3 years later:

I went outside in awe of what they will think about me. Miley was about to cry, the same with mom, same with Dallas. When they saw me walk outside, I knew my mom wanted to cry, tears of joy of curse. She knew I was young but she also knew I was going to get married, with the man I loved. At first she thought that getting married at the early age of 18 was going to be a big mistake so Joe and I agreed to delay the wedding. It's been 3 years since he proposed to me, that rainy day I remember as if it was yesterday.

"God, Demi. You look so beautiful!" Miley ran and hugged me really tight.

"Slow it down. You're going to break one of my bones" She laughed and wiped a tear she couldn't hold anymore. Same with mom.

"Demi come here." I went where she was; I was dragging the big white dress I was wearing.

"Oh my little Demi…" my mom started stroking my tousled hair. Yeah, I haven't had the time to go to the salon yet.

"I can't believe you are getting married today. It has happened so fast…" she hugged me and I couldn't help but let go a single tear because of mom's feelings.

I could sense a lot of feelings in the air. I could feel what she was feeling. She was in awe for today's even, my marriage. She was scared for what things will turn out with Joe. She was happy because her daughter was getting married. She was excited about future grand children, okay probably not because I was way way too young to have kids but still.

"Mom, don't cry." I finally snorted.

"Oh honey, believe me, when you become a mother; you will know what I'm feeling right now" she kissed my forehead and got herself ready for the ceremony.

We were in the limo, arriving at the church where I, Demi, was going to get married with Joe Jonas, the man of my dreams.

The bell rang. That meant it was time for me to walk into the church. The doors opened for me and I saw a bunch of people staring at me. Some with love, some with, admiration, some with fear and some with jealousy. Somehow, Joe and I managed to keep the wedding with no paparazzi.

Since my dad is gone, my step dad, who is more than a dad to me, gave me away into Joe's arms in the altar. Joe seemed to have his eyes frozen right into mine. He couldn't stop smiling and he just whispered. "Beautiful" just before the ceremony started.

Everything was traditional. The rings, the promise phrases. Everything was the way it was supposed to be. Miley, Danielle and Dallas were the bridesmaids. Nick and Kevin were the best men. Frankie and Maddie took the rings and brought it to us.

When finally the priest said: "You may kiss the bride"

Joe looked at me and said "Forever and ever baby." He kissed me and everyone broke the silence with a big applause. We went out of the church and arrived at the place of the reception we were giving away. Once we got in, the party didn't stop. I went to get a drink when Miley got near to me.

"Demi…" she said with a serious face.

"What happened?" I almost grinned from the excitement of my WEDDING.

"Nick has been acting strange with me.. do you have any idea of what he might be into?" she was really concerned, but I didn't know anything.

"Not really. I haven't been like, paying much attention on him lately. Are you worried about something?"

"No. I mean, no really. Never mind, keep on partying, it's your wedding" she left and I was just about to say that she should meet me in front of the stage, I was going to throw the bouquet.

I went to the little stage in the left corner of the hotel. The DJ was my very good friend Keith Carlos.


I was just standing there, waiting for all the single ladies to get near the stage. I saw Ashley, Dallas, even Maddie and Noah were there. Then in the middle of the crowd I recognized this shinny black hair and this small white grin. It was Selena. I invited her but she never confirmed it so I figure out she wasn't coming. That surely broke my heart, but seeing her there just makes this day even more special. I couldn't see Miley anywhere. I knew she wasn't "single" but I mean, this was for people who are not married. I looked and looked around but I couldn't find her.

"OKAY. Miss Lovato Jonas is preparing for the throwing of the bouquet. Get ready. When she gives me the signal, y'all get ready okay?" Keith finally said to the crowd.

I closed my eyes and threw the bouquet. I heard the noise, the screams for getting it. Then, the noise stopped. I opened my eyes and all the single ladies were staring at this girl in the corner with her cell phone in hand. It was dark, but I recognized the girl. It was Miley. She was stunned, the same way I was. Suddenly, everyone eyes were staring at me, or at least that's what I thought. I turned around and saw Nick with the mic in his hand. I didn't know what was going on, Joe grabbed my waist and helped me go down the stage. Nick started talking to everyone.

"Hi everyone." He made a pause, looking for something… or someone. "Today is my brother's wedding. I am so happy for him and Demi. As you know, Miley and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary as a couple today. I wanted to take her out for dinner after the wedding was over, but then, I saw she caught Demi's bouquet. You all know what that means, and I'm going to make it happen tonight…"

Miley scrambled herself into the crowd and Nick helped her go up the stage.

"Miley Ray Stewart…"

Miley was frozen. Her eyes were on Nick's eyes. Gazing at him, he continued.

"…will you marry me?"

The crowd broke the silence with an 'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW'. Miley smiled and hugged him. Finally she turned and whispered something we couldn't hear.

Nick got off his purity ring, and introduced it into Miley's finger. Everyone started clapping. They received hugs, kisses, congratulations.

Miley got near me and just smiled.

"I can't believe you got married." She held my hand.

"I can't believe you ARE GETTING MARRIED." I emphasized.

"Yeah, me neither" she smiled.

"So, what now?" I asked.

"I was, well. I just wanted to tell you something. Can we go outside?" she dragged me out, where the pool was. The sun was hiding, and we could catch the sunset.

"Demi…" she started. "We'll be friends for an entire decade tomorrow. I wanted to give you this" she handed me a bracelet, a high school bracelet. It said: "Miley and Demi. BFF" I got a flashback. That bracelet was the one I made when we were in high school.

"I can't believe you still have this" I gazed at the bracelet.

"Yeah. Well, I wanted you to remember that. You were, are and still will be my best friend till death tore us apart."

"I love you Miley." I hugged her so tight.

Lots of thoughts went through my mind. I remembered the day we met in kindergarten, the day we were starting high school together, the day she ran and told she has gotten her first kiss, the day we met Joe and Nick, the day I told her I was getting married with Joe, and today; the day we were remembering an entire decade of friendship.

Not rubbing it, but I always ALWAYS knew, she was going to be my best friend. I'm glad that when I have kids, I will be able to point at her and say to them.

"This is Miley, and SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND."

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