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Chapter 3


Shigure closely examined the sword in her hands. While it was a well made sword, it was not one that her father had crafted.

She glanced down at the defeated master before tossing the sword up and slashing it in two with one stroke from her own blade. This had been another waste of her time.

Shigure ran from the room in search of her disciple. Kenichi was quite strong now, but he was also getting more reckless. He was taking more chances that he used to run from. That worried her.

She noted how empty the hall ways were. Meaning Kenich had done his job and done it well. This worried her even more. Shigure had entrusted in him the duty of created a distraction, so she could take on the master head on. He ended up not being very strong, but it was always good to take precautions.

Shigure found the first window and jumped from it out into the courtyard. There ahead was a mass of people encircling one person. That person was fighting them off, sometimes four people at once.

Shigure slowed to a stop and forgot what she was doing for the moment. Kenichi, he looked so gallant. What was this feeling? Happiness at the growth of a disciple? Admiration at his drive and commitment to not failing? Or was it possibly attraction?

shehad to knock herself back into concentration. It getting frustrating, all the confusion this was bringing on. Life used to be so simple. Hunting for her fathers swords, getting ambushed, and hanging out with Touchumaru and Apachai. All of that was turned around y one boy.

Shigure set her thoughts a side and ran forward to deal with the mob of people.


1 minute later

Kenichi sat on the ground cross legged. He had a instruction manualin hand, "What to do while Your Master is Looking Bad Ass!"

Shigure stood beside him, re-sheathing her sword. "Thanks for"

kenichi tossed the book aside."Took you long enough to come down and save me. Swords are sharp you know!" Kenichi exclaimed, betraying his calm demeanor.

Shigure raised an eye brow at her disciple as he stood up. "It didn't look needed help."

"That's only because I've trained my body not to shake. Sword and thugs are two things I can never get used to." Kenichi shuddered at the thought.

A dark shadow crossed Shigure's face as she unsheathed her sword. "I can help you get used to it. The least."

Kenichi replied with a scream as he fled the scene.

Shigure re-sheathed her blade and followed him. It was time to head home.

They walked for six hours in relative silence. Shigure spent the time with her mind on the boys lips. She had never done such a thing before, never had such a desire. She wanted to do it again now, but this time when he was awake,

Occasionally Kenichi would mutter something about a random plant they were walking past. When he started debating on what plants would make a good meal, Shigure decided it was time to eat.

She pulled out four rice balls and tossed him three.

"...What?" She asked after getting a strange look from Kenichi.

"How do you do it? I could of sworn that sack was empty."

"I've travel light, but efficient." She pulled off a chunk of her rice ball and placed it on her shoulder for Touchumaru. Seconds later, Touchumaru was on her shoulder and eating away at his portion of food. Then he scampered away again.

"Are you sure that will be enough?" Kenichi asked after downing one rice ball.

"Yes. That should be more than enough...for Touchumaru."

"I wasn't talking about that. What about you? You have to be more hungry than that."

Shigure looked at him for a moment. Him showing concern for her had thrown her off. "No, I'm fine. I've train myself to deal with hunger."

Kenichi shook his head. "I wont be able to eat all this if you're hungry." He smiled and held out a rice ball to her.

Shigure's body reacted without another thought. She leaned forward and slowly bit down on the rice ball before leaning back and dropping it into her lap.

Kenichi was watching her with his mouth hanging open.

She looked and gave him a smile. "...thanks."

His face turned red and he simply nodded.

" okay. Your...face is red." She reached out and put a hand on his forehead. "Yea, you're pretty warm. You should...lay down." She knew what she was doing was wrong, but she couldn't stop, she desired too strongly to taste those lips again.

"I..I'm fine!" He resisted and tried to back away.

Shigure leapt forward and tackled Kenichi to the ground. Kenichi squirmed under her. His face was red as a tomato as he look away. "The boy...should listen to his...master." Shigure grabbed both sides of his face and made him face her. "I...can teach you a lot of things." She let her thumb traced down his face and across his lips. "But I'm no master in this area. We would be learning...together."

Kenichi eyes widened and then narrowed. He set her with a stern look. "Can't betray Miu."

Shigure inched closer to him and she felt his breath on her and the quickening of his heart beat. He stiffen as she leaned closer and licked his cheek. "This training for Miu." This was of course a lie. She just wanted to taste the lips of a man. Not just any man, only this one. The one that she watched grow from a boy. And oh how he's grown. Yes, she loved Miu as family, but she needed this, at least just this one time.

She felt Kenichi erection throbbing against her leg. kenichi shut his eyes as tears began to flood out of them. She touched her own face and realized she was crying too. Shigure leaned in and licked the tears away. Then she got up off the boy. She couldn't do this after all. Like him, she could not betray Miu. No matter how much her body wanted it.

She picked up her sack and started walking. " go."


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