago when he fought to keep up with her as she increased the difficulty.

'Hes reached a new level....' It was a bittersweet feeling. At one end, he was getting stronger and the fruits of all his torturous training were starting to burst out, but she was sad as well. She had grown used to his bumbling cowardice towards training with swords, or armed opponents. It made it easy to discern him as a boy and not the man he was quickly becoming. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that he would someday be a master, but with his recently growth, there wasn't any telling when it would happen. The threat of both Yami and their disciples in Yomi were definitely a good thing for Kenichi. Everybody needs a rival, or goal to strive for and overcome. Speeds growth up.

'.....' What was that feeling though? Even though it was only for an instance, that feeling was a weakness. It was less than the blink of an eye, but she had let her guard down. That was unacceptable. Shirgure was far from immature, she understood those feeling as those of infatuation. What she didn't know, was when it became so strong, so strong as to distraught her in a fight. When did her initial affections of a sister, turn to the sick longing in her now.

Shigure dropped her wooden spoon.

A question mark popped up above Kenichi's head. He stood silently waiting for Shigure's instruction to continue their training.

"We're....done." Shigure turned and jumped to the roof top.

"Ummm okay..." Kenichi stratched his head, he was having trouble understanding what she meant.

Ryozanpaku masters never ended training early.


For dinner that night, Shigure decided to eat by herself, sitting up above every bodies heads on one of the wooden beams that held the roof up. Tochumaru sat with her, devouring a piece of cheese. She herself was eating a rice ball.

She silently glanced down at the other tenets of the house. Kenichi, the boy was showing himself at the moment. The more immature masters were doing, so call 'training', as they stole more and more food from Kenichi's plate. He was struggling to eat as much as he could before it was gone. He had long since given up trying to fight them off. Miu returned to the table with a disapproving look and a another pot full of rice. She gave Kenichi two more spoonfuls to fight for. She put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed, before getting up and leaving the room.

The smirk was long gone from Shigure's face. She was used to this feeling of unease in her stomach by now, but it didn't make it easier to watch the boy and Miu to get along so well. It only made sense though. Both of them were of the same age and constantly together, it only made sense that they would be so close. Wasn't the whole reason for the boy getting strong for Miu anyways. The uneasiness in her stomach, led way to frustration. It was beginning to grate at her.

Why couldn't SHE just have him? Surely, she was to his liking.......

'Not good.' She had a long journey she was leaving for tonight and she couldn't risk going with her mind as cluttered as it was.

Shigure ate the rest of her rice ball, picked up Tochumaru and then jumped down to the floor next to the door. She stood up from her landing and slid the door open.

"Bye Shigure!" Kenichi yelled from the table. He turned back to his food and screamed at the empty plate. He glared at the other master as they whistled innocently, walking away.



Shigure stood naked in front of a mirror in her room. Nobody had ever called her beautiful, but nobody needed to tell her so, for her to know that. There were enough perverts, namely Ma who kept on reminding her how desirable she was. She was never one to care about such things though, they never mattered when she was young and that, for the longest time, remained so. No man had ever asked her out before. She gave thanks to her blade for that. It kept people at a safe distance, enemies and friends alike. Was that, what kept the boy away? Was he afraid of her because of her choice of arms?

'What if I don't want them so distance?' Shigure mused to herself as she pulled on some underwear. Surely, he could see past the sword and spot the lady behind it.

She noted the boys voice as she reached for her chain linked chest armor.

She paused.

"Come in." She then resumed putting on the chain link.

Shigure heard the door slide open, two foot steps and then a giant thud.

She turned and saw Kenichi laying in a puddle of his only blood that was leaking from his nose. This was the boy again, he was easy to deal with, she found no trouble viewing him as a little brother.

It was the man he was growing to be that she both longed for and feared. She wanted more time before she would have to deal with him.

She dressed herself first and then made her way over to her fainted disciple. Reaching in her pocket, she produced a small sample of Ma's secret reviving potion. One whiff of it and Kenichi was back on his feet in seconds. He looked around to survey his surroundings and relocated himself. Then he remembered why he was passed out.

"Stop inviting me in when your not dressed!" Kenichi tried looking intimidating and failed horribly.

"Are you ready to go?" She asked, completely ignoring his complaint. She would never stop that, it was too entertaining.

Kenichi looked confused.

"How did you know that I wanted to go?"

She walked past him and into the hallway, Kenichi following behind her.

"Why else would you......come to my room?"

Shigure would not allow Kenichi to see the hurt on her face. There was hurt in her eyes, a hurt that she could not allow him to see.


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